Top 15 Mistakes Customers Can Make While Buying Products Online

Online shopping is a great platform for all users who prefer to shop online from their home, lying on the bed or while relaxing on a couch watching TV in comfort. But this comfort can come with a price of making some online shopping mistakes while you are doing shopping.

So in this article, we are going to provide you some information about the mistakes that a user generally makes during their online shopping endeavor. We are here to help you with all your online shopping problems without much hassle. So go ahead and read our article to find out how you can save yourself from making mistakes that can cost you a fortune.

So for helping you find the solutions, to online shopping problems that you are facing or will face in the future, we are providing you with information regarding what types of mistakes can be done by you.

If you don’t read our article about the online shopping issues and challenges that a consumer faces while doing online shopping you can face certain challenges and unpleasant surprises. In the following article we will discuss some of the top 15 mistakes customers generally make while shopping online.

1. Not Checking Your Order Accurately

This type of mistake happens to people every time when they are in a rush due to the excitement of purchasing any new products that they always wanted. And in that rush, they forget to look at the delivery address or quantity of product that they are ordering and paying more for the product.

So protect yourself by checking the order correctly before placing it for delivery. It is imperative to check all the details like price, delivery details, quantity, seller details, etc before you make the final payment.

2. Not Doing the Price Comparison

This is one of the main points that everyone generally misses while purchasing their product online in a rush. So don’t ignore to do a comparison of the products online.

Nowadays everyone is in a hurry and they don’t even visit different sites to get the knowledge of the current price of the product on that site and compare it with the site where they found the product that they want. This process will help them to choose the best site after comparing it with which site gives the right product at a reasonable price.

3. Excessive Use of Debit Card

It is one of the big problems faced by customers in online shopping these days. You can see nowadays that most payments are done by electronic medium, but there are some flaws associated with it. There have been instances of fraud while purchasing something online using an electronic payment medium.

It mostly happens when we share our personal card details online. For ex: If you are using your debit card for all your purchases then there may be a risk of falling prey to some online fraudulent activity.

4. Relying Too Much on Review or Not Reading the Review at All

This is also one of the online shopping problems and solutions need to be found to check the genuineness of reviews. There are a few things we need to look into before buying any product online. Because when you are looking to buy something online you always look for a review about how the product works, how good is its performance and all such details.

Before buying the product to feel confident that we have selected the right product we need to read the reviews and get more information about the product. But there is a problem with the review system nowadays.

There are so many paid reviews that you can find everywhere and you don’t want to waste your hard-earned money on the wrong product by reading such paid reviews. It is important to check the source of the reviews and spot the difference.

5. Always Selecting One Particular Site for Your Purchases

In today’s world, there are so many online shopping websites available on the internet on which you can rely to shop anything you ever wished from there. So why be loyal to one site when you can find the best deals and offers on different sites.

So be active and go see what are you missing all this time if you still be loyal to one site. We are not saying that to forget about that site but go to different sites to find the best deals and offers you can get from there and don’t get betrayed by all the advantages that you can get to save your money. Be a smart buyer.

6. Not Reading the Return or Refund Policies

Always know about the return policies before purchasing any product from the online shopping platform. For ex: like what window period do you have to return the product if it is damaged or not the right product. It is very important to know the window of returning before ordering the product online.

Is there any need to pack the product in the same package in which it comes? or so many other points to notice before shopping online. It is a good habit to read the return policy incase you want to return the product for any particular reason.

7. Always Forgetting to Use Coupons

If you are an avid online shopper then you should know about the word coupons. The coupon is a way to get a particular rebate or discount on your purchase on the online shopping medium. So it is important to know about coupon before going for online shopping.

It is a great way of getting a discount and rebate on your purchase. So go use your coupons and get yourself some great deals.

8. Not Shopping Around

The best way to start shopping is to go shopping around which is effective in the physical shopping experience and also effective in online shopping.

The best way is to go shopping around all the marketplaces, but online it is Google shopping where you get different prices of the same product and can get a comparison of the site from where you want to buy the product that is the best for you.

9. Use of Public Wi-Fi

It is one of the online shopping problems that you can face while going for online shopping. If you are having a problem in your cellular network and can’t do online shopping but then you find free wifi connection near you so you connect your device there and start online shopping.

But the main problem starts when you connect to the wifi you create a passage between the unknown source and your phone which has all your private data.

When you have done your shopping and purchased an item, then you need to give your card details through that unknown source which can use your card and steal your money. Therefore using a public Wifi to make electronic money transactions is not a very safe and good idea.

10. Ignoring the Shipping Charges

When you are purchasing on the online medium you usually set a budget for yourself. So for following that budget you can apply different price filters and get the product that is within your budget.

All you have done thus far is good but there is one mistake that everyone makes while shopping online and it is the shipping charge that you normally don’t notice and which can ruin your budget.

If you are not from the city area then the shipping is higher for you and may cost you a fortune to get your product delivered. So always look for the shipping charge before ordering a product online in order to avoid any unpleasant shock by seeing the shipping prices later.

11. Fake List Pricing Issues

It is one of the major online shopping problems. In today’s situation, there are so many sites that try to get you in their buying circle by giving fake product pricing like a 50% discount on that product but what about its actual price. So be a smart buyer prepare yourself for the online shopping world.

12. Preferring Grey Market

It is one of the situations that we all face during online shopping. There is always an urgency that we have during purchasing products that we are in dire need. So we go for the grey market place to purchase those items at a lower price and we face difficulty later by getting into a fraud deal.

13. Signing up for Email related Deals and Offers

Signing up for the deals and offers of different retailer sites are good to know about which type of deals and offers are going on in the online shopping sites.

But there is a discomfort that you can get from signing up for their emails like there are lots of deals and offers during some time of the year and then you can find your mail-id filled with emails relating to offers and deals that you don’t even want.

And now you are frustrated with unwanted notification of deals and offers in the mail. So be smart don’t get yourself in that stress by signing up for everything.

14. Not Looking at the Size Chart

There is one mistake we do when we purchase shoes or clothing online. There are so many times you get the wrong size of shoes or clothes. The solution to that problem is looking at the size chart for getting a good product size-wise and never get mixed up ever again. So be a good buyer and don’t get the wrong product ever again.

15. Avoiding the Cashback Advantage

This may sound a little funny to have cashback for shopping online. But actually it is happening in the online platform where you can get some cashback on your purchases. For ex: there are several apps online that provide cashback to the user if they do their shopping through their app.

So be a smart user and always look out for apps like that to have cash back, discount, and so many other things and don’t be deprived of the benefit that you can have. That’s why we are here to provide you the information like a guide related to all the good ways that you can do online shopping, and become a smart buyer without much hassle.