Perfect Wedding Gift for a Bride in India

Weddings are a very special occasion in people’s lives. It is mostly a once in a lifetime event that comes with a mix of many emotions both happy and sad. Happy because it’s a new life with  the spouse and sad because the couple stays away from their family.

Wedding gifts play a vital role which is a necessary part, tradition and custom for any society across the world. A gathering of family and friends makes it extra special, memorable and an unforgettable event in life. But sometimes selecting a gift for the newly wedded groom or the bride in India is a challenging task to do.

The selection of the gift mainly depends on from which side you belong to or associated with. The side determines what type of gift you should get to the wedding. But it is important to keep in mind how the gift items for the bride will be useful and memorable.

Let’s see you are invited by the bride’s side of the wedding and you are confused about what type of gifts to select? And want to give the best wedding gift for bride. Then go through our article to get some cool gifting ideas for weddings.

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But you need to book the gifts, well in advance, so that it reaches you at the right time. The following article will help you to find a unique gift you can select for the special bride this wedding season.

1. Gift Vouchers                    

The gift vouchers are one of the most popular marriage gifts that are used nowadays. It is convenient, efficient, practical and a sensible option whenever you are confused about what gift to buy. By giving gift vouchers to the bride you give her the freedom to choose whatever she needs to buy at the price range that is specified on the voucher.

Gift Vouchers

This will help her to purchase any item and get something she really desires or was planning to buy for a long time. The Gift vouchers come in different price ranges based on affordability, product range, particular store, etc.

2. Home Furniture

There are lots of bride and groom gifts that one can give at the wedding, but the furniture is a far better and useful gift. It is a dream of every newly wedded bride to make her home heaven, so help her out to make one by gifting her the right furniture that she needs.

Furnitures last for a very long time and will always remain with the couple. It will also have sentimental value. So you can give your best wishes through that furniture to make their life beautiful for a happy future.

Home Furniture

3. Home Appliances

Let’s say that your friend or relative is going to be married in less than a month and still you don’t know what to gift her. But you have found out that she likes to cook. So you could gift her some useful cooking appliances. So whenever she uses it she will definitely remember you. This is also a useful gift item which will last quite long and provide value to the whole family.

Home Appliances

4. Decorative Items

If you have known the bride before her marriage you can gift her some decorative photo frames. She would definitely use it to put some of her favourite pictures. You will always be remembered as the closest friend who has known her better than anyone else.

Decorative Items

5. Jewelry Sets

Gifting jewelry to the newly wedded bride is like a tradition, so be a part of her wedding by gifting her jewelry and make her day full of joy and happiness and she will always remember you in the future for gifting her that beautiful piece of jewelry, whenever she wears it. Jewelry is close to a woman’s heart and they would love to have it as a gift which makes it more special and sentimental.

Jewelry Sets

6. Honeymoon Trip

Gift them a beautiful trip to romantic places like Goa, Kashmir, Paris, Switzerland, Thailand and so many other places with all expenses paid. Make that trip an unforgettable one for them.

So the idea of providing trips to the bride is an awesome gift that you can give to them, which makes it an unforgettable experience and help you to get even closer to them. This is a very thoughtful and emotional wedding gift for couples which can be personalised as per their requirement.

Honeymoon Trip

7. Watches and Clocks

The watches are a good gift to wish a great time for your friend. So gift her a beautiful ladies’ watch that helps her to take care of all the trouble times and make her life a beautiful one. And be remembered for starting at her good time. Each time she looks at her watch or clock she will remember you. It can also be a smartwatch that will help her do multiple tasks and also take care of her health.

Watches and Clocks

8. Books

Nowadays it is a special fashion to gift books. First of all, before gifting a book you should know whether she likes to read. If she likes to read, then find out what types of books she likes to read mostly.

So you can gift her a beautiful one which she would always want to read, you can gift it at her happiest day to make her even more, happy and joyful. Books are a good friend to people and provide solace even during low times. A good book can inspire people to do great things.


9. Makeup and Accessories

If you know the bride and if she is a fashion-centric person and she always wants to look fashionable but having difficulties to purchase particular makeup set for a long time. So this is the time to gift her that particular makeup set and accessories by which you can make her feel special and give her a special feeling that you understand her needs. This is a very thoughtful gift which she is going to love.

Makeup and Accessories

10. Aromatherapy Basket

If you are working with your friend and know that she will always be little tensed out after coming home from work. And her wedding is going to take place soon but you are getting confused about what to gift her.

Don’t need to be worried you can gift her a basket of aromatherapy in which there are scented candles, essential herbal oils, bath salts and many other things which she can use to relax herself during the stressful office days and refresh her mood. This would definitely help her calm down and stay cool. This is truly a unique wedding gift in India and will be appreciated by many.

Aromatherapy Basket

11. Basket of chocolates

Which girl doesn’t like a big basket of chocolates? So gift her a big basket of chocolates that she likes to enjoy after the wedding. And be that person who made her wedding full of sweetness. So go ahead and purchase a basket of chocolates for your loved one and make her happy since chocolates can make everyone happy!

Basket of chocolates

12. Perfumes

Perfumes are a perfect choice to make whenever you are confused about the choice of gift. Your friend is making the biggest step in her life and getting married soon, want to make your gift special? Gift her a perfume that she likes and the fragrance of the perfume will make her feel comfortable and happy.


13. Artworks

Every bride in the world wants to decorate her home with new artworks to make her home beautiful and comfortable. So help her out to make a beautiful palace of her own by gifting her attractive artworks. The artworks will add a different dimension to the room and make it more interesting and welcoming.


14. Shoes

Your friend is going to be married soon and you are confused about what to gift her at the wedding. But you have found out that, she likes to have different varieties of shoes and enjoys purchasing shoes for her collection. And now since you got an idea, try to gift her a shoe that she always wanted to purchase. This will make her wedding gift an awesome one to remember and cherish for a long time.


15. Money/Cash

Want to give a traditional Indian wedding gift? then this is the best option for you since this is a very old tradition of our society to give money as a gift at any special ceremony.

But we can say that the time is changing and giving money as a gift seems very transactional, so you can give some useful products to the newly wedded couples as a gift, so that they can use it in the future and remember you. When you lack the time to get some nice gift, then gifting money is a good idea.


Now we hope our article can help you with this comprehensive list of 15 wonderful gift items to gift to a bride in India. You can choose any of these items to surprise your friend or relative with a loving and thoughtful gift this wedding time.

So just go ahead and select the perfect gift to be happy and make your dear ones happy, confident and prepared for the long and interesting journey called married life! Make it a memorable event full of fun, love and everlasting sweet memories.