How to Take Care of Your Mobile and Improve its Efficiency?

The ubiquitous mobile has become a part of people’s life. Some people are more concerned about their mobile than themselves.

A mobile has become a basic necessity for people to stay connected and also perform multitasking tasks.

Today you can use a mobile to call, take photos, shop, surf the net, check schedules and dates, do calculations, check emails, watch videos, chat, and use for social media.

So how do you take care of your precious asset and make it perform at the optimum level?

A new mobile definitely works faster and performs better, but as the days go by it becomes slower and sometimes tends to hang often. So what is the solution to keep your mobile working at peak performance?

The following are the tips for mobile care you need to consider to increase the overall performance of your mobile.

  • Get Familiar With Your Mobile Device

Do you have any idea about how your mobile works? It is wise to have an insight into the basic specs of the mobile like memory capacity, RAM, processor, etc.

It will give you the power to use your phone to its full efficiency. You need to read the manual to know about the basic specifications and functions of your mobile.

Mobile Phone

There are small changes in the specifications between different models and brands of mobile. Important information like battery capacity and memory function helps us to understand the requirements and take steps to mitigate these problems.

Sometimes you need to go to the authorized service center to get your mobile serviced.

You can use the phone much better after knowing its inherent capabilities. For example, if you install apps on your phone without knowing the space availability it can result in hanging the device.

So it is always better to know your phone’s capability before performing any activity with it.

  • Always Keep Your Device Updated

All phones come with an operating system that needs to be updated whenever a new update has been released by the authorized manufacturer.

These updates will ensure that your phone is working at its optimum level. The updates will also help to safeguard the phone from any malware or viruses.

Mobile Device

The speed and overall performance would improve if the phone is updated with the latest operating system.

  • Install Only Necessary Apps

You should always install only the necessary and genuine apps on your mobile phone.

After installation, the apps will expand their space for use and your device will slowly become deficient of space after some time and will begin to slow down.

Install Only Necessary Apps

That’s why you should consider installing only the necessary and useful apps that you really want on your phone. You should uninstall any unnecessary app on your phone to increase space and improve operating performance.

  • Get Yourself a High-Speed SD Card

You can take care of your phone and make it more efficient by providing it some extra space for adding new apps or storing files and media.

One of the main reasons for the slow processing and inefficient performance of any phone is insufficient space.

High-Speed SD Card

When the space available on the phone is not maintained properly the phone will slow down. You can help the phone by providing it with some extra space option and putting a high-speed SD Card in it.

Now you can save most of your files, photos, and media on the High-speed SD card and free up internal phone space for other essential stuff.

  • Make Fewer Widgets Functional

The widgets were invented for mobile phone users. It was created to get efficient and fast information about weather, news, phone brightness, GPS, Bluetooth, etc. But the use of widgets can also reduce your phone’s efficiency.


The widgets require too much processing and if you are using different types of widgets on your phone, it will definitely hang after some time and all its efficiency can reduce.

So you should only use the necessary widgets on your phone and avoid the unnecessary widgets that you do not use.

  • Deactivate Animations

It is one of the major reasons for draining the battery and efficiency of any phone. We can say that it is a hidden drawback that most users do not know about.

This animation runs in the background and causes a huge drain on the overall performance of the phone. Some animations are pre-installed on the phone like live wallpaper.

Daily use of such types of animations in your phone can affect it very much. So try your best to avoid unnecessary animation on your phone and it will improve phone battery performance.

  • Avoid Live Wallpapers

The beautiful looking live wallpaper can slow down your phone’s performance. The live wallpaper requires too much processing power from the CPU for running.

You may not know about the fact that the live wallpapers also runs in the background when you are using some other apps. It is a major cause of drainage of battery and also takes a lot of efficiency of your phone to run.

So try to avoid using the live wallpapers on your phone to increase its efficiency and overall performance.

  • Stop Syncing

The syncing is a very good function that helps to synchronize with the Google server. The sync helps your device to link with the Google server so whenever there are any updates for the app then the sync helps you to get immediate notification related to those updates.


But there is a problem with sync, that it takes a lot of your android performance that can be usually used for other activities.

So keep the sync off when it is not required to improve the performance of the phone.

  • Use the Built-in File Manager

Avoid using the third-party file manager apps on your phone since it will cost you the efficiency of your phone. The usage of these third-party apps will take a lot of your phone’s space and will reduce its efficiency to a great extent.

That’s why it is always better to go for the built-in file manager of your phone since it will take the minimum space of your phone and the results are much better than the third-party apps.

  • Clear Your Cached Data

The cache data is one of the major reasons for the reduction in phone efficiency. These cache data combine with the apps on the phone when we use them.

And it tends to increase the space of the phone’s storage unnecessarily. This, in turn, reduces the speed of the phone’s performance and it starts to slow down gradually.

  • Take Care of Your Mobile Battery

The battery of your mobile provides the necessary charge to sustain all operations on the mobile throughout the day and night. Hence charging the mobile battery has become a regular task for most people every day.

Take care of your mobile battery

Overcharging the battery is a bad idea and sometimes leads to overheating etc. Do not overcharge your mobile battery! Use only authorized batteries since duplicate batteries can pose a risk by explosions.

If the mobile is getting overheated then stop using it and allow it to cool down.

Your mobile is like a member of your house so treat it well for superior performance. Keep it clean and dry at all times. Also, avoid dropping your mobile on the ground.

If you follow our suggestions given above you can increase the life of your mobile and enjoy its superior performance at all times.

Use the right phone protection products such as good quality mobile covers, scratch guard, protective tempered glasses, etc that can protect your phone from smudges, dust, and liquids.