How to Prepare a Practical Shopping List, this Festive Season?

Everybody loves to shop and somehow shopping has become a kind of therapy that provides temporary relief to a stressful life and brings joy. Most people do some kind of shopping in their life and making the right decision to get the right thing is not always easy.

Sometimes we buy something and later wonder why we bought it! Some are regular shoppers while others are occasional shoppers. But have you ever wondered how do I create a shopping list that is really useful? Making a good shopping list will always benefit you in multiple ways.

You can use an app or just write it down on paper, but a shopping list is absolutely necessary to save time, efforts and money. It also curbs the need to do impulse buying and helps you to make smarter choices and save money.

The process of preparing a shopping list is a little bit complicated. You will need to look at all the possible situations that you can face while making a shopping list. The following points will provide you some insights on how to make a shopping list that can truly help to solve your shopping confusions and problems and make it an exciting experience.

  • Keep a Running “To-Buy” list 

This is a brilliant idea to save time and energy. You should have a “to buy” list in some central part of your home. Each time you are running low on any product just note it down and this way you need not remember everything and stress about all the things you need to buy. A fridge or bulletin board is a great place to keep it since it is easily accessible. This will give you more time to plan well and avoid forgetting some important stuff.

  • Emphasize Healthy Choices

Do you want to make this festive season great deal healthwise? Part of the charm in making a grocery list beforehand is that it enables you to make some of the healthiest choices. People who shop without lists are sometimes more prone to succumbing to impulse purchases.

When you’re planning out your list, try to think about how each item will affect your life in the long run. Because you won’t have the temptation directly in front of you, you’ll be able to better judge which options are the best for your life. Go make a grocery items list this season considering all the healthy choices and make it count for you and your family!

  • Always Compare Products and Prices

We should always compare the products before putting it in the shopping list. When you compare different products only then you get an idea of how this product is better than the other one and which one to choose from. So go ahead and compare products to select the best.

Depending on where you live, there might be several different options you could go to for your shopping trip. Many of the biggest outlets list their prices online. If you want to save some money, you should look up some of the prices online for certain things you’re looking to buy.

  • Figure Out Everything You Need Beforehand

Improvise your list before you go for the actual shopping to include all the last minute updates. This way you can avoid some unforeseen shortage of essential products and then feel helpless and lost. To avoid such situations, depending on your usage you should know how much you need to stock in order to manage everything smoothly. This habit will definitely help you to plan your stocks well ahead.

Many recipes often require several ingredients. It’s a great idea to review your planned recipes thoroughly before heading off to the supermarket to avoid multiple trips and save time and fuel costs.

  • Consider the Frequency of Your Shopping Trips

If you go multiple times a week for shopping then there is no problem if you forget a few items. But if you go less frequently then you cannot afford to forget any essential product. The frequency of shopping trips may depend on your location, as well as your mode of transport.

For some people, going to the supermarket can mean a big-time investment. If your trips are infrequent, it’s all the more important to come prepared with a list. Unless you live right next door to a supermarket, Try to minimize one-item trips, as they’re big time wasters. It’s better to get everything you need at once.

  • Always Look for the Best Deals

Before going in for shopping, you can organize some of your shopping items based on what items are discounted on that given week. This is one important thing you need to know about before making a shopping list. This helps you to make the shopping list according to those deals and offers that are available at that time. So just prepare a shopping list for this festive season and get lots of festive season offers on every purchase that you do.

If there is something you wouldn’t normally buy that’s currently being sold for a steal, it’s sometimes a good idea to switch up your buying habits accordingly. On the other hand, if there’s a discount for an item you usually buy, you can take the chance to stock up on more of it than you normally would buy. It’s good to buy electronic gadgets during the festive season sale to save more and get better deals.

  • Look at Pre-made Grocery Lists for Ideas

There are many good grocery templates available online. Most people will prefer to buy groceries according to their own preferences. Nonetheless, giving a default grocery list a looking over can be useful when brainstorming for things you might need. You may come across some items you might never have thought of otherwise. It is a wise idea to maintain a master list of total products that you buy regularly. A quick revision through your store and the list will give you an idea about what needs to be ordered.

  • Organize Your Product list by Category Type

Most supermarkets organize their wares according to the type of product and category wise. While you’re writing down your shopping list, you should make an effort to join different things into a similar category. Put all the vegetables in a “vegetables” section. Do the same for toiletries and frozen food. If you have all the items bunched together, it will minimize the confused running around you would have to do. This will also help you to tick off the list in proper order after you pick up the necessary stuff from the shelves.

  • Specify Quantity Wherever Applicable

The product quantity is an important part of any shopping list. Although given quantities are sometimes left off a list, it’s good to know how much you should get an item in advance. If you don’t have an idea of how fast an item runs out at your home, you won’t need to be specific. Listing specific quantities is also very important if you have a certain recipe in mind.

  • Leave a Bit of Space at the Bottom of Each Category

Sometimes you will often think of things you need at the last minute, and it helps to have a bit of space left over to write them in. If you’re going to more than one store, you should first organize products by each store. However, you should see what you can do about packing all of your purchases into one store trip. Lesser trips to multiple places will help you save time, effort and money.

  • Keep Your list Balanced

It’s a smart idea to keep your grocery purchases as balanced as possible. Especially if you are shopping for food items. Even if you’re going shopping with one essential thing in mind, a successful trip will try to hit as many bases as possible. Keeping your grocery bag filled with dairy, meats, grains and other items like toiletries will leave you feeling like you accomplished more with your trip than if you simply went for a specialized, one-item run. Make each trip worthwhile and choose well to live a happy and smart life.

  • Use a Phone App

The techno-geeks have created an app for almost anything on earth. There is an app now available even for grocery planning. Having a shopping list on your phone is a good idea because you’re able to add to the list as needed. You won’t be under such a risk of losing the list either. Most grocery apps will auto-organize your shopping for you to make it more efficient and practical. It also comes with a tick box to check the stuff you buy. Some Apps offer the option to make a shopping list online which is more dynamic and provides real time assistance.

  • Prepare a Final Copy

All of the information you’ll have for your shopping list may be disorganized in its pure note form. Depending on the size of your grocery trip, it may be worth the extra time it takes to write up a “final draft” of your list. Write out the items more neatly, and group them according to their type. It may feel like extra work, but you’ll be surprised to find out that you have saved time in the supermarket if your list is legible and properly outlined.

Some Additional Tips to Shop Smart!

  • Go Shopping During Off-Peak Hours

Shopping is made easier if you go at times when the supermarket isn’t as crowded. Late nights before closing are perfect for this, as well as weekday mornings when most people are busy working. In contrast, it’s not recommended you go shopping during the weekend or in the early evening if you can help it. The supermarket will be busier and you’ll spend more time wading through the foot traffic.

  • Use Cloth Grocery Bags

Cloth grocery bags are a useful touch if you want the best shopping experience. You will save on the added fees for plastic bags, and cloth bags are more durable. Using cloth bags to shop with is also environmentally friendly, so you can feel good about yourself while you shop. So go green and save the environment by carrying your own bag!

  • Check the Expiry Date

When you’re buying food items, it’s a smart idea to make a habit of checking the expiry date. This is especially important for things with a short shelf life such as milk. If there are multiple copies of an item available for purchase, check a few of them and pick whichever one has the latest expiry date.

  • Keep an Eye Out for In-store Specials

You should leave room on your shopping list for improvisation. In-store specials are worth exploiting if it’s something you would have wanted anyway. Although your shopping trip shouldn’t be dictated by what’s on special, taking advantage of these opportunities is a great way to make the most of the money you spend. Some offers are available only in stores. So look out for those special deals and offers! When you make a fashion shopping list do include the right accessories in order to save time and pick the right stuff at the right place. It will also help you to avoid making extra trips.

  • Get Frozen Foods Last

If your shopping trip is going to be fairly in-depth, you’ll want to count for the time the frozen grocery items will be out with you. Frozen products like ice cream shouldn’t be kept out of frozen storage for too long unless you want a mess on your hands. If you think the shopping trip is going to take a while, aim to have these frozen foods picked up at the end of your shopping.

So whatever you plan to buy put it on your checklist. This will help you to become more organized and efficient. It will also help you to save time and money. If you can follow the tips given above it will definitely assist you to do better shopping and reduce your unnecessary stress. So plan well and enjoy your shopping experience.