Top 15 Must-Have Travel Essentials for Your Next Adventure

Travelling internationally is always an occasion of excitement. The new landscapes, filled with captivating views and beautiful scenery, make eyes pop, and hearts skip a beat. The food, the culture, and almost everything related to travelling to a new destination are exciting! Well, except for packing your things. The entire process of packing your important stuff and remembering everything is a bummer. If you have a history of forgetting important things, our list of the best travel essentials will greatly help you.

International Travel Essentials for Men and Women

While effective packing depends on where you travel, our ultimate checklist will cover you. Regardless of when and where you are travelling, these 15 best travel essentials will be useful in your time of need. Happy travelling!

Travel Backpack

Whether you are backpacking through the greens of the Galapagos or exploring some ancient temple ruins, a perfect travel backpack should be your first pick. Get a backpack with enough space to hold your garments, a separate laptop and tablet compartment, and even a rain cover. You can also look for features like a locking system and water resistance. Find a list of top-notch travel backpacks on Ubuy!

travel backpacks

Travel Documents

Travel documents are a top priority when packing travel accessories. Be it your passport when travelling internationally or permits when travelling to reserved destinations, your travel documents are a must. For your convenience, you can prepare a document bag containing the best travel essentials, such as your travel insurance report, passport, COVID certificates, and business documents.

Travel Neck Pillow and Blanket

Long flights and long waiting hours at the airport can be a boon for many travellers. In such cases, a perfect neck pillow and a small blanket are all you need! Ensure you check both items’ fabric and material before investing. You can choose a microfibre neck pillow and a mini mink blanket. These are some of the best travel essentials, easing your journey while taking the least space in your luggage. 

travel neck pillow

Travel Water Bottle

Buying a new water bottle every 3-4 hours harms both the environment and your wallet. However, living without water is next to impossible on a vacation where you will spend your days exploring local destinations and markets. To cope, buy a refillable bottle made of steel or any other multi-use plastic material. You can easily fill those up from local taps, which are present everywhere. Visit Ubuy to shop for the best travel essentials, like stainless steel water bottles!

Travel Camera with Memory Cards

What is a vacation if you don’t click any pictures? When travelling to a new destination, everyone takes home memories with perfect backdrops. You can easily purchase a good camera from Ubuy with quality lenses to capture scenery in the best way possible. Ensure you have at least two memory cards; if one gets full, you can easily replace it. 

travel camera with memory cards

Travel Shoe Bags

Watching your shoe babies get dumped in a suitcase like garbage has broken many hearts. A travel shoe bag is a must to keep your expensive sneakers safe. These bags come in various sizes and keep each shoe apart, ensuring they remain dirt—and crease-free. Travel shoe bags come in a huge variety; you can choose the one made of cloth or plastic. You can also select a waterproof one and one that is sturdy enough to save your sneakers from creasing.

Travel Wallet and Cash

Local currencies and debit and credit cards are necessary when travelling internationally. A proper wallet with multiple slots and sections is a perfect addition to the best travel essentials for men. You can also go for a bigger side bag -like a purse to hold your wallet and cash. Save all your travel essentials in one place. 

Travel First Aid Kit and Personal Medications

One of the best travel essentials is a first aid kit with basic items like bandages and insect repellents. Especially if you travel to a green place, it is advisable to pack a kit with all the important ointments and bandages. Besides the basic first aid essentials, you must also pack your medicines. In many cities/countries, you won’t get drugs without a proper prescription. Hence, to be safe, bring your medications. 

Powerbank and Universal Adaptors

Imagine yourself touring a beautiful destination. Just as you spot a scenic view, your battery dies. This can be a big struggle, but with powerbanks and universal adaptors at Ubuy, worry no more. While a power bank will help you keep your phone always charged, a universal adaptor is also one of the best travel essentials. Many hotels and resorts have different types of sockets, so it is important to keep a universal adaptor handy. These items are also the best business travel essentials when travelling for work. 

portable powerbanks

Personal Skincare Essentials

In the women’s best travel essentials list, skincare always ranks top. Be it a basic facial mask or a doctor’s prescribed lotion for dry skin, you should always carry your skincare items. Travelling to new destinations with new climates and food cultures can be harsh on your skin; hence, a nicely packed skincare bag will help. Items like facial masks, under-eye gels, body lotions, hand creams, and lip balms can be packed in a small bag so that you can carry them from one place to another.

personal skincare essentials

Travel Essentials for Kids:

Multi-use Bag

When travelling with a child, it is important to understand that they need anything at anytime. You can never know what your baby needs: food, formula, a water bottle, toys, or a new pair of shoes. You should go for a bag with multiple compartments to separate every packed item. You can also get a bag with a thermal compartment to store baby formula and milk.

Food and Snacks

Some snacks, like dry fruits, a banana, or an apple, are enough for a short trip. However, you will need a huge pantry when travelling internationally with kids. Since kids are very fussy about food, you can always carry their favourite snacks in small portions when waiting to catch your flights. You can also prepare small meals, like sandwiches or rice boxes. Bringing your food will save you money and ensure you are eating right.

Extra Pairs of Garments

A change of clothes for your kids is very important and is one of the baby travel essentials. You might not know when you will need it. Kids live without any worries; hence, getting their clothes dirty multiple times daily has never been a problem. However, as a parent, you can be extra prepared by bringing extra pairs of garments to change them whenever needed.

Favourite Toys and Comfort items

Long travels are difficult, but long flights with small kids are on another difficulty level. Bring their favourite toys and items like blankets and pillows to comfort them during those times. Their favourite toys and comfort items will keep them busy in aeroplanes, even during turbulence. 

Baby Care items

Baby care items like bibs, diapers, rash creams, and medicines are necessary when boarding a flight with your child. You can easily find a variety of baby care items on Ubuy. Various baby care items are available online, from carry-on strollers to kid-friendly car seats. 

Some Must-Follow Travel Tips:

  • Bring only what you need and wear versatile clothes while travelling. Stuffing extra clothes, shoes, and footwear will ultimately become a problem. 
  • Stay hydrated as much as possible, especially while flying. Bring your refillable bottle to maintain hydration.
  • Keep important documents like passports and IDs safe and handy. Basic IDs are a must when travelling to a new country. You should also keep a photocopy of documents like your Passport and Local ID.
  • Stay in touch with your loved ones. New destinations can come with problems like theft and fights, so keep someone looking out for you. 
  • Follow local traditions and customs and don’t question local people’s beliefs.
  • Do not litter, be a better traveller and carry reusable water bottles and snack boxes.
  • Budget the trip and spend responsibly. Travelling is expensive, so you must not spend unnecessary money.
  • Try to have as much fun as possible; these years of your life will never return.

Frequently Asked Questions:

What should I pack for international travel?

When travelling internationally, you must pack these essentials, regardless of what else you pack:

1. Passport
2. Phone charger / portable phone charger
3. Local currency
4. Adapter plugs
5. Re-usable water bottle
6. Sun cream
7. Medicines and painkillers
8. Paperwork and important documents
9. List of important phone numbers

Should I bring a portable charger for my electronic devices?

You never know when your mobile phone might die, so bring a portable charger for your electronic devices. It also depends on the airline and your destination. Some airlines and destinations do not allow battery-operated items in luggage; however, you can keep them in your handbag or check-in bag.

Are there any specific travel essentials for long-haul flights?

Yes, there are many best travel essentials you must carry. They include your passport, visa documents, local ID, mobile phone, list of your loved ones with their phone numbers and the local currency of your destination.


To wrap it up, having the right travel essentials can elevate your international adventures. Preparing adds so much to your journey, whether practical gear like adapters and chargers or cosy comforts like neck pillows and eye masks. Remember those safety and health must-haves: first aid kits, travel insurance, and personal items like passport holders and luggage locks. Here’s to safe and happy travels!