19 Ramadan Decoration Ideas For Your Home

The sacred month of Ramadan is around the corner and people have already started home decorations and its preparation. Along with fasting and praying, this holy month is also known for the innovative home decoration ideas people apply to their homes to enjoy this 30-day period. Here are some amazing ideas to decorate your home this Ramadan and invite your family to spend some quality time with them. From hanging star boxes to decorate your walls, to luxurious tableware to give a classy look to your Iftar table, below are 16 Gorgeous home decor ideas for Ramadan in 2023.

Fanoos Lantern Decoration

Lighting candles during Ramadan is an old Islamic tradition in which the candles are placed in a lantern called Fanoos, used for decoration of homes, streets, walls, malls, etc. Fanoos has gained a lot of popularity around the globe to be used in the month of Ramadan as it will make your home much more attractive than it already looks and creates a festive atmosphere as well.

Using small colorful fairy lights with Fanoos is also a good Ramadan Decoration Idea that you can use this year. Use this beautiful lamp for glowing up your house and reflect the festive vibes. At the Ubuy store, you can choose the best choice of Fanoos lanterns like red Moroccan lanterns with light, wooden candle lanterns, Twinkya hanging and many more.

Hallway and Front Door Decoration

Want to create an amazing impression as soon as people walk into your door? Decorate your door and the hallway with amazing Ramadan decor as they come to enjoy an evening with you. Use decorative wreaths, rustic round wood wreaths, and wall hangings for your hallway to welcome your loved ones. Home mason jar wall decor with fairy lights, welcome porch, sign flowers & lights and Ramadan banners are also amazing ideas for decorating your house during this holy month. Ramadan will have a lot of guests coming to your home to spend a happy evening! Entrance is the first thing people see and festival decor at the front door will set the vibe for the evening. Use indoor side floor hallway runner rug, and boho runner rug with tassels for warm greetings.

Decor Your Home With Attractive Lights

Ramadan is the festival of devotion and decorating your home with mini lanterns with LED, decoration lamps, creates a healthy vibe to your house. Hang these adorable lamps on your door and room windows to see the magic of illumination with lovely starlight at night. Decorate your home with Mini Gold Lanterns With LED Star lamps with flowing 3D starlight.

Keep an eye on the Lewondr Decorative Table Lamp to decorate your table space with aesthetic looks. It is a powered desk lamp that creates a Ramadan vibe in your home with its catchy look and glowy shine. This Ramadan home decoration idea can be made even better with luminous and attractive lamps. Pick attractive products for home decor like electrical LED candle lit night lights, curtain string lights, bright home motion sensors, and many more.

Brighten Up Your Home With A Ramadan Decoration Tree

Bring the Ramadan season into your home by decorating with Lighted Ramadan Tree as they give classy looks to indoor and outdoor spaces, Ramadan decoration tree is a fantastic choice for all festivals as it increases the overall aesthetics to your living room.

Gives Festive Beautiful Touch By Wall Hanging

Pick up the beautiful festive wall hanging to decorate your home for friends and family. Wall hanging craft is an affordable decoration idea for decorating your plain house wall. Make your wall more attractive and beautiful wall then pick up the best choice attractive wall hangings such as a macrame unique wall hanging, star & moon Ramadan special wall hanging, artificial hanging plants, wall hangings, cute bunny front door wall hanging, lomohoo macrame, hanging eucalyptus boho wall decor, and photo frame wall hanging. These ideal choice hanging wall gives the home a lovely touch.

Choose this pretty wall hanging to modify your home for Ramadan fest like ornaments, wooden hanging, Rustic Wall Hanging Design, and Moon star pendant wood wall hanging. This is the classy choice of Ramadan festival for Muslim culture. If you find the best shop online for the best exclusive, customized handmade products then don’t miss out the gorgeous home decor items collection at Ubuy store.

Make Beautiful Festival Vibes With The Ramadan Kareem Banner

Ramadan Kareen is a way to give greetings to one another during the holy month of Ramadan month. Make your home beautiful with this luxurious vintage banner by Ramadan Home decorations.

You can hang this Ramadan decor across the fireplace for an iftar party. The Ramadan banner is designed in dark blue color with an attractive lamp & moon. It includes vectors, Icons, clipart graphics, and Muslim religious signs.

Beautiful Ramadan Mubarak wall decor banner is an excellent addition to indoor decoration or outdoor Ramadan decoration.

Decorate Your Home With A Dining Decor Set

Decorate your home with a beautiful Ramadan dining table decor set, moon & star serving tray. During this fasting month, serve juices, and soups to your friends & your loved one on drinkware’s amazing multipurpose kitchen glasses and also this is an amazing gift set. The Dining Table is an important part of your family and it needs a makeover. Choose these products vase, placemats, show pieces, etc. to make your table look attractive.

Create A New Festive Touch With Sofa And Chair Set

A family sofa set gives a classic and sophisticated look for any decor theme. Choose the perfect choice of a comfortable armchair with gourd-shaped solid wood legs, and a tufted chair for sitting down with your family and friends on Ramadan. Pick up a case cover for your beautiful living room to make Ramadan fest vibes and give an additional aesthetic touch to your sofa set.

Putting a new look on your guest room with an attractive sofa set also enhances your hosting abilities. Give your guests some extra comfort on the sofa and make them feel home. The sofa can be a perfect addition to your living room for any given occasion.

Choose the best furnished and comfortable sofa set for your living or guest room such as leather, linen, velvet wool, polyester, and stylish materials that give an aggressive look to your sofa. There is a wide range of premium Sofa sets on Ubuy that you won’t find anywhere else.

Decor Your Home Wall With Handcraft Art

Make your wall more attractive with handcrafted art like hanging stars, and flower. 3D handcrafted paper flowers, and tissue paper flowers this Ramadan. Give a classic touch to your hall with a storm metal wall, Allah wall mirror hanging mounted, sculpture wall, or wooden decor wall, etc.

Festive Glitter Balloons

Ramadan Kareem latex balloons for this festive season is another one of the best decoration ideas as it gives a joyful vibe to your home. These beautiful glitter balloons can make any place filled with enjoyment and happiness because of the shine they provide in the room. It’s easy to decorate your wall with these balloons as adding them to it is so easy. These balloons are reusable, so you can also store them carefully for the next festival.

Decor With Beautiful Classic Festive Wall Stickers

Thinking about an affordable and easy way to give your walls a festive look? You must try the wall decors available at Ubuy. Wall decor is one of the best solutions to brightening up your living premises along with products like wall decals, paintings and wall hangings. They are trendy and their authentic look gives the perfect festive aesthetic to your home.
You can choose wall stickers for decoration like mandala walls, HAIEED Ramadan Wall stickers, Ramadan Decorations stickers, 3D acrylic mirror floral wall stickers, etc. The main advantage of using wall stickers is that they are easily removable and do not cause any damage to the wall. Wall hangings are placed on screws, nails, and stuck paper. These wall decors can be used all around the house for places like the living room, bedroom, hallway, etc.

 Use Beautiful Carpets For A Floor

Decorating your floor is always good, especially when it is a special occasion such as Ramadan. Get amazing and ultra-soft fluffy rugs, unique creative carpets, and satin resident washable area rugs from Ubuy to give your floor the beauty it deserves.

These rungs are the best for the hall, bedroom, living area as these would be most busy during guest visits so they must look good. You can also use super-absorbent floor mats for your bathroom area. Give a clean and stylish look to your home with these beautiful carpets and rugs that will also help keep your guests warm and comfortable. Buy luxurious, premium quality carpets & rugs for your plan floor from Ubuy to give your floor the look not available anywhere else.

Decor With Beautiful Ramadan Candles

Burn the candles and remove all negativity and stress with the amazing scent these candles have. Ubuy has a wide range of scents in the scented candles category that you must buy this Ramadan to give a feel good vibes to your home.
This Ramadan you can also buy a candle holder for lighting your house anywhere you want. Classic style Ramadan candles are suitable for multipurpose home decor for any festive season.

Don’t Miss To Decorate Home Stairs

Give your home staircase a whimsical touch with a staring light, handicrafts, stars, and lanterns to make your staircase look more attractive than it already is. Decorate this area with peony garland floral, and string lights and enhance the lumination in our house.

Decorate The Kitchen Counter

You need a kitchen makeover for Ramadan with different decor colors like orange, brown, yellow, and green. Redesign your kitchen with framed art, some homeowners wall hanging, anti-fatigue, boho kitchen rugs, kitchen stickers, and mattitude kitchen mats. Buy smart kitchen appliances like smart ovens, smart blenders, and portable refrigerators, to make quick recipes during the Ramadan.

Prepare Your Prayer Room For Ramadan

During this auspicious month, decorate prayer rooms and create a welcoming and peaceful environment at home using traditional Ramadan decoration items like crescent moons & stars, calligraphy art featuring Islamic phrases, etc.

Choose the best carpet rugs of your choice to offer your prayers. The prayer, or Maghrib, begins at sunset during this auspicious month, before the fast is broken and the area where you pray must give the best vibes to keep your mind calm which can be done with Ramadan Decorations.

To offer your prayers, lay down a carpet that you can buy from Ubuy as we have the best range of prayer carpets. You can also buy prayer rugs, scarves, robes, and a vintage wooden stand in stylish baskets, side tables, to place the holy Quran.

Bring Some Fresh Scents To The Room

Fill your home with some soothing fragrance and enjoy this beautiful time together with your family, friends, and your loved ones. Using attractive peaceful fresh scents such as frankincense, oud, jasmine, rose, citrus, and lavender on your home during Ramadan. These sweet aromas give a warm, relaxing, calming and inviting atmosphere that creates a healthy positive energy which is great to be a part of.

These scents are made with natural ingredients like flower petals, herbs, and citrus fruits to add refreshing aroma and calming breathing particles to your environment. You should explore Essential oils diffusers at Ubuy as they make a beautiful aromatic environment for Ramadan season and make a peaceful, spiritual atmosphere at home.

Decorate Your Home With Ramadan Flags And Posters

Ramadan is a special occasion for all the muslims around the world and you must check out some effective affordable Ramadan flags and posters. They help to create a festive atmosphere and add to the spirit of the occasion to your home.

Ramadan Kareem decoration flags and posters can be placed on the walls, front door, and balcony for creating a beautiful occasion vibe. Ramadan Flag cheers up and brightens your home’s outdoor yard, garden, lawn, and pathway. The Ramadan flag design consists of a beautiful crescent moon and stars made with colorful pieces of fabric. Make your own Ramadan corner by hanging ramadan banners on the wall, and placing some glass jars, dry fruits, and sweets around them.

In This blog, we discuss quick and easy Ramadan decoration ideas for your home. Ramadan is all about devotion and is celebrated with complete joy so on this occasion, decorate your home with exclusive decorating items, iftar table decorations, lights, handcrafted arts, and traditional ideas.

Frequently Asked Questions Related To Ramadan Decoration

How To Decorate Your House In Ramadan?

Decorate your lovely home with home decor items like fanon lanterns & lamps, scented candles, quick decor Ramadan balloons, handcrafted rugs & carpets, fairy lights, and colored ribbons.

Is It OK To Decorate For Ramadan?

Yes, it is totally fine to decorate for Ramadan as decorating your home for Ramadan adds beautiful vibes to your space. It also gives a heartwarming greeting to your relatives and loved ones.

How Can I Decorate My Room For Eid?

You create a festive vibe with beautiful carpets, fiery lights, wall hangings, gorgeous cushion covers, and Ramadan wallpapers.
Some Important Tips to keep in mind while doing the decorations are:

  • Decorate your front door to spread the festive vibe from the entrance itself.
  • Decorate the praying place with soothing colors to get calmness while you are praying.

What Gift Do You Give For Ramadan?

Give your friends and loved ones a Ramadan dried fruit and nuts gift tray, biscotti cookies gift basket, clothes, and kitchen dinner set.

What Color Suits Ramadan?

Dark colors are the best suited for Ramadan decor, as they make the crescent shape more sparkling. Combinations of colors like brown and pesto and dark blue are the best for decorating your living room.