The Best International Shopping App in the MENA Region

Have you been searching for the best shopping app in the MENA region?

The middle eastern region can now experience the power of the cross border shopping with the Ubuy shopping app that offers the facility to choose from more than 50 million products available at different international stores across the globe.

The Ubuy shopping app is one of the very few shopping apps that offers you a golden opportunity to do cross border shopping and enhance your lifestyle.

You can also select any country from a list of 55 plus countries provided in the app depending on where you are located.

This innovative shopping App is a place where shopping happens within the blink of an eye. Just download the App and start shopping 24/7 from any location.

Online shopping apps have given you the convenience of saving time on shopping and using your free time to browse products and get whatever you ever wished at your chosen time and place.

Why choose the Ubuy Shopping App?

Ubuy is the best online shopping app for all the users who want to find some new and interesting products along with new deals and offers. We provide millions of international branded products.

The Ubuy mobile shopping app can delight you with its service and mind-blowing performance by offering a unique and special collection of different international products that you can rarely find elsewhere.

The technology used is high end and it is always upgraded to provide the best user experience.

The following is a list of stores that are available in the Ubuy Shopping App.

  • US Store
  • UK Store
  • China Store
  • Kuwait Store
  • Hong Kong Store
  • Japan Store

The options that you get on stores on the Ubuy app makes the app one of the best online apps for shopping in the global market.

It’s got millions of different product varieties that make it the ultimate shopping destination that you needed to have a great shopping experience.

Here we provide a quick overview about a list of all categories on the Ubuy shopping app.

Ubuy provides a huge variety of top branded apparel and fashion accessories from global brands. You can always find the right product for you at the Ubuy shopping app and be amazed by the sheer variety of fashion and jewelry products available.

Fashion and Jewellery

It also provides daily deals and special discounts which can help you save your time and money. Fashion for all seasons and reasons can be found here.

Clothes for different age groups and gender is available. It is a very popular shopping app for clothes and always helps you to find the perfect one you require.

Modern electronics help us to organize our life and get work done very quickly and comfortably. Now a days You can’t even imagine a life without these products.


At Ubuy we have different varieties of electronic products and gadgets to suit most of your requirements.

The electronics store provides value for money products like televisions, laptops, gaming laptops and accessories, small appliances, speakers, video games, cameras, car and vehicle electronics.

Can you imagine a life without your smartphones? It has become difficult to even try to go out anywhere without taking our phone. They play a major role in our present lifestyle.

Cell Phones and Accessories

And having an updated smartphone with all the latest features can give you a great advantage to streamline your life and become more productive than ever before.

You can buy a great smartphone online from us on Ubuy with great offers.

These days kids are one of the main priorities in life for every parent and hence they do their very best to make them happy. We play our little role at Ubuy to provide you with the very best products for your dear kids.

Baby and Toddler

The products like: clothes, baby accessories, toys and games, sports and outdoor games, shoes, bath and skincare, feeding products, etc.

The products that you see here are of world-class quality standard and is quite suitable for most kids. If you are searching for value for money products then this is the best place for shopping for kids to get good quality products at a great price.

We offer a wide range of furniture for office and home use. We have a collection of top branded international furniture with modern and trendy designs to suit all your tastes and preferences.

Home and Furniture

Just log on to your app or site to discover something new. We also add new and updated products on a regular basis.

Do you love to try new perfumes and fragrances? If so then you need to explore our app to find some interesting perfumes and fragrance from top international brands.

Perfumes and Fragrances

Good perfumes helps you to relieve stress and stay calm to recharge your senses and stay positive while remaining focused. It increases your overall productivity and attracts people towards you.

Carry your fragrance everywhere and spread it around to create magical moments of pure bliss!

If you love DIY projects then you should try the Ubuy app to find some unique stuff to improve your home and make it better.

Tools and Home Improvements

We offer you a wonderful collection of products from all over the globe to suit your personal preferences.

Do you work in an office and always wish to buy some high quality office stuff? Then you need to choose our app to get most of your office supplies. We even sell top branded office furniture.

Office Products

Love to look handsome and gorgeous always? Ubuy offers some awesome beauty products to give you that special look that you always dreamt about. You can find international brands and global beauty products right here.

Beauty and Personal Care

Do you love sports? If so then you can find all your sports goods right here in the Ubuy app. We offer the best global branded sports goods.

Sports and Tools

If you love to load your vehicle with the latest accessories and fittings then choose the Ubuy app to find what you are looking for.


This is a one place destination to provide a wide range of products to beautify your vehicle and also maintain it well.

Are you a foodie? This app offers an exciting mix of global food products to suit all your tastes and personal preferences. You will find some unique stuff that you don’t easily find elsewhere.

Groceries and Gourmets Food

The Ubuy shopping App is a great place to buy the latest musical instruments. If you are a novice or an expert you will definitely find what you are looking.

Musical Instruments

Most of the global top brands are available along with the necessary accessories.

If you have a pet or planning to get one then this shopping app will help you to find some awesome stuff for your dear pets.

Pet Supplies

It can be any pet with different product needs, but we have most of the products to keep your pet happy, healthy, safe and fit.

We have discussed in detail about the list of facilities and products available in the Ubuy app. It’s time to download the app and check for yourself.

The Ubuy shopping app is one of the best online shopping apps and can definitely satisfy all your shopping needs!

Our prompt services and performance makes us one of the top shopping apps available in the MENA region. The eCommerce technology has changed the way we shop forever and ushered in a revolution in the retail sector by providing maximum choice of products at highly competitive prices.