Top 10 Best-Hiking Shoes Guide For Your Next Adventure

Embarking on a hiking journey is not merely a stroll through picturesque landscapes; it’s a communion with nature, a test of endurance, and a gateway to unforgettable adventures. But amidst the thrill of exploration, a crucial ally often goes unnoticed until the first blister makes its unwelcome appearance: the right pair of hiking shoes. Imagine scaling rugged peaks without proper ankle support or navigating slippery slopes with inadequate traction—a recipe for discomfort or injury.
Whether walking along a stony path, crossing a muddy track or climbing icy peaks, the importance of getting it right when it comes to what you wear on your feet must be considered. In this extensive guide, we give you the 10 best hiking shoes. Each one is carefully selected to ensure your next trip will be unforgettable and, at the same time, safe and enjoyable. Therefore, lace up your boots and prepare to enter a world where every terrain is manageable with the correct pair of shoes.

Best Hiking Shoes for Men and Women

Walk confidently in the best hiking shoes for men and women, which our experts have carefully picked. The right footwear can make the difference between having an amazing outdoor experience while trekking on rough mountain paths or walking through quiet forest trails. Whether you are an experienced hiker who prioritises durability and support or someone new to hiking who wants versatility and style, we have something for everyone. Come along as we go through these top choices from the best hiking shoe brands that will ensure each step brings you closer to nature’s secrets.

Adidas Men’s Terrex Free Hiker 2 Hiking Athletic Shoes

The shoes are designed for flexibility, offering lightweight comfort and superior grip. Because of their elastic cushioning or responsive padding, they are perfect for long hikes through rugged terrain.

Merrell Moab 3 Mens Hiking Shoes

They have a breathable mesh lining and a Vibram traction outsole that ensures stability and protection on all surfaces, making them durable and comfortable. Their supportive footbeds and reinforced toe caps make them more secure against challenging trails.

Mens Nord Trail MT Hunter II Hiking Trail Shoes

These shoes are made for rough terrain, so they provide top-notch traction and endurance. They also have cushioned midsoles and breathable uppers that ensure all-day wearability when hiking outdoors.

Salomon Men’s X Ultra Pioneer Clima Salomon Waterproof Hiking Shoes

These waterproof hiking shoes are built to withstand wet conditions while providing excellent grip on slippery surfaces. Moreover, with advanced ClimaSalomon technology, breathability is ensured for all-weather hikes.

Bearpaw Women’s Corsica Waterproof Wide Hiking Shoes

Water resistance is among the reasons people like to buy these wide hiking shoes, combining fashion sense with practicality. The cushioned footbed and supportive midsole help stabilise the shoe and absorb shocks on impact even though it is wider, so it can fit various foot shapes.

KEEN Women’s Targhee 2 Mid Height Waterproof Hiking Boots

These women’s waterproof hiking boots offer ankle support and stability on rugged trails. In addition, they have an aggressive outsole, which makes them durable enough to be worn on several terrains, such as mountains, alongside other features, including sturdy construction.

NORTIV 8 Men’s Waterproof Leather Low-Top Hiking Shoes

These low-top hiking shoes are made for ultimate comfort and protection. They have a waterproof leather upper and cushioned insole. Their hard-wearing outsoles make them suitable for rocky trails where dependable traction is required.

La Sportiva Trail Ridge Low Hiking Shoes

Designed with lightweight construction and a breathable mesh upper, these hiking shoes were made to give you agility on the trail. Moreover, their sticky rubber outsoles offer reliable traction on uneven terrain, while the midsole provides a soft landing for long-distance hikers.

Salomon X Ultra 3 GTX Men’s Waterproof Hiking Shoes

This waterproof footwear is designed to provide stability and support over uneven surfaces. In addition, Gore-Tex keeps feet dry in wet conditions, whereas Contagrip ensures an outstanding grip on both wet and dry grounds.


These are versatile hiking boots which are equally comfortable. They have a lightweight build and supportive midsole, thus providing all-day support and comfort when climbing hills. Furthermore, their breathable mesh upper guarantees aeration, while the fitted waterproof membrane prevents water from entering inside, even during heavy rains or snowfall.

Things to Keep in Mind Before Buying the Best Hiking Shoes

Several important factors should determine your choice of hiking shoes. If you want to feel comfortable, you need a shoe that will last long and not let you down on the trail.

To begin with, take into account the kind of land you are going to hike in. In some cases, different hiking routes will require different shoe specifications. For a rocky or muddy route, you need to select boots that have the right grip, support, and defence for where you plan to go.

After that, focus on its fitting. Like other footwear knee pain caused by improper fit can be as painful as blisters when hiking long distances. Shoes should be tried on in the evening time because feet get slightly puffier at this time.

Hiking shoes must be strong since they are exposed to harsh trekking conditions. Their outsoles ought to be durable enough to provide adequate traction, whereas their upper parts have to be made of tough materials such as synthetic fabrics or leather.

Consider the best waterproof hiking shoes with waterproof liners, which are meant specifically for wet weather hikes. The presence of Gore-Tex in such shoes ensures that there is no moisture build-up, but sweat still escapes, offering comfort to your feet at all times.

Different forms of ankle support are also needed within hiking boots, as low-cut designs offer greater movement. In contrast, high-cut ones provide stability over uneven grounds. You can always choose based on personal preferences or your hike requirements.

Lastly, consider the weight. Lightweight hiking shoes can help reduce fatigue on long walks while ensuring necessary support and durability for specific trails.
Considering these factors will enable you to acquire hiking shoes that best meet your requirements, ensuring a pleasant and comfortable hiking experience.

Frequently Asked Questions About Hiking Shoes

How long do hiking boots stay waterproof?

With normal usage and care, hiking boots can stay water resistant for 6 months to one year. However, this time frame may vary depending on the quality of the boots and how often they are exposed to wet conditions.

What makes a shoe good for hiking?

Good hiking shoes must be durable, supportive, good grip, and comfortable. They should also have a tough-built, tractional outsole, enough cushioning, and a supported midsole to easily navigate different landscapes and long journeys.

What are the best waterproof brands of shoes?

Some top brands of waterproof hiking shoes include Salomon, Merrell, The North Face, Columbia and Keen. These are some of the most trusted brand names regarding materials used and innovative designs.

How to choose a hiking shoe size?

To choose the correct size for your hiking shoe, measure your foot size accurately using a Brannock device or ruler. Try shoes on in the afternoon when your feet are slightly swollen. They should fit snugly, allowing room for toe movement.


When you step out into the open and embark on a journey, a good pair of hiking boots is not just some choice but much more than that. As we conclude our exploration of some of the best men’s and women’s hiking shoes, we realise that they are not just footwear but companions that support us through life’s adventures.
From Columbia Flow Centre to Adidas Terrex Free Hiker 2, each shoe represents exploration in its purest form and combines durability, support, and style. These shoes protect you from discomfort or injuries as you put one confident foot after another on any path.
Choosing the right walking gear will lead you to great experiences and amazing places. So, tie up your shoelaces, prepare for unexpected events and unfold nature’s mysteries under your soles.