Did You Say Quality Wardrobe on a Budget? We Say, Done!

There comes a time in our lives when we realize that our wardrobe needs a complete overhaul. Those outfits from your college days are now completely out of place in your work setting or you have been using the same clothes for so long, that the threads are coming off, the color has faded, the whites have become yellow, and so on. You can’t go to your dream job interview in your ripped jeans and sneakers or keep using clothes that are quite literally hanging on with a thread. You need something that tells the interviewer that you are mature and responsible and take professional commitments seriously. And when you are working in a professional setting, you need to look tidy and dress appropriately. The old clothes hardly create a good impression, if any.

You don’t have to worry now; we know your plight and are here to help you. We will help you build a new quality wardrobe without having to risk financial stability. Now, the key to building a quality wardrobe on a budget is to develop a strategy and have a clear vision of the wardrobe you are going to build. You can easily build a classic wardrobe without splurging on high-fashion pieces.

How to Build a Quality Wardrobe?

Here are some tips to help you build a wardrobe that is quality and does not burn a hole in your pocket:

1. Create a Strategy

The most important thing you need to build a quality wardrobe is not money, but a strategy for the kinds of outfits you want. From your everyday office needs to your weekend outings, make a list of items you absolutely need. Then create a budget for your monthly wardrobe expenses. It should depend on whether it’s going to be a dynamic project with a change of style based on the time of the year or if you feel you will need that much time to get everything you need in place.

But what if you already have saved up a hefty sum or are going to overhaul your wardrobe in one go? You will still need to get the most basic pieces in place which will be the foundation for all your outfits, after that you can work towards buying budget statement pieces or outfits for special occasions, which we will deal with later in the article.

2. Start from Basics

The reason the “basic” category of clothing exists, is that these pieces are just that, basic. A basic top, skirt, shirt, pants, and jacket will go with almost anything and give you the freedom to experiment with your style. These basic pieces become what you use every day to mix and match with your statement pieces or some trendy clothes to create something that is completely you.

The list of basic pieces you are going to buy will be based on your day-to-day needs. Basic t-shirts, tops, pants, shoes, everything will be dictated by what you want to use them for. These basic pieces are capable of doing heavy lifting and at the same time are super affordable.

3. Boycott Fast Fashion

The issue with fast fashion lies in the name itself. The clothes are not made to last long and will end up in tatters soon. While you can get trendy clothes at good rates, the words reliability and long-term usage are not words you associate with fast fashion brands. What you need to buy are clothes that are classy and will not go “out of fashion”. When you buy clothes you don’t have to toss out in a few weeks, you start saving a lot more money and do better financial planning.

You can save a lot of money by not splurging on pieces you will only wear 2-3 times before never bothering with it again. And with this money, you can buy statement and fashion pieces that can be paired with your basic pieces.

4. Sales are Your Friend

The best time to buy is a Sale. You might take a fancy to those trendy and cute outfits that come in every season, but your focus should be on the pieces on sale as you will find some great options that can be used for creating the outfits you want. The best clothes you can buy are the ones that are on sale and have heavy discounts. This way you will not endanger your budget and will be able to buy more clothes in the same budget you have. You will have to be patient for those end-of-season sales and clearance sales as you will be able to truly get the best bargain prices.

5. Audit Your Wardrobe

Now hear me out. I know the whole reason you want to overhaul your wardrobe is that you don’t have anything to wear, but you need to and I mean really need to take a good look at the clothes you own to understand exactly what is it that you NEED and what is it that can add value to your wardrobe. Even after you clean out your closet, there will be pieces that can be used in conjunction with other pieces or used as a foundation for an outfit. When you are getting rid of old pieces, you might find pieces that are worth keeping and can be reused or paired with other pieces to create something new.

quality wardrobe

6. Carefully Choose Investment Pieces

Now we can’t build a quality wardrobe with just basic pieces, you need to have statement pieces, and pieces that are long-term investments. These pieces will cost a lot but if you are careful about what you are buying, your investment will stick with you for a long time and continue to add value to your look. If you are looking to buy an expensive dress for a date, just make sure you buy a dress that can be used later sometime even when paired with some other pieces.


A good wardrobe has all the elements you need to create a good outfit for the day. You don’t need to wear a new dress or a new suit every day. All you need is a good foundation and a few good statement pieces which can be mixed and matched to create some great outfits. Following these steps will help you in creating a quality wardrobe on a budget.