Top 5 Fascinating Cities to Explore in South Africa

A visit to the beautiful country of South Africa will provide an excellent opportunity to understand its dynamic and rich natural beauty, culture and traditions.

Explore lush green forests, mountains, beautiful valleys, beaches, buildings and architecture, wild animals in their natural habitat and much more.

This place of amazing beauty has much to offer to the global travelers.

It also has an awesome weather throughout the year making travel very comfortable and enjoyable. The people are very hospitable, friendly and helpful.

Immerse yourself in this beautiful land to discover many new things that will change your perceptions and thinking.

Enjoy the exotic varieties of global cuisine and some unique fusion food which are a combination of the British and South African flavors.

South Africa was an erstwhile colony of the British and hence it has a mix of cultures including the German, French, and Indian cultures.

The best time to visit South Africa would be from May to September since it is the winter months and the animal sighting would be easier as they come out in search of water.

There are many beautiful places to visit in South Africa and in this article, we will discuss five major cities that are truly fantastic and breathtaking.

  • Cape Town

Cape Town is one of the most visited cities in South Africa and is popular for the world-famous table mountains. It lies in the far southwest of the country.

It is a multicultural place that has a unique blend of amazing people and cuisines that makes it a delight to visit to relish the food, culture, traditions and natural beauty.

It is both lively and laid back and offers a fabulous collection of restaurants, hotels, resorts and great nightlife.

Cape Town

You can enjoy the terrific outdoor activities and also take part in the vibrant arts and culture scene.

Apart from the flat-topped table mountain, you can visit some magnificent wineries in Stellenbosch.

Go whale watching or dive with the great white sharks or enjoy visiting the parks to see wildlife in its natural habitat.

Try outdoor sports activities like surfing, hiking, mountain biking or just stroll around the streets and enjoy the vibrant designs, colors, and greenery of the place.

Human creativity is very evident here. You can find brightly painted facades and Afro-chic decor restaurants and bars that are simply awesome.

You can also shop for interesting souvenirs and attractive gifts items for your dear ones.

This is a proud multicultural city with a tough past which led to the rise of great leaders like Nelson Mandela.

It’s time to visit Cape Town in South Africa and enjoy the thrilling drives along the coast and admire the scenic beauty of this mesmerizing city.

The best time to visit Cape Town would be July, August or September.

  • Johannesburg

This sprawling city is the largest city in South Africa and the second-largest city in the African continent after Cairo in Egypt.

It is a welcoming place with an infectious energy that will motivate you to explore the great shopping, sporting, and vibrant urban culture. It has about ten million residents.

Experience a rich cosmopolitan style in this economic heart of South Africa and experience its culture along with the rich and varied heritage.


You will find plenty of luxury hotels and resorts in the city and the suburbs.

This city is affectionately known as “Joburg” and is a popular tourist destination.

It is founded on the Witwatersrand, which is the biggest gold reef in the world. It is one of the world’s leading financial centers and has a rich natural history.

The illustrious history, arts, and culture are well documented in a number of magnificent museums, galleries, and monuments.

The Apartheid Museum features a series of exhibitions that provocatively illustrates the rise and fall of the apartheid system.

Tourists can also enjoy a tour of the Johannesburg Art Gallery, Constitution Hill, and the Hector Pieterson Museum to understand more about the history of South Africa.

  • Durban

This mega port city is the third-largest city in South Africa.

Lying on the Indian Ocean coast Durban has a busy and beautiful harbor and a lovely waterfront with fantastic beaches.

It has many Kwa- Zulu residents and a huge Indian population. You can see the Asian flair in the streets, markets, and restaurants.

This city is one of the most popular holiday destinations in South Africa.

The year-round good weather and warm coastal waters help you to enjoy gondola rides, surfing, snorkeling.


You can find some amazing coastal accommodations with spectacular ocean views.

The uShaka Marine world is the perfect place to begin your exploration. This water park offers some awesome rides and water slides.

Find one of the world’s largest aquariums with over 30 fascinating exhibits of a wide variety of fish. Watch the Dolphin show and the bird park.

A Durban holiday has most of the stuff to entertain and thrill – there is the Gateway Theatre of Shopping for the fashion-conscious, the Sahara Stadium Kingsmead for Sharks rugby fans, the International Convention Centre for corporate events, the Kings Park Stadium for Dolphins cricket fans, and the Moses Mabhida Stadium which is not to be missed.

This stadium was originally built for the 2010 Soccer World Cup, but it is used today for football, cricket, and a variety of concerts.

For the adrenaline junkies, the stadium also features the world’s largest swing, which travels a 200m long arc above the pitch.

  • Pretoria

This city is also known as the “Jacaranda City” due to its beautiful mauve blossomed tree-lined streets and is a quiet city in Gauteng.

This city features some amazing natural and cultural attractions that are worth exploring.

This city was founded in 1855 by Marthinus Pretorius and was called Pretoria Philadelphia.

It is one of the three capital cities of South Africa that serves as the administrative and judicial national capital.


This town is thought to be a quiet city which is 69 kilometers away from Johannesburg. But it has a beauty of its own and moves at a slower pace.

It lies in a valley surrounded by hills and enjoys a warmer subtropical climate with hot rainy summers and cool dry winters. It is indeed a perfect holiday destination.

The city center has a grid of wide roads making travel easier and a number of art galleries and museums.

The Transvaal Museum has natural history displays and is the home of Mrs. Ples (the hominid fossil found at Sterkfontein in the Cradle of Humankind).

Also worth visiting are the Pioneer Museum, the Cultural History Museum, Kruger House Museum, and the Museum of Natural History. You can also find a number of beautiful forts.

Nature lovers will be thrilled to visit the Pretoria Botanical Gardens, National Zoological Gardens of South Africa, Wonderboom Nature Reserve, Groenkloof Nature Reserves, Austin Roberts Bird Sanctuary, Rietvlei Nature Reserve, and Faerie Glen Nature Reserve.

Pretoria boasts a variety of activities such as horse riding trails at the Voortrekker Monument, game viewing at Premier Gamer Reserve, and tandem skydiving at the Pretoria Skydiving Club; the largest in the country.

Visitors to Pretoria should also visit the Hatfield Flea Market, Ludwig’s Roses, and Butterfly Garden, and the famous Loftus Versfeld Stadium.

  • Port Elizabeth

The Port Elizabeth is popular for its great beaches which line the Indian ocean. The city center has some great hotels, restaurants, and charming old buildings.

This city is an outdoor lover’s paradise and you can enjoy surfing, water sports, see dolphins and whales.

The Addo Elephant National Park is a fabulous place to see some of the most exotic wildlife.

Port Elizabeth

Along with the coastal attractions, this city offers a fantastic and eclectic choice of shopping venues, eateries and plenty of activities for the family.

The private game reserves offer the ultimate wildlife viewing in a natural setup. Leisurely watch the Humpback whales, sharks, leopards, lions, buffaloes, rhinos and African elephants.

The boat-based watching of whales and dolphins is a lifetime experience to cherish.

These are some of the most interesting places to visit in Port Elizabeth. Plan your trip well and gear up to explore this unique destination.


These five cities offer the ultimate entertainment and fun for a family adventure trip.

Each of these cities has something special to offer. So pack your travel bags, sunglasses, hats and caps and select your destination for a great trip.

If you are traveling during the winter months from June to September it is advisable to carry some winter clothes.