8 Cool Tips to Save Big on White Friday 2020 Deals & Offers

Ever wondered what White Friday is all about? Well, it is a popular shopping extravaganza and is celebrated across the middle east with loads of shopping and fun. It is basically based on the successful Black Friday concept which happens annually during November, in the United States. During this event, most of the retailers both online and offline; offer great discounts and special offers to attract more customers and boost the overall sales.

How Did White Friday Start?

It was introduced to the middle east by Ronaldo Mouchawar the CEO of Souq. He had noticed how the American shopping habits changed during the Black Friday sale season and hence thought of having something similar in the middle east. He wanted to raise the awareness levels of people regarding eCommerce and also increase the web traffic to drive more sales for the business.

Initially, several opinions were expressed regarding choosing a date for White Friday and also linking it to Eid al-Fitr, Ramadan or Hajj; since it was a public holiday. But then, it was decided to change the Black Friday name followed in the west to White Friday as it represented religious specificity and a social occasion for Arabs and Muslims in the middle east.

Souq has been successful with the White Friday sale and has motivated other online and offline retailers to adopt similar ideas and concepts. Hence White Friday is celebrated mostly in the Middle East and the North Africa region. This has become one of the biggest shopping events in the middle eastern region.

Many online retailers across the middle east like Souq, Namshi, Ubuy, Jumia, Awok, Jumbo Electronics, etc offer great discounts and exciting offers during the White Friday sale.

Do you want to know about how to get the best White Friday 2020 deals this year? Just go through this article and get the best tips you can find to grab some great White Friday deals this year. So hurry and don’t miss the golden opportunity.

Essential Tips that You can Follow to Get the Best Deals

1. Prepare for Early Deals

It is a good idea to start early and prepare yourself to find the best deals and offers. Many big retailers will offer whopping discounts on most products with 50% to 60% off. Sometimes it is a bigger percentage of discounts.

Prepare for Early Deals

Some retailers also offer the attractive “buy one and get one free” scheme. If you are aware of your requirements and have a clear idea then you can save time and get your dream products before it goes out of stock.

You can even start planning a month in advance. Bookmarking the important sites you plan to shop online, will make your shopping experience much better and easy.

2. Understand the Benefits of the Online Deals

Whenever there is a sale there are various offers and benefits provided along with it. Some of the common benefits are discounts, coupons, free delivery, etc. It is important to study all the benefits and advantages associated with the sale to get a better idea.

Understand the Benefits of the Online Deals

This will help you to take the right decisions at the right time. Choose the best White Friday offers and deals to get the maximum benefit. Shop smart to save more this season.

3. Maintain a Checklist of the Products You Plan to Buy

Having a clear plan regarding the products you plan to buy makes the whole process much efficient and easy. You can even do this on your mobile notepad app. Keep adding or deleting all the essential products you require. Also include the stuff you plan to give as gifts, to your dear ones during the festive season.

Maintain a Checklist of the Products You Plan to Buy

You can keep updating this list at any time whenever you feel, see or desire something that you really need. This will save your time, energy and avoid unnecessary confusions.

4. Set a Clear Shopping Budget

Most people feel a rush of adrenaline when they hear the word sale. But it is essential to have a proper budget to avoid other issues when you go for the actual shopping. Hence planning is very critical to avoid mistakes and wrong decisions.

Set a Clear Shopping Budget

You need to set a specific budget for the stuff you plan to buy. Be realistic and consider all the factors before setting the budget. A good budget will help you to stay focused and avoid confusions and loss of money. It will also save a lot of precious time and effort.

5. Follow The Specific Retailers On Social Media

It is always a great idea to follow the specific retailers on social media to get all the latest information about the deals and offers. You can follow the page of the retailer on popular social media sites like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc.

Follow The Specific Retailers On Social Media

All the White Friday deals and new product launch updates are mentioned on the official websites. Hence this will increase your awareness and help you to make the right choices.

6. Study the Return Policies and Transportation Charges

If you are aware about the company return policies and transportation charges; then it can help you in making the right buying decisions. It is important to know this information, especially before going for any sale.

Every company has its own set of rules, regulations and policies. Some products like undergarments etc, cannot be returned or exchanged anywhere. So read the policies carefully to avoid any future hassles.

Most of the companies also charge extra for transportation or shipping fees. This is a valid cost to be incurred since the product has to come from other countries or distant places. The original packaging and bill will be required to return most products.

7. Abandon Your Cart Strategy

This idea is a smart one to get better deals during the White Friday shopping extravaganza. You can save a lot of money by trying this cool trick. To do this you need to select all the items you require in your cart and just leave them in the cart for a couple of hours.

Abandon Your Cart Strategy

The retailer site will send you more exciting offers and discounts on those products to enable you to get a better value. This will help you to save more and get great benefits.

8. Prepare a Spreadsheet with all the Important Information

Preparing and maintaining a spreadsheet is always a great way to have all the important information in one place. You can also add the retailers’ website details and product links to check and compare the prices of the products. This will give you clear information about all the different products and deals available on multiple websites.

It will help you to keep a track of all the massive discounts and offers provided by the retailers and make the right choices. Your planning process will become much easier and efficient. This will also help you to increase your decision making speed and accuracy to get all your products at the earliest before the stocks run out.


A great detailed plan will always help you to get the best deals and offers. Avoid using public Wifi networks for shopping to avoid hacking and phishing issues. Start planning early and save money to meet all the requirements on time. Using a rewards credit card that offers deals and points for shopping is a great way to get additional benefits.

Follow all the protocols and avoid compulsive buying. Also, follow all the safety protocols according to the WHO to stay protected during the COVID 19 pandemic. Enjoy your White Friday Shopping this year and shop smart to save more, live well and have a safe happy life.

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