Looking for Pet Travel Accessories? Here’s All that Your Furry Friend Might Need

Traveling can give you a relaxing escape from the day-to-day horrors of life. While choosing the place and time to travel can be conflicting in itself, pet owners do face an additional dilemma, whether to leave their furry joy bundle back home or take them with them. While you may not always be traveling for leisure it can still be worrisome to leave them behind.

Whatever may be the reason you’ll likely have to travel with your furry friend at some point. Along with the peace of mind, traveling with your pet can create quite some hassle and that’s why pet travel accessories exist.

We live in a wonderful world with hundreds of these accessories to choose from of which we have selected six that we find the most useful.

1. Pet Water Bottle

Water is just as essential to your pet as it is to you. Having reliable access to water for your pet can be troublesome. As a result of how their mouths are structured most animals need pooled stagnant water for reliable drinking. While you can always carry a bowl, disposing of the excess water can be far from convenient, add in the spills and you have a very hard time keeping your fur baby hydrated.

Pet Travel Water Bottle

That is why we prefer a pet feeding bottle. While you can store the water in it like any traditional bottle, its unique design allows you to reliably pour small amounts of water on a spoon-like extension that can be conveniently disposed of later.

2. Collapsible Feeding Cups

Just like water, your furry friend also needs proper nutrition to keep them jolly and playful. And feeding them pet food while traveling can be a tough undertaking, just like making them drink water on the go.

While this may not be a big problem for short travels it can be an issue for longer trips. Carrying a bowl while traveling is not very space-efficient and can limit how much you carry if you prefer keeping multiple bowls for wet and dry food.

Pet Feeding Bowls

All these problems can be solved with a collapsible feeding cup. While in use they function just like normal feeding bowls, when not in use they can be folded into a disc drastically reducing the space that they take. To add to it they also come with an attached lid, that way you can be a little less worried about segregating everything for sanitary reasons.

3. Biodegradable Poop Bags

It is something that every pet owner has struggled with at some point. Droppings are messy and a hassle to deal with, more so when you’re traveling. What makes it worse is most pets are not poop trained and even the ones that are, find it hard to get accustomed to the new environment or can get stressed as they are traveling.

Pet Biodegradable Poop Bags

While nothing much can be done for pooping at an inconvenient time in an inconvenient place, the act of cleaning up that dropping can be made a lot easier and more convenient.

Poop bags for your pet are a thing and if you haven’t tried one yet we highly prefer that you do. Not only does it make cleaning up after your pet a lot easier it is also scented to help cover up odor. These bags come in rolls and are made of plastic-like material that is leakproof and well, as the name suggests biodegradable.

4. Pet First Aid Kit

Whether it be while playing around or accidentally knocking things off, injuries can happen. Accidental wounds on your pets if left unchecked and untreated can be a huge health hazard. While immediate treatment won’t be an issue while you’re in the comfort of your home it is when you’re traveling. Depending on where you are, pet-friendly healthcare can be inaccessible or can set you off track.

Pet First Aid Kit
Pet First Aid Kit

Many of the ointments, lotions, and antiseptics we use on us can be harmful to our pets. As such keeping a first aid kit for your pet is an absolute necessity. The kits are rated pet friendly and contain all the necessary tools and supplies you’ll need for your pet in case of an emergency. They don’t take a lot of space and can save your pet from what can become a life-threatening health issue.

5. Pet Travel Bag

All the above things will make traveling with your pet easier while the act of carrying them can also be made easier with a Pet Travel Bag. These bags are specifically designed to keep all of your pet-related supplies contained in one easy-to-carry bag.

Pet Travel Bags

Apart from just making it easier to travel, the bag will also help you make sure nothing gets lost or misplaced. Depending on the requirements and the number of pets you travel with, you can get bigger or smaller bags to suit your needs.

You can fill these bags with everything from your pet’s hairbrush to their favorite snack, moreover, this helps to keep your pet’s supplies separated from yours adding to a sanitary perk.

6. Pet Car Seat

This one is for all the pet owners who like to travel by car. Traveling in your car can have many perks like privacy and ample personal space to sit comfortably. Unfortunately, the same cannot be said for your pet.

Car seats are designed to be ergonomic for humans, but for your pets not so much. In fact, since cars are moving, and your pets generally prefer spreading out while they sit, a car journey can be very uncomfortable for them. More so the seatbelts generally don’t do well for your pets and can lead to safety issues.

Pet Seat Cushion

A car seat for your pet can solve all these issues. These simple and sturdy seats convert your bumpy backseat into a relatively flat surface where your furry friend can rest. Not to mention they safeguard your car seats from accidental scratches and other forms of damage caused by your pet.


With these accessories, we hope your next trip will be just as convenient as it will be memorable. Which ones are you going to buy?