7 Gadgets to Help You Stick to Your New Year Resolution

The New year signifies a new beginning for many people and therefore there is a huge trend of New Year Resolutions made by people who want to adopt some new activities in their life such as fitness, joy, entertainment, technology, etc. Where there is a huge trend of people taking new year’s resolutions, there has also been a huge trend of people discontinuing the resolution within the first week. So if you don’t want to be one of them, have a look at our list of top new year’s resolution gadgets that will help you stick to your resolutions with determination. Achieve the goals you set for yourself with these products and make this your best year yet.

You might be planning to gift your loved ones something this year, but it is even more important to gift yourself. There is no better feeling than achieving a goal you set for yourself and the feeling is even more amazing when the goal is your New Year’s Resolution. The following gadgets will help you be more focused on your resolution by helping you in your activities such as workout, styling, healthy eating, meditation, etc. You can get any of the following products as per your resolution and begin a new journey as the new year arrives.

Stay Hydrated with HidrateSpark PRO Smart Water Bottle

Dehydration has always been a big health issue and yet people ignore it from time to time. Hence, with this new year, if you are trying to stay hydrated and drink at least 2 liters of water every day, then then this smart water bottle is the best choice. With fantastic features such as BPA- Free shatter, and odor proof container, this bottle is a perfect choice if your resolution is to drink as much water as possible. It also has an LED sensor that glows to remind you that it’s time to drink some water. The bottle also connects to your phone and tracks your water intake of the day so that you can analyze whether you are well hydrated or not.

High Quality PRO Smart Water Bottle

Explore The Wild with Feeke Solar Charger Power Bank

Are you the kind of person who loves to travel in remote areas and forests? Then these power banks would be a perfect choice for you. With a capacity of 36800mAh, this power bank is made up of environmental silicone and high-density lithium polymer cells. Apart from getting charged with a simple USB, these power banks can also be charged with the in-built solar panel with sunlight, according to its intensity. The solar charger is only for emergency purposes in case you get stuck somewhere and cannot find a  power socket for your phone. The power bank also consists of other additional features such as a compass and flashlight.

Best Solar Charger Power Bank

Keep Track of Your Health and Workout with Smartwatch

Know about your daily activities in detail with this multifunction smartwatch that includes functions such as a fitness tracker, heart rate monitor, and sleep monitor. Oxygen monitor, etc. This smartwatch with a 1.60 ft full touch screen, can also control your camera and music in the phone connected to it via Bluetooth. There are 25 sports mode of this watch that includes Running, walking, jogging, rugby, yoga, etc. that provides information accordingly. This waterproof smartwatch is compatible with android 4.0 or above as well as iOS 9.0 or above. The thirty days standby time and 7 days of normal use make this watch reliable for small trips and amazing New Year Resolution Gadgets. The body of the watch is waterproof, so even if you are a rain runner, there is nothing that can stop you from tracking your fitness.

Multifunction Smartwatch

Leave Food Addiction Behind with The Kitchen Safe

If you are someone who wants to stop their temptation to eat very frequently, you must look to get a kitchen safe for this new year. Make a new year resolution to follow healthy eating habits and let this time locking container do the rest. This is also a perfect gadget if you have decided to decrease your screen time. Put your phone in the safe for a particular time period and discover your productive self. Battle addiction with this amazing new year resolution gadget and make a better form of yourself.

Time Locking Container with Access Port for Cell Phones

Keep Your House Clean with a New Robot Vacuum Cleaner

If you are someone who has decided to take a step further towards the hygiene of your house and hence keep it clean, a robot vacuum clear is the perfect gadget for you. With 1300Pa strong suction, this self-charging gadget will surely be a good addition to your lifestyle. You can use it to clear hard floors as well as medium pile carpets because of the smart BoostIQ technology that allows it to increase the suction power when needed. With a lightweight and height of just 2.85’’, this cleaner is easy to carry and store. The top cover of the vacuum cleaner is covered with anti-scratch tempered glass and the infrared sensor helps it evade obstacles.

Robot Vacuum Cleaner for Home

Make Your Garden Even More Beautiful with a Smart Sprinkler

A smart sprinkler is the best gadget you can get for yourself if your new year resolution is to start gardening or enhance the current condition of your garden. This 8-zone sprinkler can be connected to Alexa and work as per the requirement of your lawn. It also takes care of the weather so that you don’t have to worry about access or insufficient water supply. You can control the sprinkler from your phone as well which makes it easy to use and access. Easy installation of the sprinkler makes it an even better choice for lawn management. Keep your plants clean and green with this sprinkler having exclusive weather technology.

smart sprinkler for garden

Early to Bed, Early to Rise with Carpet Alarm Clock

This alarm clock is the perfect gift for you if your new year resolution is to wake up on time and never be late for work. The intelligent design of this gadget contains a pressure sensor that activates and deactivates the alarm with a simple touch. The alarm can only stop if you stand on it for 30 seconds which will force you to wake up and not go back to sleep.

Carpet Alarm Clock

These are some of the best New year’s Resolution Gadgets that will help you stick to your resolution this year and help you become a better version of yourself. Choose any of these products and get them with the lighting fast international shipping from Ubuy.