Some Bathroom Fixtures You Probably Need

The bathroom is the most essential and personal space for humans. It has evolved over time due to advancements in technology and the aspiration of people.

The modern bathroom is luxurious, comfortable, spacious and gadget-friendly. It houses some unique fixtures and gizmos that can provide great utility and extreme levels of comfort.

In this article, we will discuss about few bathroom fixtures that would help you to create a better bathroom facility in your homes.

We have compiled a unique list of bathroom accessories and fixtures to provide you the best comfort and utility.

The San Souci is a one-piece low profile toilet with a strong design statement. It comes with sleek curves and a compact integrated tank and bowl to save space and help in the easy cleaning.

Touch-Free Toilet: San Souci by Kohler

The 28-gallon flush helps to save water intelligently by using better technology and design to get the desired performance.

It has an aqua piston canister that allows water to flow in from all sides (360 degrees) to provide better cleaning.

This toilet comes with a Grip-Tight Q3 seat featuring an innovative technology that prevents the seat from slamming and it simplifies both cleaning and the installation process.

The bathroom corner shelf will help to add some extra space for your toiletries. It will keep your bathroom products more organized and clutter-free.

You can store shampoos, soaps, towels, razors, loofahs, toilet paper, tissues, cosmetics, etc.

Bathroom Corner Shelves

They come in a durable and waterproof design to last long and are rust-resistant. You need not bend down to pick up essential stuff.

Just place them on the shelves located in a comfortable position. It comes in a perfect design for compact spaces.

If you love to watch a waterfall then it’s time to bring the waterfall right into your house.

Make your handwashing experience a blissful and wonderful time. Some models come with LED lighting for that special effect.

Waterfall Faucet With LED Lights

This waterfall faucet will give you a calming effect and keep you feeling amused. The installation is easy and it is also easy to use.

The liquid soap dispenser comes in various designs and models. Some are even automatic and will release the required quantity of soap once the sensor detects your hand.

It can be wall-mounted or just kept near the wash basin. So keep washing your hands with soap and protect yourself from germs and dirt.

Soap Dispenser

Most of the designs are attractive and they are water-resistant. It is easy to maintain and also to refill the dispenser with liquid soap.

Can you imagine a bathroom without a mirror? So get a great quality mirror to see yourself better and it helps you with the grooming process.

The mirrors come in different shapes, sizes, and designs. Some even have inbuilt lights to get a perfect view.

Bathroom Mirror

So select the perfect bathroom mirror according to your requirements and improve your grooming effectively.

A good bathroom ceiling light is very essential to have the right amount of lighting in the bathroom.

Insufficient lighting will lead to issues like hurting yourself and poor visibility. You can find different shapes, sizes, designs and hues of lighting.

Bathroom Ceiling Lamp

They come with waterproof and flicker proof technology. So choose the best that meets your criteria to have a pleasant experience.

The bathroom faucets come in a variety of designs and sizes. It can release hot or cold water depending on your choice.

You need to use the levers and knobs correctly to get the desired water temperature. The material used is mostly stainless steel since it is corrosion free and provides a long term service.

Bathroom Faucet

It has to be installed correctly by a skilled plumber to avoid breakages and leakages.

Find the perfect design that matches your bathroom decor and have a great experience using it.

The washbasin is one of the primary components of any bathroom. It is used more frequently and provides multipurpose benefits right from washing hands, face to shaving.

It mostly comes in a ceramic material which is strong, hygienic and user-friendly. It is also easy to clean and maintain. It lasts for several years depending on the usage.

Bathroom Washbasin

When you buy the washbasin choose accordingly so that it matches the themes and overall design idea for the bathroom.

Everybody wants the best lighting facility in their bathroom. The bathroom fixture lights can create the right atmosphere in the bathroom.

It lasts for a long time depending on the usage. You will find different varieties and hues of lighting.

Bathroom Lights

Choose either the modern or the vintage designs according to your preference. Brighten your private space and stay relaxed.


Having a clean and comfortable bathroom is a necessity. To help you set your perfect bathroom, Ubuy offers an awesome collection of bathroom supplies that can completely change the look of your bathroom.

Some top global brands offer luxury bathroom fixtures that can give a touch of class and royal feeling to your bathroom.

It’s time to have a wonderful bathroom and make it your most comfortable private space.