Discover the Top 12 Must-See Harley Davidson Models

In a small city, four young men in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, started Harley Davidson in 1903. They built a motorcycle, and this creation started Harley Davidson’s journey. They would go on to become a popular brand in America and beyond from this humble creation. William Harley was the company’s chief engineer, Walter Davidson was the first president, Arther Davidson was the first sales manager, and William Harley was the first work manager. Though the three Davidson brothers and William Harley were founding members, the brand name had Harley’s name. The group believed honouring him was fair because it was his idea to make a motorcycle. Since then, Harley-Davidson has dominated the global motorcycle brands with its smooth-performing engines and iconic designs. The sound of its engine has become a soundtrack of road trips. Visit the Ubuy Harley Davidson Online Store to explore various Harley-Davidson parts and accessories.

Top Harley Davidson Models

To know about the latest Harley Davidson models, we have categorised them into neat brackets below. Each has unique features and designs for you to choose from:-

Touring Bikes: Harley Davidson Models for Those Long Rides

These touring bikes are designed for long-distance rides, offering comfort and advanced features to ensure a smooth journey.

Harley Davidson Street Glide

Harley Street Glide has a classic “batwing” fairing design. Its Milwaukee-Eight 107 engine generates quick acceleration, which is ideal for riders seeking comfort and style on long trips.

harley davidson street glide
image source: pinterest

Harley Davidson Road Glide

Harley Davidson Road Glide has a distinct “shark nose” fairing. It is the most iconic Harley Davidson model. This feature directs the wind around the rider and provides great stability at higher speeds. Designed for long tours, with large saddlebags and comfortable seating positions to keep you going all day.

harley davidson road glide
image source: pinterest

Cruiser Bikes: Harley Davidson Bikes for Optimal Comfort

Cruiser bikes are famous for their relaxed riding positions and powerful engines, which provide a classic riding experience. We’ve listed some of the best cruiser models below:

Harley Davidson Fat Bob 114

Harley Fat Bob 114 has a V-twin 1200 cc engine that produces 76 horsepower. Such Harley Davidson Softail Models are the perfect choice for bike enthusiasts who love to cruise down the streets.

harley davidson fat bob 114
image source: pinterest

Harley Davidson Fat Boy 114

Harley Fat Boy 114 is a famous motorcycle among cruisers. It has a large front wheel and a strong look to impress everyone. Its Milwaukee-Eight 114 engine creates powerful acceleration for swift journeys.

harley davidson fat boy 114
image source: pinterest

Harley Davidson Breakout 117

The Harley Davidson Breakout 117 is an elongated motorcycle low to the ground. Its strong engine ensures quick acceleration, and its six-speed manual transmission and V-twin motor ensure fantastic rides.

harley davidson breakout 117
image source: pinterest

Harley Davidson Heritage Classic

Combining classic looks with modern technology, the Harley Davidson Heritage Classic boasts a 114 cubic inch Milwaukee-Eight V-twin. It also has detachable saddlebags that are ideal for customising your tours.

Harley Davidson X440

If you’re looking for style and performance, look no further than the Harley Davidson X440. This motorcycle uses lightweight quality material to withstand harsh road conditions.

harley davidson x440
image source: pinterest

Harley Davidson Forty-Eight

This beautiful machine is for those who prefer compact cruisers but still want them bobber-styled. Harley Davidson forty-eight has an air-cooled Evolution 1200cc engine that delivers smooth power throughout the entire rev range while staying comfortable over long distances.

harley davidson forty eight
image source: pinterest

Harley Davidson Iron 883

The Harley Davidson Iron 883 is compact and vintage. Its 883cc air-cooled Evolution V-Twin engine provides quick acceleration. It is perfect for city conditions with a low seat height, mid-mount foot pegs, and drag-style handlebars that create a sporty riding position.

harley davidson iron 883
image source: pinterest

Adventure Bikes: Harley Davidson Models for the Explorers

Adventure bikes offer comfort and versatility for riders to explore off-road trails and tackle challenging terrains.

Pan America 1250 Special

Pan America 1250 Special is an innovative motorcycle, Harley Davidson’s first adventure touring motorcycle. Its Revolution Max 1250 engine generates ample torque, which is ideal for riding over tough terrain.

Sports Bikes: Harley Davidson Models for Amazing Affairs

Sports bikes are built with speed and agility in mind to provide a thrilling, adrenaline-filled riding experience.

Sportster S

The Harley Davidson Sportster S is a high-performance sports bike with a sleek design. The motorbike uses a Revolution Max 1250T engine for powerful acceleration and easy manoeuvring. Its lightweight frame and low seat design contribute to the sporty look, while adjustable suspension allows customisation.


Harley Davidson Nightster is a versatile sports bike that emphasises simplicity. Its 975cc Revolution Max engine balances power output and fuel consumption.

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Harley Davidson Helmets

Helmets are important for motorcycle riders’ safety. For the best protection, get DOT and ECE-certified helmets. You can choose from diverse types, like full-face, modular, or open-face with integrated communication systems to stay connected while riding.

Harley Davidson Riding Gears

Riding gear such as jackets, gloves, pants, and boots protects riders in case of an accident. Buying high-quality gear made from long-lasting materials like leather and textiles is advisable. Also, consider buying riding jackets with armour inserts for more safety during rides and gloves with reinforced knuckles for added protection.

Harley Davidson Handlebars & Controls

Upgraded handlebars and controls and enhanced ergonomics can improve comfort. Choose from ape hangers, drag bars, or T-bars, depending on your riding style.

Harley Davidson Brakes & Suspension

Motorcycle safety largely depends on the brakes and suspension systems because they significantly contribute to performance levels. Replace normal brake pads with high-performance ones coupled with rotors to improve stopping power.

Harley Davidson Seats & Backrest

Modifications to seats and backrests enhance the comfort of a motorcycle rider. When going on extended journeys, consider seats with more padding and lumbar support to prevent getting tired easily.

Harley Davidson Tyres & Wheels

Wheels and tyres are the most crucial parts of a motorbike, determining its handling and traction. Always go for top-quality tyres that suit your specific type of riding and terrain. To make your Harley Davidson unique, choose custom-made wheels.

Harley Davidson Exhaust

Exhaust systems can affect both performance and sound. Changing to higher-performing exhausts may increase power but also create disturbing sounds. To control your bike’s loudness, find an exhaust system with adjustable baffles to customise noise levels.

Tips for Harley Davidson Riding

Harley Davidson is exciting, but you need sound techniques even if you’re a proficient rider. Below are some important tips to make your ride safe and pleasant:

  1. Acquire basic skills: Start by practising braking, turning, and changing gears in a secure place before hitting the road.
  2. Put on the right gear: For protection, buy good-quality helmets, jackets, gloves, and boots. Safety equipment should never be overlooked during any ride.
  3. Stay observant and focused: Always know what is happening around you and watch out for potential hazards. Keep distance from vehicles that may follow closely and use indicators when moving from one lane to another.
  4. Defensive riding techniques: While riding, use mirrors to see the blind spot on the road. Avoid aggressive moves like sudden lane changes that could result in accidents.
  5. Regularly check your motorbike: Check your bike for tyres, lights, and fluids.
  6. Enrol in riding classes: To understand proper riding posture and techniques, especially if you plan on riding at high speeds, use programs like Rookie Training offered by Harley Davidson. This helps reduce errors at high speeds, lowering the chances of accidents.

Frequently Asked Questions

What products does Harley-Davidson offer?

Harley-Davidson offers adventure bikes, touring bikes, sports bikes and cruisers. They also provide various parts and accessories, such as custom handlebars or high-performance exhaust systems. Motorcycle enthusiasts can also get branded riding gear like helmets and apparel.

How many models of Harley-Davidson are there?

Harley-Davidson has many different motorcycle models for varied riding styles. Touring models include Street Glide and Road Glide, while Softail models include Fat Boy and Heritage Classic, Sportster models include Sportster S and Nightster, and Pan America 1250 is an adventure bike. There’s a model for every rider at Harley Davidson!

Are Harley Davidson models customisable?

Yes! You can completely customise your Harley Davidson model to your preferences. Numerous customisation options are available, ranging from seats to handlebars or lighting systems. You can also get high-performance brake kits and suspension upgrades for improved performance.

Are Harley Davidson motorcycles expensive to maintain?

Harley-Davidson motorcycles’ upkeep costs can vary depending on the model and usage. This involves standard maintenance tasks like changing oil, replacing brake pads, and changing tyres. However, more complicated repairs or customisation projects may increase its price. Adhere to manufacturers’ recommendations to minimise maintenance costs.

Where can I buy genuine Harley Davidson bike parts?

You can buy Harley-Davidson bike parts from an authorised website or retailers like Ubuy. At Ubuy, you can get exciting offers on Harley Davidson parts and accessories.


Harley Davidson is known for its classic motorcycles, including touring, cruisers, and sports bikes. The company has a long history, so it’s no wonder people worldwide love riding Harley-Davidson. You can do anything–ride fast on highways or through towns, cruise through empty terrains, or customise your bike until it becomes perfect. For the latest Harley Davidson models parts, check out high-quality accessories at Ubuy, where quality meets reliability. Enjoy the ride!