Barbiecore is Back: The Top Fashion and Beauty Looks Inspired by the Movie

If you are not living under a rock and have already seen Greta Gerwig’s Barbie 2023, you must be aware of the aesthetic pink-hued fashion going viral over social media. Yes, Barbiecore fashion is back for everyone to relive their pink moments! Famous brands like Chanel, Zara, Forever21, and more are going crazy updating their line-ups to create Margot Robbie’s Barbie and Ryan Gosling’s Ken-inspired outfits.

Now, it’s time for you to live your dream and recreate your Barbie movie outfits with the help of all the luxurious brands collaborating with Barbie’s parent company Mattel. In this blog, we’ll be helping you to figure out products you’ll need to create your pink wardrobe and feel the zeal of Barbiecore fashion trends. As Barbie says, You can be anything!

Barbie Inspired Clothing

In Barbie 2023, Margot Robbie, the leading star and stereotypical Barbie, showcased some of the most stunning outfits. If you have seen the movie and are eager to recreate the outfits, here is how you can do it:

1. The Iconic Pink Gingham Dress With Zara

iconic pink gingham dress

There is no doubt that it was one of the most stunning dresses in the whole movie. The gingham dress didn’t just showcase the princess side of Barbie but also gave off a modern look. The dress was carefully curated with white and baby pink checks with a bit of flare to add some volume. If you also love the dress and wish to have one for yourself, no worries because Zara has got you covered.

Zara X barbie movie white pink gingham strapless dress

Try this Zara X Barbie Movie White Pink Gingham Strapless Dress and add the Barbie Land magic all around you.

2. Barbie Rollerskating Bodysuit Featuring Primark

barbie rollerskating

What’s a summer without a fabulous yet funky bodysuit? The Barbie movie 2023 outfits feature a multi-color bodysuit that captures the essence of the timeless doll’s playful spirit and retro chic. Whether you’re dressing up for a roller disco party or simply trying to add a touch of retro charm to your wardrobe, the Barbie The Movie X Primark Swimsuit Bodysuit is something you should go forward with.

Barbie-Inspired Accessories

Barbie movie outfits are nothing without the super cool accessories worn by all the characters in the film! Whether we talk about the floral necklace or the hoop earring, each of them created a different vibe. Moreover, the Barbie movie jewelry perfectly complements every single look. We have your back if you are also looking for some Barbie movie-inspired jewelry! Here are some of the products you can go for.

1. Barbie Neon Hoop Earring

barbie neon hoop earring

With their catchy neon pink and yellow color, these earrings can light up not just Barbie but any outfit! They are simple, elegant, and contain just the right amount of funk. You can find the Hoop Fluro Neon Pink Yellow Fashion Earrings on Ubuy and live your fashionista moments. Pair these earrings with the multicolor bodysuit just like Barbie did in the film, or create your unique style to celebrate the magic of imagination.

2. Heart-shaped Chanel Handbag

heart-shaped chanel handbag

Barbie loves Chanel! That is why you could see a lot of handbags from the renowned brand in the film. And, the great news is, you can also have Barbie Chanel bags! Live your life in style with Chanel 1995 diamond-quilted CC Heart Handbag, which is an exquisite masterpiece that radiates elegance and luxury. The big CC logo at the front of the bag reflects Barbie’s love for fashion and glamor. Whether you are a Barbie fan or just a fashion enthusiast, this heart-shaped handbag is perfect for you.

3. Gorgeous Seashell Necklace

gorgeous seashell necklace

Wish to have a dramatic beach entry like Barbie? If yes, then you’ll definitely need this seashell necklace to go with your stunning beach outfit. As the designer from the movie says, no Barbie outfit is complete without a piece of mind-blowing jewelry, and this necklace is just that! For fans and fashion enthusiasts, Zara has created an exact Barbie necklace from the movie! The piece has shell and starfish charms to give you that ocean vibe and the silver and blue color binds it all together.

Barbie Inspired Footwear

By now, you have the outfits and accessories to feel like a Barbie girl. But to completely enter into your Barbiecore era, you’ll still need some cool Barbie fashion shoes, adding that final dazzle to your look. For that, well-known brands like Crocs and Aldo are here to help you live your dream life! Here are some of the Barbie footwear you can go for:

1. Barbiepltfm Platform Sandal

barbiepltfm platform sandal

The Barbie X Aldo Barbiepltfm Platform Sandal High Heels is a chic and fashionable footwear collaboration that brings together the iconic Barbie brand and the renowned Aldo fashion house. These platform sandals are vibrant pink, embodying Barbie’s signature style.

barbiepltfm platform heels

Their trendy high heels and comfortable platform design offer a perfect blend of fashion and comfort. These shoes are a delightful addition to any fashionista’s wardrobe, capturing the essence of Barbie’s timeless allure and creating a stylish statement piece that elevates any outfit to new heights.

2. Mega Crush Clog Electric Pink

mega crush clog electric pink

After that long, glamorous day in high heels, even Barbie needs some comforting footwear and so do you! No worries, because Crocs is here to give you that comfort. These Crocs X Barbie The Movie Mega Crush Clog Electric Pink footwear is a collaboration that helps you be a diva without sacrificing comfort for style. The clogs not only make a bold fashion statement but also provide support to your feet.


The Barbiecore trend is back, and fans can now recreate their favorite Barbie movie outfits with the help of luxurious brands like Chanel, Zara, and Aldo. From the iconic pink gingham dress to the trendy Barbie X Aldo platform sandals, fashion enthusiasts can embrace Barbie’s timeless allure while staying in vogue. The Barbie movie-inspired jewelry and accessories add a touch of glamour, completing the look for anyone wanting to experience the magic of imagination in their style.