Guess What? You Save 20% on International Brands & Products this White Friday!

Offline sales are like crowded streets, you are standing in front of the store & waiting for it to open. Then find a decent way among the several people to choose your favourite product such as an electronic item. This is definitely not the case with the online sale! It is comparatively quick and faster. Also, you get several brands and millions of products to select the best one for you.

Before proceeding further, let us tell you about the significance of White Friday. This day is celebrated as the day of sharing greetings to each other in the Middle Eastern Countries. Most of the retailers offer the elite deals on White Friday Items to avail amazing discounts. This is the beginning of the Christmas shopping season where you will find electronics, clothing, healthcare products etc online.

Ronaldo Mouchawar introduced the concept of White Friday to create awareness among the people regarding e-commerce stores and to help retailers in getting more frequent sales. The sale was started by Souq (an e-commerce company) to provide a wide variety of offers on a sacred day for Muslims that is Friday. It is not a festival but not less than a social occasion for the citizens of the Middle East. After the long discussion of the date, it was then decided to save this day at the end of November month. Every Year people greet each other at gatherings and give presents.

Do you know why November is chosen for such a sale? Come on, guess a little. Okay, let us help you. It is because it is the second last month of the year and people get free from festivals from the past months and prepare themselves for the upcoming festive seasons like Christmas and New Year. Basically, it is a one day sale but retailers provide it for several days to provide more opportunities to the customers to buy useful and the required products.

So, the Middle East people are celebrating this day with loads of fun. To add to this, Ubuy is launching its first-ever biggest sale with a higher discounted rate of 20% on your favourite products. You will get a 10% Instant Discount + 10% Cashback on the items that you like the most.

Tips to Get the Best of the Best Deals on This White Friday Being A Customer

This day is for both customers and merchants. As a merchant, you can provide astounding offers to the customers to increase overall sales. Scroll more below-

Create a Checklist for the Products You Want to Buy

Don’t make the mistake of buying just anything like this. Prepare a list of the things that you actually need. You can explore the top White Friday deals on electronics, beauty products, clothing, gadgets, etc. For example, with the latest gadgets, you can buy smart TVs or DSLR cameras. With a relaxed mind, browse the top brands, view the customer reviews, check on the amount that you have saved then purchase a product. Also, keep the shopping list saved in your smartphone notes app.

Create a Checklist for the Products You Want to BuyBe Clear with the Shopping Budget

Don’t run over the sale fire when you see it online. Think about the wallet first. Avoid any extra expenses on the things you don’t want to buy, this will save much of your costs. Be strict on the budget otherwise, you will lose great offers on this White Friday Sale! Utilize your time and efforts while focusing on your specific requirements rather than choosing anything that catches your eye. Please note that in the budget, you will need to include transportation, shipping or the taxes applied.

Be Clear with the Shopping Budget

Use the Coupon Code to Get the Best Offers

Apply the code, UBFRDY to purchase the products at pocket-friendly prices. Coupons give maximum benefits to your shopping.  This can be your smart move to shop from the top brands online. From this code, you will get a 10% instant discount + 10% cashback on categories of electronics like home & kitchen appliances, gaming & the latest gadgets. This code will be reflected on the checkout page. You need to use an online payment method to avail this offer.

Replace the Oldy Goldy Items with the New Ones

Till how long will you keep the old items with you? It’s time to replace them with trendy ones. Sales are a good way to fill your personal and professional space with the latest and desired items. With Ubuy’s first-ever biggest discount, you can replace that laptop with the latest one or buy a headphone to enhance your gaming experience as well.

Replace the Oldy Goldy Items with the New OnesPlan to Buy Gifts As Well

As Christmas and New Year are on their way, this is the right time to buy gifts for your close ones as the products are available at a discounted rate. Welcome or housewarming gifts can be purchased at the best prices. Other than these, Playstation Consoles, Coffee Makers, Skincare kits, and more can also be added to your shopping list as per your preferences.

Plan to Buy Gifts As Well


The supreme tip is to create a spreadsheet of the e-commerce websites that are providing exclusive deals and discounts. For apps, do not randomly download any shopping app, use the genuine ones only. For example you can surf the products on our Ubuy app or the website. You can find compelling deals on electronics, gaming, beauty needs and more. Make the best use of Ubuy’s one-time 20% offer to buy the products you always wanted at discounted prices!