Cool Office Desk Accessories You Should Try For More Comfort and Efficiency

We live in a modern world and technology is changing faster than ever before making life and work easier and more comfortable.

Having a well-organized office desk with all the essential office desk accessories will make you more efficient and successful at work.

There are many useful products that are available to make your office work quicker and thereby save your precious time, efforts and energy.

The modern-day offices are techno-friendly and highly efficient to ensure productivity levels are always high.

It has also become very convenient to get work done due to the availability of the latest gadgets and related products.

In this article, we will discuss about some of the most useful office desk essentials and accessories to make your work better, easy and comfortable.

It will also provide you with some office desk decorating ideas!

1. Wooden Laptop Stand

A wooden laptop stand looks cool and natural and also gives an elegant look to your office desk.

It is light and can easily carry the weight of the laptop. It is more sturdy and does not break easily like glass.

Wooden Laptop Stand

Some of the models come with slots to hold the mobile, papers, stapler, clips and other everyday office supplies.

It helps you to raise the monitor or screen to a comfortable viewing height while reducing neck and eye strain.

It is very easy to assemble and use anywhere. You can also use it for laptops, printers, gaming consoles, DVD players, stereos and more.

These modern office desk accessories look natural and can complement the decor of your office

2. Desk Tray

This product is quite useful since it will help you to keep all your desk stuff neatly arranged on the desk tray.

It would be easier to find stuff and make you more productive and efficient. It comes in different materials like metal, wood, plastic, and acrylic.

Desk Tray

It is durable and long-lasting providing immense value for money in the long run.

Keep your A4 papers, books, brochures, calculators, staplers, etc on this for easy accessibility and comfort.

It also comes in 2 tier, 3 tier or 4 tier designs as per your requirements.

These accessories for office desks are ergonomically designed, and have soft rubber at the bottom, to firmly stay in place, without damaging the surface.

3. Office Table Clock

This product is useful to keep track of the time and complete your tasks on time.

It will look good on your table and provide some aesthetic value.

They are mostly battery operated and some models display calendar, temperature and come with alarm functions.

Office Table Clock

It can be used anywhere and is suitable for travel. So don’t be late anymore and be on time for meetings, gym or other related work.

You can get a clock with different features, colors, sizes, designs and some come with lights and also time projection options.

4. Calendar Desk Pad

A good calendar desk pad can help you to plan your schedules better and become more efficient at work.

The large ruled daily blocks do provide plenty of room for notes and the holidays are clearly marked to plan better.

Calendar Desk Pad

The one month per page layout lets you view all the monthly plans and appointments at once.

It can also be used as a wall calendar if required. It also has a durable backboard that provides a sturdy writing surface for any notes.

5. Office Storage Caddy

An office caddy helps to instantly organize your office desk and keep the clutter away.

It comes with different compartments to save space and create more practical storage areas.

It is perfect for storing extra office supplies such as staples, highlighters, paper clips, notepads, sticky notes, Binder clips, glue sticks, etc.

Office Storage Caddy

It can be used for personal items such as cell phones, wireless headphones, glasses, etc.

They can also be used in other rooms to organize your stuff better. It is made of durable BPA and chlorine-free shatter-resistant plastic.

It is easy to maintain and clean with mild soap and water. These products are highly functional and versatile and can be used for multiple purposes.

6. Office Coffee Mug

Having a personal coffee mug at the office can help you to enjoy your hot drinks in your personal mug.

It gives a special satisfaction and also helps to maintain the cleanliness.

Different varieties of coffee mugs are available and some have heating options to keep the beverage warm.

Office Coffee Mug

You can carry your beverage using the mini travel mug option which is airtight and has a flip-top lid.

It is easy to wash and maintain. It comes in multiple colors, designs, styles, shapes, and sizes.

7. Desk Organizer

The office desk organizer is one of the most important stuff that you can have on your desk.

It helps you to keep your desk organized and reduce clutter. Keep all your important stuff within the reach of your hands nearby to save time and effort.

Desk Organizer

This comes in different materials like metal, plastic, wood, acrylic, etc.

Different shapes, sizes, and colors are available to suit your office decor and theme.

You can store your files, papers, folders, staples, notepads, scissors, markers, etc all in one place and enjoy the convenience it provides.

8. Week Planner

A good week planner will help you to plan and schedule your plans for the entire week.

Never miss an important assignment ever again. It will remind you to complete all the important tasks on time and assist is further planning.

You can note down all the points clearly and the whole week schedule is right in front of you.

Week Planner

Schedule your business meetings and presentations based on the itinerary and plans on your planner.

Cultivate healthy habits and make your task planning simpler and effective. So plan smarter and have a less stressful life.

9. Desk Toys

These cool desk toys will help you to relax and take short breaks in between your hectic schedules.

It will help you to stay calm and keep your mind cool. It also helps you to stay focused on the important tasks at hand.

Desk Toys

There is a huge variety of desk toys to choose from. So find your favorite toy to relieve stress and exercise your brain and fingers at work.

These desk toys can also be used as a wonderful office desk decoration to motivate and inspire.

10. Desk Hourglass

An hourglass will look elegant on the desktop. It will help you to track your work and measure your progress.

It helps to break down your goals and make them easy to achieve. It also provides a relaxing effect on the mind as the sand slowly passes down the narrow gap.

Desk Hourglass

The glass sand timers are simply gorgeous and help to boost productivity.

This decorative item can change your definition for time and help you to speed up your work to finish everything on time.


The above cool office desk accessories will change the way you work in your office and provide a comfortable and efficient work environment.

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Having some interesting office desk plants like succulents, etc will inspire you and add a touch of nature to your desk.