The 35 Best Funko Pop Figures For Collectors In 2023

To create some interest in your room you require some aesthetically pleasing ornamental elements. Spice up your empty area with some of the best Funko POP figures in order to facelift your room. A Funko pop figure is a cute art piece that can be decorated at your table corner, window or on your display rack. It is a lovely artistic toy or a fancy show item having an oversized head and narrow body structure depicting a particular person or character.

Typically, materials including vinyl, hard plastic, and some light metals like copper and aluminum are used to create Funko POP figurines. No matter whether you are a kid, teenager or an adult, anyone with an interest in toy collections can buy the best Funko POP figures featured on our shopping website.

There are a variety of Funko POP releases based on popular celebrities, TV stars, actors, hip-hop artists, movie characters, athletes, comical characters, cartoons and fiction. These include Avengers, Marvel, Disney, Anime and Harry Potter series characters, funko pops also feature a number of sports stars and celebs notably Christiano Ronaldo, Michael Jordan, Will Smith, The Rock and more. These adorable little figurines become a must-have addition to your collection if you like assembling adorable cartoon and character figures.

In this blog, we have compiled a list of 35 of the best Funko pop figures for you to ease your purchase. These figures are highly collectible and have gained a lot of popularity among collectors and fans. You can explore the list and select the best funko pop that amuses you. However, if you are not planning to buy any figure at the moment, you can add your favorites to your Funko POP wishlist and purchase them later. Without waiting for any further moment scroll through the list and buy your favorites now.

Here are 35 best Funko POP figures that will stand out your room’s display:

Spider-Man Funko POP Marvel Figure

spider-man funko pop marvel figure

Enhance the look of your study or PC desk with this cute and aesthetic spider man Funko pop figure. With a gold and black suit, this spider man action figure is a must have for anyone who is a comic figure enthusiast. It is also a fantastic gift choice for your child, friend, coworker, or other loved ones.

Titan Levi Bloody POP Figure

titan levi bloody pop figure

Levi Ackerman, often called Captain Levi, is very famous in the world of comic figures and anime actions, he is known for his extraordinary combat and action skills with his stunning looks. This POP figure appears very staggering with blood drench over his face along with aggressive expressions. You just can’t miss this Funko POP display piece if you love ‘Attack on Titan’.

Eazy – E Funko Pop Rock Figure

eazy - e funko pop rock figure

This is a POP figure of well-known American rapper Eazy – E that looks awesome and exudes a wild energy. It features a cute and stylish figure of Eazy – E wearing a Compton cap, black goggles, white tee and a black jacket. The Eazy – E Funko Pop Rock Figure will be a nice and suitable addition to your collection of best funko POPs.

Batman Funko POP

batman funko pop figure

If you love watching the DC universe and Batman is your favorite character then, this Batman Funko POP figure is only for you. This figure replicates the action hero Batman coming out of the shadows and ready to fight with all the sins and defend your existence. It is a perfect choice for a birthday gift to your kid, it will definitely make their day really memorable.

The Mandalorian Holding The Child POP Figure

the mandalorian holding the child pop figure

The Din Djarrin had a task to fight with the enemies to save the baby Grogu, he risked his life to fulfill his duty. This POP figure displays Mandalorian holding the child Gorgu in his hands with a prideful look in his eyes. Buy this amazing star wars vinyl figure to add in your Funko Pop collection.

Leprechaun Funko POP

leprechaun funko pop figure

The Leprechaun bloody Funko POP figure is a collectible item that features the iconic character from the famous horror – movie Leprechaun. This figure displays Leprechaun’s scary look and his evil smile with blood spread over his face. It is a great suggestion if you are looking to buy the best funko Pops for Halloween decoration.

The Professor Funko POP

the professor funko pop figure

The Professor is the mastermind behind all the planning behind bank robbery, he always remains off the screen and executes his plans. It is a rare Funko POP figure from the famous web show ‘Money Heist’. Buy this right now if you are also influenced by the sharp mindness of the Professor.

Lebron James Funko POP

lebron james funko pop figure

Lebron James is an NBA legend, everyone is known with his extraordinary basketball playing skills. In this figure, Lebron James is wearing a Lakers 23 number jersey and he is in active mode with a basketball in his hand. This can be the best Funko POP figure for you if you are a true admirer of Lebron James and the game of basketball.

Squid Game Funko POP Set

squid game funko pop figure set

This is a set of 3 Squid game POP figures that include one worker, player 001 and player 456. This set is worth buying for all the Squid game fans who want to decorate their place with their favorite characters.

Superman DC Heroes Funko POP

superman DC heroes funko pop figure

It is a red and white coloured Superman Funko POP figure from the comical heroes of DC universe, with the classic superman sign on the chest. This can be displayed on a shelf, desk or can be given to kids as a toy to play with.

The Rock Star Barbie Funko POP

the rock star barbie funko pop figure

This is the top-rated Funko pop playful figure of retro style rockstar barbie which is a great option to add in your Funko POP figure collection. You may also buy this for your little girl as a reward or celebration present.

HARRY POTTER – Albus Dumbledore Funko POP

HARRY POTTER - albus dumbledore funko pop figure

The Albus Dumbledore Funko Pop fandom figure is an essential collectible for all Harry Potter comics and movie fans. It features Dumbeldore with his long beard wearing a robe, glasses, and holding a wand in his hand.

Naruto Kakashi Anime Funko POP

naruto kakashi anime funko pop figure

Kakashi is a warrior who strives to become the leading ninja in the world, he has incredible fighting skills that can be seen in his action scenes. This is one of the most liked collectible anime Funko POP characters among hardcore anime fans.

Doctor Strange Funko POP

doctor strange funko pop figure

Having figures of their favorite action heroes is something that all kids want to experience, buy this amazing Doctor Strange limited edition Funko POP for your child now and get his thanks. This figure features Marvel Studios character Doctor strange holding a spade and coin in his hands.

Avengers Thor Funko POP

avengers thor funko pop figure

If you are an Avengers fan, then this Avengers Funko POP figure might drive your interest, it is a figure of Thor posing on a cliff with his hammer. This looks very cute when you style it with other Avengers on your display shelf.

Agent J & Frank Funko POP

agent J & Frank funko pop figure

Who doesn’t like superstar Will Smith and his great sense of acting and action skills and if you are still obsessed with Agent J’s character then this one is only for you. This Funko POP figure features well dressed Agent J with black goggles & his pet partner Frank.

Icee – Slush Puppie Funko POP

Icee - slush puppie funko pop figure

This Funko POP figure is inspired by the classic Slush puppy frozen beverage which looks extremely cute with the dog figure. It features the character of Slush puppy holding a frozen beverage with his one hand while keeping the other at waist height.

Pokemon Pikachu Funko POP

pokemon pikachu funko pop figure

Pikachu is the main character of the Pokemon anime series, he is known for his cute appearances along with naughty and immersive personality. This Funko POP figure is ideal for one who has interest in collecting anime and comical figures.

Spongebob Patrick Star Funko POP

spongebob patrick star funko pop figure

Nobody can deny that Spongebob was our all time favorite cartoon show and Patrick was indeed a very ridiculous character. If Patrick and his humor are still something you miss, you must purchase this figurine and decorate it in your room.

Godzilla Funko POP

godzilla funko pop figure

Godzilla is a terrifying and enormous beast that fights against the people for invading its natural habitat. If you are impressed with this character then it is worth it to buy this Godzilla Funko POP figure and beautify your interiors.

Naruto – Orochimaru Funko POP

naruto - orochimaru funko pop figure+

Orochimaru is a smart, enthusiastic and cheerful character from the popular anime series Naruto, who acquires to become a great ninja. This figure depicts Orochimaru in her powerful snake form, you may buy this Funko pop figure to match along with other Naruto character figures.

The Demonic Nun Funko POP

the demonic nun funko pop figure

This is a scary and nasty POP vinyl figurine depicting the cruel image of the demonic nun inspired from the terrifying character of a nun from horror movies. You may choose to buy this figure to use as a fearsome decoration for Halloween.

Iron Man Funko POP

iron man funko pop figure

Add this stunning Iron Man Funko POP figure from the Avengers endgame to your POP figurine collection. This figure depicts an astonishing injured image of Iron Man posing on his knees on a sculpted terrain base.

Angelica Pickles Funko POP

angelica pickles funko pop figure+

This is the cutest Funko POP figure you will ever see, it features an innocent figure of Angelica Pickles with lovely hair bows and holding a Cynthia doll in her arms. Buy this figurine for your daughter so that she can enjoy great playfulness with it.

Donatello Ninja Turtles Funko POP Figurine

donatello ninja turtles funko pop figurine

Among the Ninja turtles, Donatello has got the most powerful brain among the group of 3, he is the one who plans everything. Add some interest and cuteness to your room space by decorating this adorable Funko POP figure of Donatello from the Ninja Turtles.

WWE Ring Funko POP Figurine

WWE ring funko pop figurine

This figurine features a miniature WWE fighting ring along with player figures of Bret Hart and Shawn Micheals. If you love watching WWE, get this Funko POP exclusive figure with great offers and deals available at Ubuy.

Geralt And Roach Funko POP

geralt And roach Funko pop figure

The Geralt and Roach Funko POP figure can be a great addition in your collection if you have watched the drama series named “The Witcher”. This figure represents Geralt posing with his loyal horse Roach.

Stranger Things Funko POP

stranger things funko pop figure

This is a POP figure set that includes the figures of Steve, Robin and Vecna from the exclusive Funko POP merch of the popular show ‘Stranger Things’. Cherish the memories of the show with these cute little figures by placing them in noticeable areas in your room.

Michael Jackson Facsimile Autographed Funko POP

michael jackson facsimile autographed funko pop figure

Nothing can be more compelling than an autographed POP figure for a true Micheal Jackson fan. There is no point in missing the chance to get this Funko POP figure of Micheal Jackson autographed by himself.

Kobe Bryant Funko POP

kobe bryant funko pop figure

This is a Kobe Bryant Funko POP figure specially who exceptionally loves the NBA and the legend Kobe Bryant. You may buy this Funko POP figure that attributes great basketball player Kobe Bryant standing with the ball in a yellow Lakers jersey.

Goku Pokemon Funko POP

goku pokemon funko pop figure

Goku is a major character in the famous Japanese animation series Pokemon who has mastered martial arts skills. This figure features Goku in his iconic fighting stance like he is simply waiting for a quick fight match.

Bloody Carrie Funko POP

bloody carrie funko pop figure

This is a dramatical Funko POP figure of Carrie, it portrays the innocent image of Carrie White drenched in blood from the horror movie Carrie. Order this POP figure now and add it in your movie collection, you may also use this in Halloween parties.

Toddler Groot Funko POP

toddler groot funko pop figure

The toddler Groot comes out of his comfort and comes up with a responsible form to stand alongside the Guardians of the galaxy. Bring this cute Groot’s Funko pop figure home and decorate it on your computer desk or bookshelf.

Freddie Mercury Funko POP

freddie mercury funko pop figure

Freddie Mercury was a British songwriter and singer, who is famous for his releases including Bohemian Rhapsody and Killer queen. This figure replicates Freddie Mercury standing in his signature style in a white vest with a mic, this is ideal for you if you are an old hip-hop and rock music listener.

Bulbasaur Pokemon Funko POP

bulbasaur pokemon funko pop figure

Bulbasaur is a comical character from the Pokemon series that has a large head and eyes, pointed teeth and a bulb on his back. This cute Bulbasaur Pokemon Funko POP figure is painted in the light green color, buy it right now to add it in your Pokemon collection and pair it with the Pikachu figure.

Get Simplified Answers To Your FAQs

Which Is The Best Place To Buy The Funko POP?

Ubuy is the best international shopping platform to buy the best Funko POP figures as we deal in premium and top-class products that come with quality assurance. Visit now and buy some of the best Funko POP figures of your favorite characters and celebrities at great prices and amazing offers.

How Can I Order The Funko POP?

To order the Funko POP figures, firstly visit, select your country and select your desired figure to cart. Then fill in your shipping details and make the payment to finalize your order.

Are Funko POP Vinyl Figures Worth Buying?

Yes, the Funko POP figures are worth buying in an absolute sense, these are unique display pieces with large heads and smaller bodies. You may buy them to decorate at your place and bring some aesthetics.

Which Funko POP Vinyl Figures Are Considered To Be The Most Famous?

The Funko POP vinyl figures come in a great variety, but the most popular are based on Star Wars, Disney, Harry Potter, Game Of Thrones, Anime and The Simpsons.

Why are funko pops so popular?

Funko pops are so popular as they look aesthetically pleasing and enhance the brilliance of overall surroundings. Another reason being they have a miniature design which appears out to be very cute and satisfying.