14 Tips to Find the Best Cyber Monday Deals & Offers

What is Cyber Monday?

Cyber Monday is celebrated on a Monday that comes four days after the US Thanksgiving holiday. This day was introduced in the year 2005 by Ellen Davis of the National Retail Federation. It was done to motivate more people to shop online and it comes after the Black Friday annual sales extravaganza. The deals for Cyber Monday start well in advance and continue for several days into the ‘Cyber Week’.

The sales have been increasing year by year and currently, business worth Billions of dollars is done during the Cyber Monday sale. It helps to increase the sales of electronic products and gadgets. People mostly purchase the latest tech gadgets and accessories during this sale season. Companies offer multiple special deals and discounts to attract new customers and retain existing ones.

In 2018 the total Cyber Monday sales hit 7.9 billion dollars. This shopping craze has spread to the UK also and has been growing rapidly ever since. It provides an excellent opportunity for shoppers to get great deals on most of their favourite stuff. Given below are some tips to grab the best Cyber Monday deals this year.

Important Tips to Find the Best Cyber Monday Deals

1. Bookmark Your Favorite Online Retailer Sites

It is a great idea to create bookmarks of various retailer websites to benefit from the multiple products, brands and offers available across the spectrum. This will help you to make accurate comparisons between sites and choose the best deal that fulfils all your requirements. Get a better idea about the top Cyber Monday deals and make the right decisions to save money and get the perfect products to enjoy a better lifestyle.

With thousands of websites offering a myriad of products with special deals; bookmarking will help you to save all the essential and important sites in one place. You can also open a Cyber Monday folder to save all the special websites to save time and get your stuff at the earliest.

2. Get Ideas from the Past Year Sales Data

Cyber Monday happens just once in a year and is one of the busiest shopping seasons of the year. You can just google the previous year’s flyers for any retailer and use it to compile data for your shopping requirements.

Get Ideas from the Past Year Sales Data

This will also help you to reliably predict the types of products on which you can find the best deals. Retailers do not recycle old deals from year to year but the customer can predict which types of products will get the best deals based on past data.

This technique also helps you to avoid missing out on any particular product that you wished to buy. Also, check out the retailer’s official websites for past flyers and Cyber Monday sales data. Use this data to understand the product prices and make suitable comparisons.

3. Subscribe for Good Retail Newsletters

This is a little old fashioned strategy but is still useful to get all the necessary information about products. It does not take much time to sign up for an email newsletter. Do this for all the retailers that you plan to consider for shopping during this holiday season. You can make a separate folder in your email to save all these promotional newsletters and emails.

Subscribe for Good Retail Newsletters

Gmail sends all the promotional emails to another folder. Hence you can check that folder to find the relevant emails. Some of the Cyber Monday newsletters will also provide the link to the special offers and deals. This is a great way to get authentic information from companies regarding their products and services.

4. Use Social Media to Connect with the Retailers

It is a great idea to connect with retailers through social media especially during the shopping season. This will also help you to avoid losing any good deals and get awesome offers along with cool discounts.

Use Social Media to Connect with the Retailers

Just search on social media sites and apps to locate your favourite retailers. Then you can connect with them to receive constant updates; regarding the deals, offers and promotion of various products that you wish to buy. This would help you to make better decisions.

5. Find out Details about the Shipping Fees and Policies

Cyber Monday is one of the busiest online shopping days across the world. Some retailers charge the shipping charges that incur to ship the product to the customer’s address. Hence it would be a good idea to check out the shipping charges and the company policies before you finally decide to go ahead with your shopping.

Find out Details about the Shipping Fees and Policies

Every company creates its own set of different rules and policies. So, get all the necessary information to make a smart choice; to get top Cyber Monday deals on all your favourite products this year.

6. Collect a Lot of Gift Cards

Collecting gift cards is a great way to save more this shopping season. It will help you to get an extra discount on all your favourite products. These gift cards can also be given as gifts to your loved ones. Companies generally give gift cards to attract customers and also motivate them to become loyal to the company or the brand.

Collect a Lot of Gift Cards

Some people love to collect gift cards and that helps them to get special discounts and free offers. Finding the right gift cards and using them on time is the best way to save more and get the best Cyber Monday deals in 2020.

7. Prepare the Gift Lists Early

Do not wait for the last minute to prepare your wishlist for the gifts and presents you plan to buy. Just grab a paper and pen or start a list on your mobile to remember all the gifts that you need to buy. It is better to be ready and prepared rather than delaying and forgetting important stuff later.

Prepare the Gift Lists Early

You can update this list and make all the necessary changes to include all the perfect gifts for all your loved ones. Surprise your family and friends with some thoughtful gifts this Christmas to be happy and strengthen the bonding and relationship.

8. Read about the Return Policies

Most of the companies have different rules and policies regarding the return of the product. If you do not like the product that you buy for any specific reason; you can return it back to the company and get a refund depending on the return policy of the company.

Most of the company policies can be found online on the company website. Even the return policies can be found if you search for the return policies. Knowing about the return policies will help you to decide better and get the right product that suits your preference. In case you are not completely satisfied with the product, you can always return it back according to the company policy.

9. Prepare a Spreadsheet with Sales Information along with the Appropriate Links

Maintaining a spreadsheet with all the important Cyber Monday 2020 information can help you to keep a track of the deals and offers available on multiple websites. This can be done using MS Excel or Google sheet to include the website links and other necessary details.

Its time to get organized and save all this information to avoid missing out on any special deals. List all the important retailer sites along with the site links and product-specific links. Get all your favourite products at the best prices without missing out on anything.

10. Find a Good Price Comparison Tool App or Website

Having a price comparison tool will help you to understand the different prices at which the products are being sold. The price comparison tools and apps will enable you to get the right product at the right price.

You can get an idea about how much money you are going to save by comparing the prices from different retailers. Grab the best deals and avoid bad deals to save more money this year.

11. Set a Clear Budget

It is important to set a clear budget before planning to do the shopping in order to get the best Cyber Monday 2020 deals. Plan a specific budget for all the different categories of stuff that you require either from fashion, gadgets, accessories, appliances, laptops, desktops etc.

Set a Clear Budget

A proper budget will help you to make all the payments easily and do your shopping in a less stressful manner. Start saving your money to enjoy shopping and finding all your favourite stuff.

12. Check the Security Levels of the Website

Do not attempt to shop on sites with poor security levels. It is risky to do online shopping on websites that have lesser security levels. You can lose your data or money by ignoring the security of the website.

Check the Security Levels of the Website

Hence it is very important to look at the URL of the site and check if it is starting with “HTTPS” and Not “HTTP”. The ‘s’ stands for secure, making it a safer option. Do not enter your credit card or debit card information on unsecured sites.

13. Use the Incognito Mode for Shopping Online

It is essential to use the incognito mode on your browser while doing any online shopping. This will help you to save more since the companies would offer a lower price for the product you choose to buy.

Use the Incognito Mode for Shopping Online

The incognito mode does not reveal the shopper’s details and past search history to the retailers. It offers better safety and protection from unwanted spam messages. Hence, it will help you to save more and get the right Cyber Monday deals and offers.

14. Use a Rewards Credit Card for Shopping

It is possible to maximize your Cyber Monday savings by simply using a rewards credit card. A credit card offers increased protection against fraud and also provides the opportunity to build credit. Retail companies offer signup bonuses, etc for customers using a credit card and that makes it a good option.

Use a Rewards Credit Card for Shopping

A credit card also provides a detailed summary of expenses whenever you need to verify or check all your expenses. Hence it is indeed a smart idea to use a reward credit card for all your online shopping to enjoy the benefits and the rewards.

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