10 Cool Tips to Find the Best Deals, This Black Friday Sale

The popular Black Friday sale is just a few weeks away and it is basically an informal name for the Friday following Thanksgiving Day in the United States. This is regularly celebrated on the fourth Thursday of November.

The day after Thanksgiving has been regarded as the beginning of America’s Christmas shopping season since the year 1952, although the term “Black Friday” didn’t become widely used until more recent decades.

Most shops offer heavy discounts and also open early to promote their sales. Different types of products are available during the sale at a very big discounted rate.

Have you thought about preparing a list for your Christmas shopping in 2019? It is a great idea to start shopping on our site Ubuy and get different varieties of products and unique items during this Black Friday sale.

Are you confused about what to buy? You can add the products that you need on the wish list online and then buy them during the Black Friday sale without much trouble.

So go ahead and prepare your shopping list. It’s time to shop smart and save more this Black Friday sale season.

1. Ask yourself: What do I need? What you can afford

Do you get nervous, and don’t want to regret the opportunity that you may miss this black Friday sale? First of all, you need to analyze and think about what you are going to purchase during this black Friday sale.

You need to have a clear plan and a list of products that you want to purchase this black Friday sale. This list will contain the check list of products that you will need for the Christmas celebration this year.

So make your list ready, but well ahead in time before the fourth Thursday of November (Black Friday Sale) and be ready to grab the best offers in this shopping war.

Also be sure to check the approximate product prices and the affordability factor before you select your favourite products.

2. Start a Black Friday 2019 wishlist on your Phone

You can always be ready for the Black Friday sale if you prepare a wishlist on your phone. Nowadays everyone has a smartphone you can make a wish list for the products that you want to purchase on the Black Friday sale.

This can be done on the notepad application or download the notes app. Once you have the list on the phone, you can set a reminder for the sale and be prepared for it. But you can also use the classic old magnet and piece of paper on your fridge and stay updated for the busiest day of the year.

Keep updating your list whenever you realize you need a product or read a great review about any product you always wanted to have.

3. Research areas of Interest before Black Friday

The problem you face during the Black Friday sale is that you get so many products coming with great discounts, this would confuse you about what to purchase. So, first of all, make a list and add that product that you really need.

For ex: if you are in dire need of TV and when you going for shopping and find there is a 50% discount on the washing machines. And you go-ahead to purchase the washing machine because of the discount but you actually don’t need a washing machine you are in need of a TV that you didn’t buy.

So avoid making such mistakes and select the products that you really need. You can feel relaxed and comfortable,  if you follow the given points in our article.

4. Bookmark retailers for Quick Comparisons

If you are not an online shopper this is one of the greatest known methods there is to add the site on which you got your product available on the bookmark option that you got on the browser.

Just like that you can add different sites on the bookmark option and do a self-comparison to check out the price of the product and know where to buy the product during the Black Friday sale without getting derailed by any type of hype or propaganda.

5. Plan Your Itinerary and Where to Shop

You always need to make a list of what to shop for. Similarly, you always need to prepare your itinerary before going shopping. You should always know where to go for shopping after making your list.

Because during the Black Friday sale you can get a bit confused by seeing all the offers and discounts on the different stores and get overwhelmed by the offers of the stores. That’s why you always need to decide your Itinerary and plan well in advance.

6. Download a Black Friday App and a Coupon Aggregator

Have you ever tried having dinner without a side dish, it’s not a good idea to do that! 

Going for shopping during a black Friday sale without having an app that can help you can reduce the information available to you. So get an app for your purchase and get different varieties of coupons during the black Friday sales season. Some of the popular apps that you can use are the following :

  • Shopular
  • The black Friday app
  • Flipp
  • The coupons app

There are so many other apps that you can try to get your coupons to be prepared before the Black Friday sale.

7. Do your Research Well before Black Friday

You always have to research well about what type of product you want and from where you are going to buy that product.

For ex: If you are planning to buy a product from ubuy then you have to know what type of product we provide and on what rate we provide that product and what type of discount we are offering you this Black Friday sale.

So go on and get the product that you want on this black Friday sale. Do a proper research and get all the details regarding the sale to avoid any mistakes or blunders. Read about all the product specifications, price and also check out the customer reviews.

8. Shop in Your Browser’s Private Mode or With Cookies Disabled

If you are a privacy-conscious person and want to get the best online rates possible, then this tip is for you. You can always put your browser on the privacy mode and get yourself safeguarded from the online retailer who can take your personal data this sale season.

It also reduces the chances of companies giving you different kinds of offers and discounts on products that you don’t need at all. Also, the prices would be slightly higher depending on your past searches, So don’t lose your money, but be a smart buyer.

9. Start Tracking Prices before Black Friday

When it comes to online shopping everyone thinks it is very easy. Sometimes the price of the product is not changed at all and still some companies show that there is a discount on the product.

So be a smart buyer and prepare yourself by writing down the price of the product that you want to buy before the black Friday sale and compare it when the sale is on. This will help you to take better decisions and save money in the process. 

10. Consider a Spreadsheet 

This is one thing you can do this black Friday sale. You can make a cool spreadsheet and its not a joke. You can write down the names of all the products you require there.

The prices that the different sites offer on the Black Friday sale for the particular product can also be mentioned. So you can make your way past to the busiest day of the year with all the products you desire to buy for Christmas without much confusion and delay.

This is a smart idea since you will have all the necessary details on your spreadsheet for reference..

These ideas will definitely help you to get the best black friday deals. Stay alert and prepare well to grab the best deals this year. Proper planning and taking the right decisions at the right time will always help you to get your dream products at a highly discounted price!

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