Raksha Bandhan: Its History, Significance, Celebration & Gift Ideas for Brothers & Sisters

Even the thought of approaching Rakhi brings a sweet smile and gleam to the eyes of every brother and sister, especially those who reside in India. Rakhi, also known as Raksha Bandhan, is a popular Hindu festival that is celebrated with great fervour by millions across the globe.

The term Raksha Bandhan is derived from the Sanskrit language in which the word Raksha stands for “protection” and Bandhan means “tie or knot”. “A bond of protection” is what Rakhi symbolises. This festival immortalises the bond a brother and sister share, giving them a chance to express their fondness for each other.

The festival of Rakhi is celebrated on the full moon day (Purnima) in the holy Hindu month of Shravana. This is the month of August in the Gregorian calendar. The auspicious time to tie Rakhi gets announced every year beforehand by Panditji. The thread of Rakhi depicts an unsaid promise made by the duo to stand beside each other in joy as well as sorrow. Blessed are those who have brothers or sisters in their lives.

Raksha Bandhan cannot be complete without fun, sweets, surprises and exotic gifts for your beloved kins.

A “bond of obligation” and one of India’s most popular festivals that honour the everlasting bond of love between brothers & sisters.

Raksha Bandhan Festival 2022 Infographic

How Did People Start Celebrating Rakhi?

There are many different interpretations of the origins of the Raksha Bandhan festival among people with diverse beliefs and knowledge. Popular stories that explain what led to the creation of this festival include:

? Santoshi Maa

The story starts when Lord Ganesh’s sons Subh and Labh become very sad, as they don’t have any sisters to celebrate the festival of Rakhi. Both of them asked their father to give them a sister, finally convinced, Ganesha assents and from Riddhi and Siddhi emerges a flame that engenders Santoshi Maa. Since then she used to tie rakhi to them on Raksha Bandhan happily ever after.

? Draupadi & Krishna

As per the Holy Book of Bhagavad Gita, While killing Shisupala, Lord Krishna’s hand gets injured by the lightning-fast Sudarshana. Lord Krishna started bleeding and his ardent devotee Draupadi couldn’t bear seeing him bleed, so she tore a small piece of her sari and tied it to the Lord’s hand. Her selfless action has touched him and he pledged to rush to Draupadi’s protection whenever needed.

? Nobel Laureate Rabindranath Tagore

Another popularly known story of this festive time started during the partition of Bengal (1905). During that time of separation Rabindranath Tagore; a world popular poet, writer, philosopher and painter encouraged Hindu and Muslim women to tie a rakhi on men from the other community and make them their brothers.

? Yamuna and Yam

Another one of the old stories behind the inception of Rakhi. It is the story of Yamuna and Yama. As legend speaks of the God of Death, Yama has not visited her sister Yamuna the river Goddess for 12 years. It has made her very unhappy, she sought the help of Ganga, another river Goddess to tell Yama to visit her. The Goddess Yamuna has prepared an elaborate feast in the anticipation of his arrival. After meeting him she was overjoyed with happiness and Lord Yama granted her a gift of her choice. Her wish was that he would visit her often. After hearing her wish Yama was touched and granted her immortality, so he can visit her many times as she wished.

How is Raksha Bandhan Celebrated in India?

The Rakhi celebration is always considered a sacred occasion, as you can get ideas from the above-mentioned stories. The thread Rakhi has a great significance with an unheard prayer of wellbeing.

One of the most special festivals for siblings to showcase their love for each other. The preparation for the Raksha Bandhan celebrations starts in advance. Nowadays both Rakhi online & offline shopping is in full craze. If you are away from your beloved brother you can send him designer rakhi online to make him feel that he is not alone.

Rakhi Celebration Gifts Ideas

In India, this festival has been popular and marks the strengthening of the holistic relationship of siblinghood between brothers & sisters. There is no requirement for any special rakhi for this occasion, just a basic rakhi with a simple design would just do fine to complete the ritual. After rakhi is tied, the brothers pledge to protect their sisters, give them gifts and take care of them.

Why is a Brother-Sister Relationship So Special?

There is always a never-ending quarrel of love between brother and sister which makes their relationship one of the most adorable bonds of love. A bond that strengthens itself with time & distance. This unconditional and sacred love that brothers and sisters share is something beyond measure. Brothers & sisters are not two people, they are one that laughs together, fights together, cries together and stands together.

When will Raksha Bandhan 2022 Be Celebrated?

The festival of Rakhi is also known by the names Saluno, Silono, and Rakri. This year it is going to be celebrated on 11th August at Murahat (Time) from 10:38 AM to 12th August Morning 7:05 AM.

The Significance of Raksha Bandhan in the Modern World

As per today’s perspective, the importance of Raksha Bandhan is very much. It’s more than giving unique rakhi gifts to sisters. But the person who gets the rakhi tied on the wrist needs to accept the responsibilities and should try to maintain them with full dedication. Today this occasion includes a pledge of lifetime practice of moral, spiritual and cultural values. The sentiments associated with this festival are worth teaching to the whole human race. As per Hindu scriptures, this festival is considered to provide all forms of protection, righteousness, friendship and destroy all sins.

Gifts for Raksha Bandhan to Remember this Special Bond of Love

At last, the time to celebrate the wonderful relationship between brother and sister is here. They are each other’s best frenemy who love, fight and share secrets. The role of brother and sister is what makes their relationship beautiful and pious. This Indian festival helps in honouring the unbroken relationship shared by brothers and sisters. This occasion of merriment, family bonding and love is unmatched and is celebrated across India. But it is incomplete without the exchange of gifts, that’s why we have brought you some of the most interesting Rakhi gift ideas. Get started on your Rakhi online shopping to make this festival the best one to remember.

Unique Rakhi Gifts For Sister ?

With the onset of Raksha Bandhan, sisters started looking forward to brothers for their perfect rakhi gifts. These are some of the most popular gift choices mentioned below  for your sister to showcase your love:

Female Security Gadgets

Women’s safety is a big concern to deal with Nowadays. On this celebration of Raksha Bandhan take your sister’s protection seriously. These gadgets are very efficient in protecting from all risky situations and are easy to carry around in the handbag.

Makeup Kits

Is your sister always brushing her cheeks to be attractive all the time? Then these makeup kits would be an ideal choice to make as one of the best gifts for Raksha Bandhan. There are a medley of interesting makeup kits for you to choose from like Pure Vie All-in-One Holiday Gift Makeup Set, UDUOLER All in One Makeup Kit, SHANY All In One Harmony Makeup Kit and more.

Jewellery Sets

Is your sister into jewellery? Then gift one of her most desired jewellery on this special occasion. Let her show inner happiness with an amazing sparkle of joy on this rakhi 2022.

Cell Phones and Accessories

In today’s time, there is no more ideal gift for a sister than a cell phone & its accessories. Everyone requires advanced technology to make life simpler. Gift your dear sister the technological upgrade that she craves on this special occasion.

Ethnic Dresses for Women

On this festival, we celebrate the unique bond of love between siblings! Many girls worried about what to wear. To be an ideal brother this year you can give her desired ethnic wear to be a gorgeous sister. Traditional dresses fit fine to perform rituals of this special occasion.

Raksha Bandhan Gifts for Brothers ?

It is a blessing to have brothers in our lives who are always there for us during hard times and who lie through their teeth when they have to save us. With each year passes we relish each moment that we spend with our partner in crime. To make him feel special this Rakhi we have come up with some interesting gift ideas for you:

Men’s Grooming Kits

Being well dressed and groomed is essential for any brother to be on this special festive time. There is a pretty impressive range of grooming kits present to give your brother an interesting-looking persona.

Premium Smart Watches

Brother’s a tech-savvy person? Nothing would please him better than gifting a premium smartwatch, as smartwatches are in trend now. There is a pretty good collection of smartwatches available to be responsible & enjoy good time management.

Men’s Gym Accessories

Make this Rakhi special and memorable for your dear brother. Get your brother into a healthy lifestyle and give him good gym accessories like dumbbells, barbells, weights and more to take care of his health.

Final Words

The festival of Raksha Bandhan is here, dazzle your loved sibling by giving a heartfelt gift. This day is always about the love-hate bond and never-ending affection that siblings share. With all the affection and concern you have for your beloved sibling, wish him or her a very happy Raksha Bandhan. Don’t be troubled if you can’t find the right gift for your dear sibling. In this article, you will find ideal gift options to make this Rakhi celebration a complete success in the most beautiful way possible.

In the case of single children, Rakhis are often tied to friends and distant relatives. Regardless of how it is carried out, the essence remains the same – the Rakhi connects you with someone who has been caring and nurturing towards you and who always looks out for you. Celebrate this occasion with utmost joy & happiness. To make your festive season’s shopping fun, the Raksha Bandhan sale offers 2022 are here at Ubuy, it doesn’t matter if you are away from your beloved siblings you can shop for interesting gifts along with intriguing deals.

There’s No Other Love Like The Love For a Brother. There’s No Other Love Like the Love From a Brother! – Terri Guillemets

Happy Raksha Bandhan!