10 Low-Cost Gaming Accessories Gamers Should Buy in 2020

The gaming industry has been growing at a very fast pace and new technologies have completely revolutionized the industry over the past few years. Gaming has gone to a totally new level where players can actually feel that they are almost part of most games.

The graphics, videos, audios, software and hardware have merged together to enhance the overall gaming experience and make it virtually realistic and life like.

To create a total immersive gaming experience and feel, it is very important to have the right gaming accessories that helps you feel the magical effect. It would also be a cool idea to buy gaming accessories online in order to find the best deals and offers right on your screen!

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This article below will give you an idea to choose some of the best low cost gaming accessories online.

1. LENRUE V1 Wired Gaming Mouse

The ergonomic design of the LENRUE V1 Gaming Mouse, helps it to fit naturally in your hand with no cramping even after extended gaming or work sessions.

This wired mouse comes with 4 DPI settings for all your gaming needs. Choose between 1200, 1600, 2400, and 3200 DPI. It is very simple to use with just a simple Plug and Play function. No additional software or firmware is required.

LENRUE V1 Gaming Mouse Wired, Ergonomic Computer Mice with 6 Programmable Buttons, 4 Circular & Breathing LED Light, 4 Adjustable DPI Up to 2400 for PC Mac Laptop and Gamer (White)

This ergonomic LED stress-ease Mouse with 4 Soothing LED Colors and 6 Buttons provides a great gaming experience. It offers a 3200dpi sensor with durable smooth feet pads and a 1.6M high-speed USB wire.

The Product dimensions are Length: 135mm Width: 71mm Height: 40mm Product weight: Approx. 150g, System Requirements PC with USB port Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows 10, Windows Vista and Windows XP, Mac.

2. Acer Gaming AMD Compatible Monitor

In the field of competitive high speed gaming, every frame does matter. Hence the Acer’s XF250Q gaming monitor comes alive, with the Full HD resolution to keep up with the pace of your game play, without any lag or other viewing issues.

This G-SYNC compatible monitor gives you the freedom to experience visuals like never before. It offers you a smooth, hassle-free gaming experience!

Acer XF250Q Cbmiiprx 24.5″ Full HD (1920 x 1080) Zero Frame TN Gaming AMD FreeSync and NVIDIA G-SYNC Compatible Monitor – 1ms | 240Hz Refresh (Display, HDMI 2.0, HDMI 1.4 ports)

It can unleash your gaming’s maximum potential to provide richer colors far beyond what has been previously possible. You can experience something new everyday.

It also helps the users to enjoy a comfortable viewing experience while gaming, providing flicker-less, low dimming and comfortable display View.

This design definitely saves space on your desk and lets you place multiple monitors side by side to build a seamlessly big-screen display. Now you can move up to the next level of gaming experience with this device.

3. PS4 Gaming Racing Steering Wheel

This PS4 Gaming Racing Steering Wheel is specially designed for PS4 gamers to enhance their racing experience to make it more realistic. It is made of EVA which makes it compact, light-weight, durable and easy to hold in hand.

It comes with a detachable cover to protect the back of PS4 controller and is one of the best attachments for gaming lovers. It will give you the feeling of driving or racing your car at super fast speeds and provide you a thrilling experience every time you play.

PS4 Gaming Racing Steering Wheel – Gamepad Joypad Grip Controller For Sony Playstation PS4 Black [Playstation 4]

It is quite quick and responsive and also provides instant action for an exciting game. Now you can turn right or left within fraction of a second to enjoy your drive on the screen!

4. Tennis Racket For Nintendo Switch

This 2PC Tennis Racket for Nintendo Switch Joy-Con Controller Tendak Game Accessories is designed in a lightweight ergonomic design suitable for all hand sizes.

It is durable and built with high quality materials. You can simply slide your Joy-con controllers into this tennis Racket and experience a much more realistic tennis match.

2PC Tennis Racket For Nintendo Switch Joy-Con Controller Tendak Game Accessories

Each Tennis Racket offers the perfect size and shape for easily sliding your Joy-Con controller into place or remove your joy-con from grips.

It includes adjustable wrist straps for added security and is compatible with all racket sports games including Mario Tennis Aces and the Nintendo Switch.

5. ShadeFlux™ USA Anti-Glare Computer Eye Strain Glasses

If you are using your electronic gadgets at night? Constant exposure to blue light emitted by your devices can disrupt your sleep/wake cycle, memory, mood and hormonal balance. You need assistance from the UV protection glasses which is built to last!

No broken arms or lens! Extra durable! These lenses use a Japanese blue-violet light filtering acrylate monomer that produces lenses 15% thinner and 22% lighter than other brands; a difference you won’t likely see but sure to feel at the end of a day of wear.

After the lens is hardened and polished, it is heat-laminated on each side with optical anti- glare coating that enhances detail without introducing even the slightest optical distortion.

ShadeFlux™ USA Anti-Glare Computer Eye Strain Glasses for Screen Reading, Gaming and Office. Blue UV Light Blocking Yellow/Orange Tint and Large Lenses with Stylish Ergonomic Designer Frame

It is then finished by vacuum-sealing them with the same scratch-resistant compound used by airplane manufacturers ensuring your ShadeFlux resists surface damage.

The frame is molded from a custom thermoplastic polymer that is both ultra-light and super tough. Triple sublimation in a high-gloss thermoset polymer protects the frame from skin oils and sweat while providing for all-day wearing comfort.

This smooth polymer coating is chemically inert and hence is skin-irritant free, making it safe for wearers with skin sensitivity.

6. X310 Mechanical Gaming Keyboard and Mouse

This X310 Mechanical Gaming Keyboard has 104 classic layout buttons, plus 10 multimedia function keys. You could hold your phone on the keyboard bracket so that it will be easier for you to see the message sent by others when you’re playing games.

The high button design avoids clash and helps to provide improved reaction performance so that every order can be delivered precisely for any exciting game.

You can turn on/off the backlight easily whenever you need and enjoy the nature beauty of it in the dark. The three star waterproof design is totally different from other so-called waterproof keyboards in the market.

The X310 keyboard uses a high elastic waterproof thin-film switch. Even if fluid flows on to the keyboard, it will not cause damage. No driver is needed to run it, only plug and play.

X310 Mechanical Gaming Keyboard and Mouse Universal Combo 2400 DPI With Backlight

Frequently used functions are just one touch away. The easy hotkeys enable easy access for website, e-mail, mute, volume down, volume up, and pause/play.

It also has 7-colors cycled breathing LED lights: red/green/yellow/blue/purple/cyan/white and uses USB connector for this gaming keyboard and mouse.

High speed transmission technology makes it faster and more accurate. It is compatible with operating systems like Windows98/XP/2000/ME/Vista/Win7/Win8, etc.

7. SADES ME333 Gaming Headset GT Stereo HiFi

The SADES ME333 is a stereo HiFi gaming headset headphone with microphone for PS4 Xbox360, PC, Mac etc. It  is a unique kind of gaming headset, perfect for playing games, listening to music, etc.

It has a soft cushion head-pad and ear-pad, as well as adjustable length hinges that guarantees hours of gaming comfort. It is comfortable and has a soft leather ear pads which feel natural to wear.

It has some beautiful LED lights that are designed on the ear cups and microphone, to enhance the overall feel of the game. It comes with braided wire, which has durable tensile power to effectively reduce the external resistance.

SADES ME333 Gaming Headset GT Stereo HiFi Gaming Headset Headphone with Microphone for PS4 Xbox360 PC, Mac, SmartPhone

The magic tape cable tie, prevents the line from twining. Line is equipped with a rotary volume controller, one key Mic mute which is convenient to use. It is indeed a professional gaming headset for your personal gaming offered at a budget price. 

8. TONOR PC Microphone USB Computer Condenser Studio Mic Plug

The Tomor PC microphone includes a desktop tripod microphone stand that features a holder that can be swiveled 180 degrees for accurate positioning. It has a 10 ft frequency for effective recording from that distance.

The TONOR microphone delivers incredibly low distortion, high fidelity, balanced frequency response and exceptional HD audio. You can use them everywhere!

TONOR microphone is designed for studio vocals, speech, instruments and also podcasts recording. The microphone element with a omni-directional pick-up pattern isolates the main sound source and minimizes background noise, highlighting the performance.

TONOR PC Microphone USB Computer Condenser Studio Mic Plug & Play with Tripod Stand for chatting/Skype/Facetime/YouTube/Recording/Singing/Gaming/Podcasting for iMac PC Laptop/ Desktop, Windows Computer

TONOR microphone delivers a glossy, produced sheen and contemporary sound to enhance your recording. It is great for Podcasts. The wide frequency response and focused pickup pattern are ideal for desktop recording, particularly podcasts.

Record music vocals and podcast at home with this TONOR Microphone that features USB plug-and-play connectivity for wide-ranging compatibility. Please avoid placing the microphone near the wall and power source to avoid buzz.

9. Wireless Switch Pro Controller Gamepad

This wireless switch pro controller gamepad joypad does support Gyro axis function and dual motors vibration function. The vibration feedback gives you a realistic gaming experience.

It has a super sensitive button sensing that provides an accurate gaming experience. Dual analog sticks and expansion triggers provide precise movement and control. Bluetooth V2.1 is able to connect quickly and stably with switch console within 10M (barrier-free environment).

Wireless Switch Pro Controller Gamepad Joypad Remote Joystick for Nintendo Switch Console

The built-in 500mAh lithium battery can last up to 5 hours after being fully charged. The charging time is 2-3 hours with the included charging cable in the package.

The premium wireless switch pro controller is perfect for Nintendo games, Such as The Legend of Zelda, Splatoon 2, Mario Kart 8 Deluxe, Super Mario Odyssey and so on.

10. Extended Gaming Mouse Pad

This extended gaming mouse pad is thicker and larger. It is an ultra large gaming mouse pad which can cover both keyboard and mouse simultaneously.

It is perfect for computers, PC, tablets, laptop and desktop computers. The anti-slip rubber base firmly grips the desktop and effectively prevents the mouse and keyboard from sliding in any direction.

Extended Gaming Mouse Pad, 3XL Thick Computer Mousepad, Large Keyboard Mouse Mat with Non-Slip Base, Waterproof Premium-Textured Cloth, Anti-Fray Stitched Edges for Gamer, Office & Home, 30x12x1.5 inch

Optimized mouse sensors and the ultra-smooth surface provides your mouse with precise control and faster response. The waterproof, washable and fast-dry mouse pads will never delay your game.

The stitched edges protect the pad from regular wear and deformation issues. It is a value for money product which will last for a longer duration of time to help you enjoy extended levels of gaming.