DhanTeras; What’s the Real Dhan (Wealth) for you?

Dhanteras is the day that starts the celebration of Diwali in India. Dhanteras comes in the Karthik month of the Hindu calendar.

Dhan literally means wealth and it deals not only with the physical wealth but also the emotional, spiritual, including the body, mind and soul. In this age, Health is also considered wealth without which life becomes challenging.

What is more important Success or Happiness?

A healthy body and mind are essential to find peace which is the real “Dhan” in the present times. A good and healthy relationship with loved ones is also wealth that helps you lead a good life.


Sometimes we lose our happiness searching for success and eventually lose our peace! So it is essential to pursue the real “Dhan” rather than just pursuing material wealth. Our mental health is also very important and what we fill our mind with plays a major role.

The Legend Behind Dhanteras

There is a legend behind this day. There was a king named Hima who had a son but there was something bad predicted, in the horoscope of his son.

It was stated that his son will die on the fourth day of his marriage after being bitten by a snake. After knowing all this the wife of his son thought of something to prevent this from happening.

So she planned for preventing it from happening by putting lots of gold ornaments, silver coins and diyas on the entrance of the chamber where the prince was sleeping and she started to tell stories and sing songs to prevent her husband from falling asleep.

The next day, god Yama, the god of death arrived in the form of a snake. But when he came at the entrance in the form of a snake he got astonished and blinded by the light of diyas and jewelry.

Then the god Yama climbed the heap of the coins and jewelry but stayed there listening to the stories and songs. In the morning God of death went back.

The life of the prince was saved by the brilliance of his wife. Hence this day is known as Dhanteras.

The day of Dhanteras is believed to be a very auspicious day by the people of India. The significance of Dhanteras is that on this day, purchasing is done on a major scale by the people.

Because this day is believed to be a very special day to do shopping. On this day there is a very big trend of buying precious metals like:

  • GOLD 

A huge amount of purchasing is done on this day. You can find everyone purchasing something or the other from a small tiny spoon to big fancy cars that are purchased on this day.

After completing all the shopping people relax and enjoy different bhajans that are going on and everyone is reciting the bhajans in groups and it feels like an auspicious moment to experience the grace of God during the bhajan.

Placing the diyas in front of the door is a tradition in the Hindu religion during the festive days of  Diwali. All these auspicious events happening around gives a feeling that Diwali is on its way.

So gear up yourself for Dhanteras by getting all the necessary things to make this Dhanteras an awesome one to remember.

 So enjoy your grand festivities with:

  • New utensils
  • New clothes
  • New Jewelry
  • Sweets for kids 
  • Diyas to place at the front of the house 
  • Paint your house for inviting Goddess Laxmi  to your house 
  • And at last, take many photos to remember your special day

These are some points given above that you can follow to make this Dhanteras more special than before. So renew your body, mind, and soul to have a fulfilling life rather than chasing mirages in the desert.


Have a balanced life with good health and wealth for you, your family and the nation.

So have you figured out the real wealth you need for a happy and successful life? Let this festive season help you to understand the real meaning of life and create a better world for a glorious future!


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