Unlocking Korean Skincare Routine: Is It Worth the Hype?

With Korean Skincare trending worldwide on social media platforms like Instagram and TikTok, you might wonder about the hype. Don’t worry; we’re here to clear up all the myths and misconceptions about Korean beauty products.

Everyone aspires to have healthy skin, which is why the world is moving towards Korean skincare brands. These brands use natural products like Ginseng, Snail mucin, Mugwort extract, and fermented rice water. Brands like Beauty of Joseon, CosRx, and Sulwhasoo are becoming household names as they proactively prevent skin concerns. To learn more about this K-beauty revolution, let’s dive into Korean skincare benefits, popularity, and how it helps you achieve healthy, glowing skin.

Korean Skincare Benefits

Korean skincare isn’t just a trend but a major part of people’s lives. Knowing its amazing benefits is important to reaching your skincare goals quickly.

Innovative at Its Core

Most K-beauty brands have laboratories where they create natural formulations. By focusing on innovation, Korean skincare brands invest a lot of time and money to offer effective skincare to their customers.

Emphasis on Prevention

Most Western beauty brands tend to provide solutions after the problem has occurred. That’s not the case with Korean brands, which focus on preventing the problem.

Cheaper than Western brands

Cheap products are often misjudged as of low quality. However, Korean beauty brands provide better skincare options than Western brands while costing less.

Caters to All Skin Types and Concerns

With many offerings, there is no shortage of Korean skincare for different skin types, preferences, and concerns, making them suitable for consumers worldwide.

Utilise Natural Ingredients

Korean skincare has made a name for itself with natural ingredients. The most unique part is that you will rarely find ingredients used in Korean skincare in other beauty brands.

Why is Korean Skincare Popular?

With the rise of K-dramas around the globe, the desire for smooth and radiant “glass skin” has surged exponentially. People everywhere are going gaga over glass skin and wish to replicate it. It’s one of the reasons why Korean skincare is also on a boom. Also, Korean skincare’s focus on deep hydration and sun protection makes users covet its products internationally.

The ingredients in Korean skincare have been used for centuries to reduce anti-aging effects like fine lines and wrinkles. So, if you are looking for clear, radiant skin, shifting to Korean skincare products can benefit you.

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What Does A Good Korean Skincare Routine Look Like?

The Korean skincare routine for day and night generally consists of ten steps. While it may seem too much regarding time, money, and effort, it is worth everything! Following the Korean skincare routine does not just mean using the latest products in the trending list. It requires understanding your skin type and concerns to achieve effective skincare. Let’s get started with the Korean skincare steps below:

Korean Oil-Based Cleansers

Korean skincare starts with keeping an oil-based cleanser as the base for removing oil-based impurities like sebum and makeup. Its major benefit is that it does not strip moisture from the skin. By using an oil-based cleanser day and night, you can easily break down oil-based impurities.

Korean Water-Based Cleansers

You might wonder why you should cleanse with a water-based cleanser again after using the oil-based cleanser. But remember, dermatologists recommend using a water-based cleanser to target water-based impurities like sweat and dirt that do not go away by oil-based cleansers. It is recommended to use a low pH cleanser in the skincare routine.

Korean Exfoliants

Exfoliating once or twice a week can help you achieve healthy, glowing skin. It removes dead skin cells and efficiently helps your skin absorb other skincare products. Weak chemical exfoliators can be easily found over the counter. However, strong ones can only be prescribed by dermatologists.

Korean Toners

In Korean skincare, hydrating toners are seen as prepping products. They help clean up the remaining residue from the skin and repair the barrier, making the next steps easy to complete. Toners also assist in maintaining the pH level of the skin and provide deep hydration to make your skin look plump and dewy.

Korean Essences

This 3-in-1 Korean skincare product offers immense hydration, enhances your complexion, and aids cell turnover. This watery liquid gets absorbed promptly into the skin to offer effective skincare. Although it may be a wonderful product, make sure to choose the product that resonates with your skin type or else there can be irritation.

Korean Treatments

It’s the most important part of the Korean skincare routine. Treatment involves using a face cleansing oil, anti-ageing serum, or ampoule to treat your primary skin concern. These highly concentrated formulas include active ingredients that address skin problems. While you can use Korean serums regularly, ampoules are recommended once a week as they are more concentrated than serums.

Korean Face Masks

Sheet masks come soaked in serum so your skin can easily absorb all the moisture and nutrients from the sheet while offering unmatched relaxation. But remember not to use them every day. Sheet masks are majorly used in skincare routines for two reasons: one is to offer unmatched hydration, and the other is to create a barrier around your skin.

Korean Eye Creams

Moisturising the sensitive area around the eye is one of the most significant aspects of a Korean skincare routine. It helps tackle skin ageing issues, like fine lines and wrinkles. By moisturising the area, you can decrease puffiness and dark circles for a glowing look. Also, you can use the eye cream before or after applying the moisturiser however it’s preferable to use it before as it offers a sealing effect.

Korean Moisturizers

With the routine almost done, it is time to offer the skin a boost of hydration and seal in moisture to make it look plump and gorgeous. A moisturising cream can help. You would be wondering why moisturisers are so down the list; the reason is that it is important to use them after other products to create a layer of oil and prevent moisture from getting away.

Korean Sunscreens

Finish your routine by applying sunscreen to protect your skin from harmful UV rays and prevent ageing. It doesn’t matter whether you are going out in the sun or not, it is preferable to use sunscreen. Sunscreens for the Korean skincare routine are divided into three types: chemical sunscreens, mineral sunscreens, and hybrid sunscreens, each of which protects your skin in different ways.

Korean Skincare Products For Different Skin Types

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One reason people are so crazy about Korean skincare is that it caters to all kinds of skin types and concerns, which in turn helps people deal with their skin issues efficiently. This is why here you will get to know about different Korean brands that are known majorly for specific skin types or concerns.

Korean Skincare For Oily Skin

ne of the most common skin problems is oily skin. To effectively treat oily skin, you can use products like the Beauty of Joseon Radiance Cleansing Balm for an oil-free glow and the Beauty of Joseon Relief Sun: Rice + Probiotics to shield your skin from the sun.

Korean Products For Dry Skin

Keeping your skin deeply hydrated is a necessity. Dry skin can cause a lot of irritation and lead to skin losing its elasticity. Hence, dry skin users should use products like the COSRX—Advanced Snail 96 Power Essence, as thick formulations provide hydration.

Korean Products For Combination Skin

To find effective skincare options for combination skin, you must balance dryness and oiliness. Fragrance products must also be avoided, as they irritate dry and oily skin. Keep moisturising formulations in your routine for better skin health.

Korean Skincare For Acne

Acne has been among the most irritating problems for people of all ages. Therefore, you should look for products that deal with your troubled skin without hassle. One product that can help you eliminate acne is Some By Mi Aha-Bha-Pha 30 Days Miracle Serum.

Korean Products For Sensitive Skin

If you have sensitive skin, avoid using products with alcohol or fragrance. Also, conduct a patch test whenever you use a new product. Klairs and Purito are two of the most prominent Korean brands that make skincare products for sensitive skin. Their products include the least possible ingredients so that individuals indulging in them do not suffer from reactions or irritations.

Frequently Asked Question

How can I get Korean glass skin?

You can get Korean glass skin by following the Korean skincare routine per your skin type and concerns. However, achieving the desired glass skin may take time and effort.

Does the Korean skincare routine work?

Certainly, the Korean skincare routine conveniently deals with every aspect of the skin to offer healthy skin.

Where to buy Korean skincare products?

You can purchase Korean skincare products from prominent brands like Beauty of Joseon and Cosrx on Ubuy. It has a wide range of must-haves to enhance your skincare routine.

Are Korean skincare products suitable for men as well?

Although Korean beauty is more directed towards catering to women, with the advancements in Korean brands’ innovation, they have also started making effective skincare products for men.


Overall, we can say that Korean skincare has made its mark in the beauty market throughout the world by combining innovation and natural ingredients. The hype related to Korean skincare is not just because people are going crazy over actors from K-dramas but also because K-beauty or Korean skincare has gone about its business quite magnificently, making it a valuable addition to any skincare routine. It doesn’t matter if you’re looking to achieve the coveted glass skin or want solutions for specific skin concerns, Korean skincare is worth exploring.