Top 10 Professional Blenders to Buy in 2020

Buying the best blender always requires a good understanding of what you want, how you will use it and what is available. Having a decent knowledge of different brands and their blenders will always help you to make a better and informed decision.

A good blender should be able to process all your ingredients and deliver the right textured output within a short span of time.

Keep in mind the pros and cons along with the design, performance, price and accessories required to do a perfect job.

Each blender is unique and different. This article will help you to choose a perfect blender that will enable you to perform all your blending tasks; very smartly and efficiently.

1. Vitamix e310 Explorian Professional Grade Blender

The Vitamix Explorian is a power-packed professional blender with 10 variable speeds to get the perfect texture for your smoothest purees and soups.

The high torque motor provides a powerful performance which is perfect for crushing ice, blending, pureeing, etc.

Vitamix e310 Explorian Professional Grade Blender

It also offers a pulse feature that helps you to layer coarse chops over smooth purees. The 48-ounce container is ideal for blending medium batches for a small family.

The sharp and durable cutting blades ensure a consistent blend every time. It also has a self-cleaning feature along with a radial cooling fan and thermal protection system.



  • Heavy-duty motor
  • Can make a wide range of recipes
  • 3-inch aircraft-grade stainless steel blades
  • Self-cleaning function 
  • Not dishwasher safe
  • Little loud
  • Little Expensive

2. JAWZ High-Performance Professional Blender

The Jaws high-performance blender is powerful enough to turn grains into flour and nuts into milk. It has a toggle switch control with pulse along with a 99-second count up timer for precision blending.

JAWZ High-Performance Professional Blender

It is highly durable and easy to clean and comes with a stainless steel blade that is engineered to crush ice effectively. This blender was originally designed for professional use and can handle a heavy workload.

The 64-ounce Tritan blending jar features a soft-grip handle. This is a complete kitchen tool that will help you to become more productive in the kitchen.



  • Heavy-duty motor
  • Pulverizes ice cubes easily
  • Provides uniform blending
  • Toggle switch control with pulse
  • Easy to clean 
  • Little heavy and bulky
  • Not dishwasher safe

3. Ninja Professional 1000-Watt Blender, BL610

The Ninja professional blender is a powerful blender with great crushing technology. It has a large capacity jar to enable you to prepare juices or smoothies for the whole family.

It is BPA free to ensure safe and healthy food. It comes in an elegant and sleek design and offers a quick and efficient operation.

Ninja Professional 1000-Watt Blender, BL610



  • Powerful performance
  • Dishwasher safe
  • BPA free
  • Sleek design 
  • Little loud

4. Instant Pot Ace 60 Cooking Blender

This brand is well known for its Instant pot that offers slow cooking, pressure cooking and sauteeing in an all in one electric cooker. Its products combine great features and are available at different price points.

This cooking blender offers a one-touch operation and is quite versatile. It has a heating element to combine cooking and blending; especially for making soups.

Instant Pot Ace 60 Cooking Blender



  • Cooking and blending function
  • Saves kitchen space
  • Slim and versatile blender
  • Has heating and cooling elements
  • Little expensive
  • Cannot set heating temperature
  • Not dishwasher safe

5. BALLARINI 36414-300 Tesoro 2 In 1 Blender

The Ballarini Tesoro blender comes in a stylish and compact design and will look great on your countertop. It has a space-saving design and fits neatly in the kitchen.

It features 10-speed settings and 3 pre-set programs along with a pulse button for complete control.

Create your perfect recipe from silky soups to chunky salsa with perfect texture with the 800-watt powerful motor.

BALLARINI 36414-300 Tesoro 2 In 1 Blender

The razor-sharp stainless steel blades can blend fruits, nuts, vegetables or crush ice for your frozen margaritas within minutes.



  • 10 Different speeds
  • Space-saving design
  • Sharp stainless steel blades
  • Powerful 800-watt motor 
  • 32-ounce carafe with a built-in measuring cup
  • None

6. KitchenAid® 5-Speed Diamond Blender (KSB1575HT)

The KitchenAid blender helps to create a powerful vortex for a fast and thorough blending. The powerful Intelli speed motor controls the speed for optimum performance.

The soft-start feature helps the blender to start very slowly and then increase the speed quickly. The diecast metal base is robust and built to last.

KitchenAid® 5-Speed Diamond Blender (KSB1575HT)



  • Easy to use
  • Precision Control
  • Soft Start
  • Pre-programmed options
  • Perfect for smoothies 
  • Can be a little loud

7. Nutri Ninja BL642 Personal & Countertop XL Total Crushing Duo Blender W/ Auto-IQ Technology

The Nutri Ninja Auto IQ technology features timed and intelligent blending programs. It can pulverize ice in minutes to create your perfect creamy frozen smoothie.

Break down whole fruits, vegetables, ice and seeds for maximum nutrition and vitamin extraction. Simply select a pre-programmed setting and get the work done in a jiffy.

Nutri Ninja BL642 Personal & Countertop XL Total Crushing Duo Blender W/ Auto-IQ Technology



  • Good blades
  • Auto IQ is great
  • Powerful Motor
  • Durable and dishwasher safe 
  • Fairly loud
  • Putting the lid and taking it off needs some practice

8. La Reveuse Professional Countertop Blender

This blender is created with BPA free materials and comes with a powerful 600 watts high-quality copper motor.

It is perfect to blend morning coffee, protein shakes and frozen drinks. The easy to use simple operation helps in fast and easy hands-free operation.

La Reveuse Professional Countertop Blender

Blend and drink from the same bottle, with an extra travel lid. Take your shake with you to the office, gym or in your car. It comes with overheating overload protection and automatic recovery function.



  • Great speed
  • Efficient and durable
  • Compact design
  • Simple operation
  • Dishwasher safe
  • It can a little loud

9. NutriChef NCBLSM150 – Professional Home Kitchen Heating Blender

This heavy-duty blender helps you to make all your favourite soups, smoothies and juices. It has a very sleek design and occupies less space.

It has a heating element to keep your soups warm and tasty. It is quite easy to clean and use this blender.

NutriChef NCBLSM150 – Professional Home Kitchen Heating Blender

It is made of high-quality materials that last for a long time. You can adjust the time, temperature and speed to get a great result.



  • Has the heating option
  • Slim space-saving design
  • Adjustable time, temperature and speed 
  • Not very powerful

10. Bingone Commercial Blender

The Bingone commercial blender is a high-speed power nutrition blender. It comes with durable stainless steel blades.

The full copper motor offers a 28000 RPM speed that can break fruit cells to release more nutrition juice. It has a special base switch which turns off the motor if the blender is not in the right position.

Bingone Commercial Blender

It can crush frozen fruit, mix batters and dough, grind nut butter, grains, coffee beans, create sorbets, etc.



  • High-speed peak power
  • Big volume jar
  • Unbreakable stainless steel blade  
  • Special safety switch
  • Not dishwasher safe