New Fashion Brands You Should Try in 2020

The fashion world keeps changing and updating from time to time. Everyone wants to look cool and fashionable these days. Some new fashion brands have launched cool stuff that not only looks great but also provides quality and comfort. Some innovative companies like LIGE have launched the latest branded watches for men online.

They offer high quality products at reasonable rates. You can consider this brand when you buy branded watches online. Shopping for the latest fashion brands is always an exciting process as we try to explore the stuff that suits our style and also provides good long term value.

Sometimes it may be branded shoes online shopping or just fashion accessories online shopping. In most cases we have the advantage to choose the best available product considering several factors like design, price, special offers, style, suitability or favourite brand.

You can always check out Ubuy when you search for top online fashion stores. They offer a huge variety of multi branded global products. They also have a wonderful collection of imported perfumes for ladies incase you want to buy.

1. SOJOS Brand Designer Sunglasses Fashion

SOJOS Vision is a company that loves the bright sunshine, natural beauty and beautiful eyes. They design each of their glasses to provide comfort, fit and affordability to match your lifestyle.

The name was inspired by the secret in your eyes, coming from the Spanish ‘ojos’ which means eyes. There is truly a story behind everyone’s eyes, and they take pride in creating beautiful eyewear that not only protects, but showcases the mystery the eyes.

SOJOS Brand Designer Sunglasses Fashion

For the past 10 years, they have been working in collaboration with top designers from the US, Italy, Spain and more to craft high-quality sunglasses with cutting-edge styles.

They believe that different eyewear should bring you different emotions, and that the best doesn’t always mean the most expensive since everyone has their own preference! Some of their best selling products are Moment, Journey, Hero, Ashley, She young, Motivation, etc.

2. Made By Johnny (MBJ)

Johnny Made launched “Made by Johnny” in the US. They create some beautifully classy designs that are unique and special. Their online clothing shop features cool but classic silhouettes in an array of colors, choice of cozy knits mix with the latest fashion for both women and men.

All their signature knitwear designs are all made in California. Some of their top products are MBJ womens long sleeve handkerchief hem tunic, MBJ womens basic versatile stretchy flared skater skirt, etc.

Made By Johnny (MBJ)


BMJL is an international online fashion and beauty retailer, they always strive hard to provide ladies with clothes that are stylish and yet charming. Their products are featured with bikinis, one piece swimsuit, dresses, tops, and so on. They are popular for their leopard print clothes.

Some of the products they manufacture are athletic tops and bottoms for yoga; Clothing for babies, toddlers and children that are treated with fire and heat retardant materials. They also manufacture pajamas, jackets, shirts, pants, jumpers; Coats; Combinations; Down jackets; Dresses; Girdles; Gloves; Headwear for babies, adults, children, women, men.

The Jackets and Knitwear include shirts, dresses, sweaters, trousers; Outer jackets; Pullovers; Scarfs; Scarves; Shirts; Short-sleeve shirts; Skirts; Socks; Sports jerseys; Sports singlets; Stockings; Tee-shirts; Tights; Trousers.

Some of the Women’s clothing they produce are womens shirts, dresses, skirts, blouses; Yoga pants; Yoga shirts, etc. To find the best mens branded shirts, online shopping is a good option to find your best choice!


4. Crocs

Crocs was founded by Lyndon “Duke” Hanson, and George Boedecker, Jr. to produce and distribute a foam clog design that they had acquired from a company called Foam Creations. The shoe was originally developed as a boating shoe.

In June 2004, Crocs purchased Foam Creations and their manufacturing operations to secure exclusive rights to the proprietary foam resin called Croslite. Croslite is a closed-cell resin, described by third parties as an injection-moulded EVA foam.

The foam forms itself to a wearer’s feet and offers purported medical benefits, according to a number of podiatrists. These shoes are produced in an array of stunning colors, depending on the model. The Classic styles are available in more than 20 colors; most other styles are produced in a palette of four to six colors or two-color combinations.

There are different styles of Crocs that are made so they can be worn in any season. They are very easy to maintain and lasts long. They can even be used in water or rainy season. Crocs also sells other fashion accessories.

Jibbitz are decorations that can be clipped to the ventilation holes in the shoes. These include designs, mainly aimed at children, which feature cute Disney characters. Some of their popular products are the classic clog, coast clog, offroad sport clog, womens kadee flat, etc.


5. Tocode Fashion

The creators passion for backpacks and luggage started in Shenzhen Bay, where the dream for a practical and stylish backpack and luggage started between their commutes with Hong Kong and their international travel. Be your own label, is a core expression of their purpose and their core philosophy.

Their goal and foundations are to build a new standard of craftsmanship. Their minimalist values are reflected in their relentless attention to detail in order to achieve one purpose: to create a new dimension of personal freedom through their products. Their backpacks are very practical and offer loads of space for all your stuff.

Tocode Fashion


MSMAX is a well established fashion brand which manufactures stylish and affordable shoes, apparel and accessories. Their designs are very fashionable and their shoes are incredibly light. They are popular for their MSMAX Canvas Ballet Shoes which are Split Sole Dance Slipper Flat for Toddlers/Little Kids/Girls/Boys/Women.

It features a Canvas Shoes Upper: Featuring soft and smooth vamp. It is easy to clean and that keeps the shape breathable, absorbent and comfortable. The upper portion comes with adjustable drawstrings and cross cord that offers good elasticity and makes sure of your safety.

Padded with anti-slip suede sole, it adds more secure traction that prevents slips and falls. These Multi-function Shoes can be used for various activities like Indoor Dance Class, Yoga, Ballroom dance and home use.



LIGE was officially established in 2012 and it means Legend, Immortality, Gorgeous, Extraordinary and it aims to become the legend of trade e-commerce in the watch industry. The phrase of “for dream” is engraved on the back of each LIGE Watch.

It symbolizes the original intention to build this brand is “for the dream”. It is this dream to lead every LIGE man to make exquisite work for every watch, it also brings the best products with the same dream for you!


The soul of LIGE watch is set to be FASHION and DURABILITY at the beginning when this brand was founded. The specialized appearance, the high quality of durability, each piece of LIGE watch sticks to this core element from its design to its production.

In the designing phase, they ensure that every watch is the latest, while in the production stage, they have implemented the highest standard of alloy watches in this industry from the selection of material till the shipment. This Classic quartz watch comes with a scratch-resistant crystal lens and stainless steel case. Its Sleek, mature, valued, exquisite and sporty watch for men.

It has Chronograph function, water resistant to 30 meters, Stainless steel with buckle closure, date calendar with the quick date function, you can set the date on the watch without turning the crown for every 24-hour period. It uses less battery power than most other watch illumination systems, enabling your watch battery to last longer.

8. Balenciaga

Balenciaga S.A. is a luxury fashion house founded in Spain by Cristóbal Balenciaga, a designer born in the Basque Country, Spain. The brand is now owned by the French multinational company Kering. Balenciaga had a reputation as a couturier of uncompromising standards and was referred to as “the master of us all” by Christian Dior.

His bubble skirts and odd, feminine, yet “modernistic silhouettes” became the trademarks of the house. In the 1960s, Balenciaga was an innovator in his use of fabrics: he tended to use heavy fabrics, intricate embroidery, and bold materials.

His trademarks included “collars that stood away from the collarbone to give a swanlike appearance” and shortened “bracelet” sleeves. His often spare, sculptural creations, including funnel-shape gowns of stiff duchess satin worn to acclaim by many of its popular clients. But today this company is an elite manufacturer of perfumes, shoes, sunglasses, caps, etc.


9. Lucky Brand

The Lucky brand knows that jeans are much more than just denim and grommets; they’re a true blue American icon. Staying true to the rich heritage and authentic, all-American spirit of denim, Lucky Brand began crafting great-fitting, vintage-inspired jeans in Los Angeles in 1990.

They gave them their distinctively Lucky look by literally putting them through the wringer ripping, fraying, sanding, patching and washing by hand to give them true character and soul. Then, they added authentic hardware, personalized touches and playful details, and an American legend was born.

Lucky Brand

Their jeans are made for the free-thinker, the artist, the dreamer; they’re made to dance, work, run, jump, play and rock ‘n’ roll. Their inspiration doesn’t just come from the rugged workwear of denim pioneers, but from the free spirit and laid-back lifestyle of Southern California roots.

They find inspiration everywhere, from the secluded outlooks of Big Sur, to the old-school tattoo parlors of Venice and the beautiful beaches of Malibu. They use various references like music, art and photography, old and new to create truly unique pieces that you’ll wear over and over again. It is indeed a unique brand that manufactures some extraordinary jeans.

10. Adidas Yeezy

Adidas Yeezy is a collaboration between German sportswear brand Adidas and the famous American rapper Kanye West. The Adidas Yeezy 750 Boost “Grey” was the first sneaker to release from this collaboration on February 23, 2015.

The second shoe to release was the Adidas Yeezy Boost 350 “Turtle Dove”. This is where they come from, everything they do is rooted in sport and sport plays an increasingly important role in more and more people’s lives, on and off the field of play. Sport is central to every culture and society and is core to an individual’s health and happiness.

Therefore, they believe that, through sport, they have the power to change lives. This core belief guides the way they run their company and how they work with their partners. Some of their products include Adidas yeezy boost 350 V2, Yeezy boost 350 V2 Mens, Yeezy boost 700 Mens.

Adidas Yeezy

In the world of multiple men’s and women’s new fashion brands, it is always wise to select products that make you feel happy, safe and comfortable. When you put some effort to do some research before shopping you can always get the right product that would meet all your expectations and keep you blissful.

You can always buy stunning watches or matching jewellery to suit your outfits and look gorgeous. When you buy jewellery online and choose the right accessories, it will always help you to highlight your fashion sense and make you look sophisticated and elegant.