10 Awesome Hacks to Take Amazing Photos Using Your Mobile

Have you ever wondered how some photos looked so cool and unique? Even though it was taken on a mobile phone and posted on social media? In this article, you will find various mobile photography tips, tricks and hacks to take mobile photos in a unique and different way.

You can travel to different places and search for beautiful locations and objects which are special or one of a kind and take some stunning photos.

Discover some cool mobile photography hacks from our article and get some unbelievable ideas to improve your photographic skills. You can use any of these fantastic tips to take some of the best photos you have taken in your life!

It’s time to hone up your photographic skills and impress your loved ones with that spectacular click! Since a picture is always worth a thousand words.

  • Always clean the lens and take photos from a close distance

For taking amazing photos from your phone camera. You need to clean your phone’s camera lens before using it for any type of photoshoot. The camera of the phone doesn’t have any type of lens guard on it which protects it from any fingerprint smudge or smudge from your pocket.

So when you take photos without cleaning the lens you can have smudged pictures with bad quality. So it is important to always clean your lens before you take any type of photo.

Are you crazy about developing your photographic skills? But only have a smartphone camera to use? You can still take amazing photos using your mobile phone camera. But there are drawbacks in using the mobile in place of the camera like the zooming feature in mobile is digital zoom.

By which you don’t get the perfect picture for which you are in search for. So don’t use the camera zoom of mobile it will ruin the clarity of your photos. Rather you can go close to the object to get a better subject clarity and take an excellent and amazing picture that you always wanted.

  • Take pictures from different angles

A small change in the photo angle can give your photos a whole lot of different perspectives. This change in the angle of the camera can gain you a perspective that you wanted to show through your picture.

Take pictures from different angles

The right angle can create a lot of difference in the photo. So beware of what angle you are using for your photo. Click some unique and special photos using the correct angle and technique.

  • Get a macro image by using a water droplet on the lens of your phone

Want to get macro images using your phone’s camera. You can use a drop of water on your camera lens and use it as a magnifier to take macro images. This is a great hack but it has to be done perfectly to get the right image.

A simple drop of water can transform your photos and make it very unique and special. Be careful in putting a single drop of water just over the camera lens.

This is one of the most innovative hacks for mobile photography. Just do NOT immerse and destroy your phone in water!!

  • Get a cool filter by spraying water on a pair of glasses

You can use the regular items for taking photos and also use them as a filter for your phone photography. You can use a pair of glasses that you wear all the time and with a simple trick, you can make a cool filter out of it.

By just spraying little water on the glasses can get you a cool rainy filter that you can use according to your needs.

  • Ensure the right amount of light and use sunglasses to take photos with great exposure

There is always the classic problem of lighting when we go for taking photos outside. We have a unique tip that you can use to take photos with a vintage look.

Ensure the right amount of light and use sunglasses to take photos with great exposure

If you are planning to go out to take photos but the sunlight is too much on that day then the photos will get blurred. Then here is a trick for you. In broad daylight, you can still use your sunglasses as a filter to take cool and vintage looking photos with your mobile.

  • Create a shadow with the help of your camera flash to take interesting photos

Creating some interesting pictures with shadows is now an easy option if you can use objects in your photos creatively to project the right shadows on the subject.

Create a shadow with the help of your camera flash to take interesting photos

It would look special and very different from your normal photos. You can create some awesome shadow effects in low light photography to get cool effects!

  • Use binoculars for taking clear cut photos of far objects without compromising the quality

Using the binoculars will improve the clarity of the photos and also help you to get clear photos of far objects. This acts like a zoom lens to focus on subjects at a distance and bring them closer.

Use binoculars for taking clear cut photos of far objects

It has to be positioned correctly and the photo needs to be clicked without any movements. Any movement will lead to blurred photos and is always undesirable. So plan your photos well in advance and use a good binocular with a clean lens to get a clear picture!

  • Get wide-angle photos by turning the phone to take a horizontal picture

Do you like a full-sized picture especially while capturing panorama photos? Then you need to change the position of your phone from vertical to horizontal to capture the right photo you prefer.

wide-angle photos

The vertical picture position cannot cover a wide area, especially when you are capturing nature and natural beauty. 

  • Use an airtight plastic bag to take underwater photos

This is indeed a clever hack to keep your phone almost in tight waterproof condition. A completely airtight plastic bag will keep the phone dry and safe for an underwater picture of up to three feet.

The plastic cover needs to be clear and without any damage or hole. You need to check it completely since even a small leak can destroy your phone.

  • Create patterns on the subject by using a colander

Do you like to take unique pictures with different types of effects and filters to create new designs on photos? Then you can try to use a colander for special effects.

This will give you a metallic net effect as you place it near your camera lens and then carefully shoot photos. Changing the lighting and the angles will add more variety to make your photos more interesting.

The mobile photography trend is catching up real fast across the globe. Millions of people can now click a photo by just pointing their mobile and pressing the click button at any random subject. These photos can also be shared across the globe within fractions of a second through social media.

This article will help you to gain knowledge about creative mobile photography. So grab your phone and go on a mind-blowing trip to capture some extraordinary photos that you want to save forever or post on social media.

So hope you enjoyed reading our article and would try some of these hacks to become a skillful mobile photographer!