Contributor Guidelines

We always try to provide our readers with useful and innovative content which is why we want good-quality writers for our blogs. We have created a set of guidelines that will help out writers in aligning their innovation with the needs of the organization. Make sure to adhere to these guidelines while writing and strategizing content for Ubuy.

Guidelines for Content 

Following are some of the major points that must be kept in mind while writing content.

  1. The content must always focus on the topic and should not at any point deviate from the same.
  2. The content must not contain any filler sentences as it decreases the readability. 
  3. The content must also be rich in keywords with good traffic for better reach.
  4. The vocabulary used in the content should be easy to understand.
  5. There must be consistency in the flow of the content to avoid readability issues.
  6. The content must be well structured and should contain headings and subheadings for better readability.

Our Focus

Our main focus is to create content that is informative as well as easy to read for users. Most of the topics we try to cover with our blogs are focused on e-commerce or something related to them. This makes the reader interested in the subject and hence it is an opportunity for us to attract them to Ubuy. 

What do we want?

There are certain parameters that we expect our writers to cross in order to write for us. Their parameters are to assure that apart from being rich with information and innovative content, the content is also visually presentable. Following are some of such parameters.

Blog Post Length 

In most cases, we prefer providing long-form content. Hence, the length we require in our blog post is at least 1000 words. The writer can exceed the word limit to an extent in the case in-depth research is done around the subject. The content must not be a paragraph of 1000 words but should be appropriately divided into multiple sections with headings and subheadings. The content must be engaging enough to keep the reader hooked to it the whole time.

Best SEO Practices

Following are some of the best SEO practices that a writer should implement in the content they write for the Ubuy blog.

  1. The writer must place the primary keywords appropriately and distribute them uniformly throughout the content.
  2. Relevant links and images must be added to make the content SEO friendly. 
  3. Long tail keywords should be used at least once or twice in the content.
  4. The URL structures used should be user-friendly.
  5. Include the primary keyword within the first 2 lines of the content and the meta description


Adding images to the content adds more value to it as it can comprise important information in a small area and might be easy to understand. Images add depth to the content and make it visually pleasing as well. It must be made sure that the image used adds some informative value to the content. The content of the images should be referenced in the written content and citation of the author’s website should be given if needed.


From an SEO perspective, adding multiple links in content can be beneficial, but there is more science to it. The writer must know that we reserve the right to create, update or remove “no follow” and “do follow” links as per the requirement of the content. The link added in the content should be relevant to the primary subject the content is talking about. Directing the reader to an irrelevant page has a negative impact on the content from both SEO and the reader’s perspective. Please make sure not to add more than 3 external links. Also, keep in mind that there must be no links in the first 3 paragraphs. 

What we don’t want?

There are a few things that we certainly don’t want our content to have. If you put any of these in your work, we assume that you are doing it just to annoy us and this might lead us to reject the content you wrote. The following are the things that should never be seen in our content. 

  1. Content filled with fillers or vague/ generic sentences.
  2. Inconsistent sections in the content
  3. Content with no headings and subheadings
  4. Content with improper formatting (Font size and font changing throughout the text in the content. Unnecessary gaps between paragraphs, paragraphs with just 1 sentence.)
  5. Forced stuffing of keywords. 
  6. Content without introduction and conclusion

How to Apply

Are you an expert in your field and looking for a platform to showcase your writing? We are seeking knowledgeable contributors for our blog. To join us, simply email our editorial team at with any proposed ideas or questions!

Our Publishing Process

Once you provide the content, we have a team of editors who will go through it and decide whether it can be published or not. All the above parameters will be checked while reading the content and only after the approval of the editor, the blog will be published. If the blog is of acceptable quality and contains a few errors, then you will be contacted and asked to make the corrections required. Once the changes are done, the blog will be published. The whole process takes around 7-12 days. Hence, if you have submitted a blog of good quality, it will still take around 1-2 weeks to be published on the page which will be informed to you once done.

Idea of our content

Our writers have always been rich with thoughts and innovation which is very visible in their content. Wish to know more about what type of content we prefer. Read some of the blogs that are already published on Ubuy.