10 Productive Ways to Spend Time at Home

Wondering how to spend time at home? Most people are staying at home these days, to be safe and protected along with their families, due to the challenge posed by the rapid spread of the coronavirus (COVID19) throughout the globe.

So instead of worrying about the situation and staying depressed lets focus on some productive ways to spend time in a more useful manner. This is the best time to complete all your important tasks at home and also spend some quality time with your dear family.

This article will help you to do some interesting, meaningful and practical stuff to improve your skills and utilize your time in a much better way. Time is precious, so use it wisely.

1. Learn Something New

This is the best time to learn something new. Any skill is useful in life and it can be used anytime in different situations. There are multiple websites like Coursera and MIT open course ware that are offering some amazing courses.

Use Good Websites and Apps

Try some good websites like

  • Wikipedia 
  • Quora
  • Pinterest
  • Howstuffworks
  • Lifehacker
  • Google
  • LinkedIn

Such websites will help you to gain knowledge and become smarter and wiser. Try to learn stuff like cooking, computer skills, coding, gardening, music, writing, singing, etc.

You can also use this time to learn crafts like painting, stitching, pencil art, origami, etc. Learn new languages and read about world history, different cultures and civilizations.

Learning new things will keep the mind active and energized while making you feel happy and confident.

2. Read Some Good Books

Books are man’s best friends is a common phrase we have often heard. This is the best time to read some great books to enrich your knowledge and awareness. There are millions of books available both online and offline. Choose the right ones that interest you and try to read it whenever you find time.

Read Some Good Books

Practice Reading and Make it a Habit

Reading is a great habit you can develop. Most of the successful people in the world spend a lot of time with books. Try to maintain a small library of good books at home. Reading enhances your thinking and creativity and also lifts your mood especially during such times.

Some books help you in your personal life while other books offer solutions for your professional life. You can also find some good self help books or DIY books to fix things at home and become more self-reliant.

3. Clean and Organize your Home

One of the best things you can do at home is to clean your home and organize all your stuff. A clean and organized home makes it a safer and happier place for you and the family.

Clean and Organize your Home

Avoid Clutter

Clutter is a big hurdle for productivity and it also demotivates people and makes them lazy. So become quicker and more productive with a clean, hygienic and organized home. Stop wasting time searching for your stuff around the house.

Keep Everything in the Right Place

Find suitable places for all your important stuff so that it is accessible whenever required. Freshen up your home and use aromatic fragrances to make it feel great. Wash those curtains and clean those sofas and carpets. Use this time to refresh your home and make it better and germ-free.

4. Update Your Personal and Professional Life

This is a great time to update your personal and professional life. Use this time to connect with friends and relatives and renew your personal and professional relationships.

Use Technology to Connect

You can call all your friends and relatives by video chat, audio calls or conference calls.

Update your professional life by connecting with office colleagues and creating better relationships and understanding. You can also discuss new projects and ideas to help your organization become better and move ahead.

It also helps you to learn about new technologies and learn about better and efficient ways of doing your work. Try LinkedIn to catch up with other professionals and learn from them.

Watch Ted talk to learn something new and improve your language skills. You can also use the time to plan your investments and organize your finances to secure your future.

5. Pursue Your Hobbies

In this busy life, we rarely find time to pursue our hobbies. So if you are at home you can spend some time on your personal hobbies or help your kids and family with their hobbies.

Spend Time on Your Hobbies

Having a hobby is a great way to enjoy life and it is also very satisfying. It reduces stress and helps you to stay focused. You can also become an expert in a particular field. The internet and especially YouTube is a great source of tips and ideas to learn more and improve your hobbies.

Pursue Your Hobbies

Trying a new hobby may also be a great way to find out about your hidden skills and talent. You can try

  • Music
  • Dancing
  • Singing
  • Painting
  • Photography
  • Teaching
  • Mentoring
  • Gardening
  • Watching Movies and Shows
  • Reading
  • Writing

You can also try various DIY projects.

6. Explore Some Useful Mobile Applications

There are thousands of mobile applications waiting to be explored. Choose the right ones and use it to learn or develop your skills. Mobile applications can help us in multiple ways and make our lives better.

Explore Some Useful Mobile Applications

Find the Right App

The key is to find the perfect app to solve our problems and make us more efficient. Use google play store to download authentic mobile applications. Do check the authenticity of the app before you download it. The right Apps can help you solve many problems and get work done.

7. Solve Puzzles, Play Games and Exercise

Playing games with family members is a great way to spend time at home. You can also try solving puzzles to become smarter and keep your brain active and alert.

Puzzles Boost Brain Function

These games are great for the brain and also helps to boost brain function and memory. You can play games like card games and board games like chess, ludo, business, etc with family.

Solve Puzzles, Play Games and Exercise

Do simple exercises at home to stay fit. Try squats, skipping, pushups. stretches, etc. This will help you to stay happy and fit.

8. Shop Smart and Live Better

This is a great time to explore the online shopping world and find all your favorite stuff. Sites like Ubuy offer more than 50 million products that you get with a simple click on your phone or mouse. Discover great products that can enhance your lifestyle and make it much better.

Hunt for the Best Deals and Offers

Even buy toys, games and craft stuff right from the comfort of your couches. Find the best offers and deals to save money and choose the perfect product for you or your family and friends. An awesome variety and range of products are available for you online.

9. Do Chores with Kids and Teach them Life Skills

It is essential to do some home chores along with your kids. This is a great way to strengthen your bonds and also make them more responsible and smarter. It can also make them more independent to manage life and learn new things essential for living.

Life Skills are Essential

Teach your kids the important life skills like effective communication, decision making and body language. They can also learn to keep their rooms clean and organized. Teach them how to spend money wisely and how to live a happy and successful life.

10. Spend Quality Family Time

You can spend your time at home more meaningfully if you prioritize well and plan your activities. Spending quality time with family is an important part of life.

Spend Quality Family Time

Create Memorable Moments

Create lasting memories for you and the family and enjoy your time together. Life is short and hence do not spend time and energy on trivial issues that drain our energy. Stay focused and do some activities or games with family to develop confidence, skills, and maturity. Watch some family videos and pictures together.

It will help you rewind your lives and connect with the past. Discuss your life journey with your family and give them useful advice based on experiences.


The above article will help you to spend time at home wisely. It covers most of the important aspects of living a happy and healthy life. Maintaining a proper balance in life is essential for a happy, peaceful and meaningful life.

Focus on Overall Health and Wellbeing

Also, take care of your health and family health. This also includes the mental health of the family. Plan well and follow the above tips for a successful and blissful life.