Quirky Ideas to Celebrate Halloween This Year

Halloween is an ancient Celtic holiday that is celebrated on the 31st Oct. In this feast, the people celebrate it by wearing different scary outfits and light candles at their homes and have bonfires on their yard to create a thrilling and spooky environment. The main purpose of this day is to remember the dead.

On this day you can scare others by wearing scary dresses and make Halloween candies for children who come to ask for a trick or treat at your door. It is a day that signals the end of summer and signifies the time to harvest and prepare for the coming cold winters. It is believed on this day that all the boundaries between the living and dead are shortened and the dead comes to meet the living on that day.

There are so many false beliefs on this day like to sacrifice animals and creating a scared bonfire and sacrifice all the animals in that fire to get all that you want and get the power of telling the fortune of others. In this article, we will discuss some new ideas to celebrate Halloween in a fun and thrilling way.

  • Throw a Halloween Party

Halloween Party

You can throw a scary and spooky Halloween party for your friends and family members on Halloween. Just tell your friends to come in a spooky ghost Halloween costume with some matching Halloween makeup to make the party more scary and thrilling on that day. You can prepare Halloween themed dishes at the party. You can play spooky songs for the party and make the Halloween party scarier. Plan some interesting scary games to match the theme of the party.

  • Spooky Halloween Decoration for Home

Halloween Decoration for Home

This Halloween, you can try a few new things, you can decorate your home with Halloween decor in a scary and spooky way by which you can shock others. You can carve a pumpkin to make it look like a scary ghost and arrange that pumpkin around your house. You can also use a fake spider web to make look your house look like a spooky mansion and get a feeling of horror. So get ready to be terrified by the ghosts of Halloween visiting your house soon.

Just try to decorate your house to suit the scary theme and also hang masks around to get the real scary feeling. Using red lights and other such stuff inside the carved pumpkin and other places can make it a more thrilling and fun experience.

  • Prepare Halloween Treats

Halloween Treats

You can make different Halloween themed treats like candies and pies for this Halloween. You could have a weird craving for food after seeing them on your dining table with strange garnishings. You can prepare all types of Halloween treats for children so that they can enjoy it while playing with their friends or use it to scare their friends.

  • Select Scary Horror Movies and Tell Spooky Stories

Scary Horror Movies and Tell Spooky Stories

Make this Halloween scarier by selecting horror-themed movies and watching them with your friends at night when the ghosts roam around seeking their prey. So sit tight with your friends while watching scary movies no one can say what will happen to you at night if you are alone.

This night is not going to end my friend so get yourself prepared for a number of scary turns of events this Halloween. After watching scary movies you can go for storytelling. You can tell scary Halloween stories in which there are lots of ghosts and lots of magic which are in the tales of Halloween at midnight. For ex: like the dead comes back to life to seek revenge on those who have done something wrong to them.

This year try to celebrate Halloween in a different and special way to have a wonderful and memorable time with your family and friends. As we get older such everlasting memories bring a smile on our face and also helps us to build meaningful relationships with our dear ones. So take care and enjoy responsibly without hurting others to create some magical moments to cherish for a lifetime. Life is short so make it interesting and worthwhile!