The Ultimate Guide to Find Awesome 11.11 Sale Deals and Offers in 2019

Many Southeast Asian countries are preparing and gearing up for the awesome 11.11 sale coming in the month of November 2019. Most eCommerce companies are finalizing their plans to provide massive discounts and offers for 24 hours on the sale day!

What exactly is 11.11 Singles Day Sale?

The Singles Day (11.11) is a HUGE shopping event held predominantly in Asia. Many merchants offer huge discounts, shopping offers, and promos during this sale.

As 2019 is coming to an end, and as Halloween slips by, Singles Day inches closer, bringing much excitement to all the shopaholics as 11.11 marks the start of the new-gen shopping season.

Coming in just before the holiday season in December, makes it a perfect way to start for those who like to be prepared well in advance. This awesome shopping mania is one of the biggest online shopping deals and festivals in the world and it also generates billions of dollars in revenue.

We have highlighted some important points you can consider to get a clear idea of how to be prepared to grab the best offers and save money this year. This article will help you to make smart shopping decisions and enjoy the 11.11 sale season.

  • Have you found what you are looking for? Do not wait too long before buying – attractive deals may quickly run out of stock

 attractive deals

Prepared yourself for this shopping season? The biggest and the busiest shopping fest is on your way, the singles day sale will provide you the opportunity to buy your favorite product at a discount. You can find great deals & offers to fulfill your needs.

So prepare yourself for what you are looking for and find it fast before the deal goes out of your hand. As soon as the deals open you need to grab your favorite product at the best price possible. Fast selling products tend to run out of stock quicker.

  • Compare prices on a few major online sites before buying

When you are looking for anything this shopping season, Firstly you need to go to different online retailer sites and look for products that you want. Do this if you don’t want to lose great offers and deals which are on your way.

So always compare the price of the products and get yourself the best deal that you always wanted. Be smart and buy smart to celebrate your singlehood with pride.

  • Check out the shipping costs – some sites may offer free worldwide shipping

Check out the shipping costs

Want to save a little more this shopping season? You can do that because during the singles day sale almost all online retailer sites provide free shipping to customers. But don’t be too much in a rush that you don’t check the shipping fee. Because there are certain sites that charge you for shipping.

So be an active and smart buyer by avoiding the stress on your pocket and don’t get yourself into something messy which can ruin your shopping season.

  • Go through the tax and customs regulations – sometimes they can turn a great deal to an unattractive one

Always be a smart buyer whatever you order this shopping season. Always check for custom duty and tax on that product. If you ordered a product that is not available in your country and you are seeing it available on the site on a great discount check the products before ordering it from and look for custom duties and taxes.

If you ordered the product without checking tax and custom then you have to pay much higher than expected. This can be a stress on your budget and hence you need to avoid this situation.

  • Read the online user reviews about the product

Read the online user reviews about the product

Before buying any product from any online retailer sites. You should always look for a review of that product on the internet and don’t get the feeling of confusion during purchasing the product that you wanted. And always look out for the genuine reviews before buying any products.

This will help you to get an idea about the actual quality and use of the product.

  • Pay attention to the seller’s rating when you buy online

As important the review is before buying any product online. The rating of the seller on the online site is also important. The seller gets this rating from the customers who have their products.

If the rating is good then the product is good and if the rating is bad then there may be a product or service issue. You can rely on the rating for getting yourself a good product this singles day.

  • Try to make the purchases in dollars, and enjoy the better conversion rate of your credit card company

Try to make the purchases in dollars

Have you been a big fan of foreign products and looking for a chance to purchase them at an affordable cost. Then you are in the right place. In this article, you can know how to purchase the products that are not available in your country and how to purchase them at a good price and efficiently.

If you are buying any products from America then you should have to pay in dollars or otherwise you can pay in your currency also. But when you pay through dollars you get a better conversion rate from your credit card, that you don’t normally get in your currency.

  • Be sure that the URL of the site begins with https, which makes it a safer option

Have you been always worried to shop online? Does the fraud news that you hear from everyone you meet affect you? You don’t have to worry about it after reading our article you can be fear-free to shop online without much worry.

Whenever you go shopping online and going to place an order for a product. There is one thing you should always remember that is when you come to the payment section of the site always look for Https on the URL of the site. Because it represents that the site is secured and you can give you card details there.

  • Make sure to keep all confirmation emails regarding your transactions

Be smart always when you are going to do online shopping this shopping season. After doing the shopping and purchasing the product that you wanted, there is an email that comes from the online retailer site regarding confirmation of your payment.

You should always keep that email very securely. Because it is proof that you have paid for the item on that site. If any type of issue arises later regarding your product payment then you can show proof that you have paid for the product.

  • When shopping for clothes on online shopping sites, be sure to measure yourself – Asian sizes are usually smaller than western standards

Size Charts

Have you been crazy about western clothing and don’t usually buy them because it’s more costly than your regular clothes. But you don’t need to worry much this shopping season you can find clothes at very huge discounts this year.

Be fashionable and look cool by buying different types of clothes from our site and be in trend. But while ordering clothes of international standards from America and any other country it can be embarrassing for you because there is a difference in the size of clothing between western and Asian clothes.

So always remember to look and check the size before ordering any type of clothes online.

  • When buying electrical appliances, ensure that the electrical plug is suitable for the electricity grid in your country, or that a relevant adapter is available

electrical plug

Want to purchase different varieties of cool electronic gadgets and electronic appliances but don’t dare to buy because of the price of the product? Then you don’t need to worry about it this shopping season.

Because of this singles day sales season, there is a great huge discount which you can get on different electronic items. But there is only one thing you should remember before buying an electronic product online.

If you are buying a product that is from another country, there is a difference in its plug which sometimes may not be suitable in your country. You should notice all these things before going to purchase electronic items from an online shopping site. So always be aware of what you are going to buy.

The ultimate 11.11 sale this year may smash the earlier records and would also offer a wider range and collection of products. This is the best time for deal hunters to find the best deals and offers. You can also complete your festive season requirements and save a lot of money when you buy products on sale.

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