UBUY – A Journey Towards HAPPY & SATISFIED Customers

An online shop is more than just good product pictures and a checkout function; you also have to think about the experience you’re giving your customers. Online shopping is a competitive space, so what does it take to build a great online store?

  • In order to understand the nuance of this e-commerce ecosystem and succeed, it is crucial for an e-commerce company to be able to “PROVIDE” the right mix of products and services. 
  • Now here’s the Challenge, everybody is providing. So how are you different? 
  • What are the nuances you can create for the never-ending demands of online users?

At Ubuy we have answers to all these questions:

We believe if you can persuade the unknown OR the new users to be a part of this ecosystem of online Buyers & Sellers, that’s where you stand with nuance to the other “PROVIDERS” of this world of e-commerce.

Ubuy is not a usual e-commerce website, we provide customers with access to an excellent variety of an international range of products, ranging from everything, you can possibly imagine.

  • From trending electronics like laptops, tablets, smartphones, and mobile accessories; to international fashion accessories like shoes, clothing and lifestyle accessories.
  • From appliances that make your life easy like washing machines, TVs, ACs, mixer grinder juicers and other time-saving kitchen and small appliances; home furnishings like cushion covers, mattresses and bed sheets.
  • Also, from collectibles, portable swimming pools and musical instruments; to waterproof speakers, headphones & Music players, from the international Gaming range for professional gamers, to toys for kids at home.
  • From Office supplies, industrial & commercial tools; to travel kits and accessories to add more fun and excitement to  your adventure trip with the confidence of International standards.

We got them all covered! Right to your doorstep, within the timeframe you can’t even imagine.

You just name it and stay assured about finding them all here at an ease of your fingers on the same electronic devices you use; to visit apps & websites on the internet.

Besides, you can have all the latest offers delivered right to your inbox, messages, or as pop–up ads to your device; once you register and approve. All this & more just to make sure that our valuable customers won’t miss a single deal we offer on our online portal regularly.

  • This e-commerce never shuts down and we work around the clock to make sure that we; Provide the Best, Deliver Fast, with the Cheapest of prices, you can come across.
  • Ubuy offers its services within 6 Continents | 50+ Countries | 10,000+ Cities.
  • At present we have more than 50 Million Products & we are adding more every passing day.
  • We have already delivered Thousands of products across the globe and have a long list of Happy & Satisfied users, who are willing to use our services again to buy on Ubuy without a second thought.

All of this, because we want to make sure that every time users visit us they not only receive the most authentic & genuine products to shop for but also have a smooth and pleasant User Experience as much as possible; while using some of the latest technologies available in the tech world.

Besides, when a user lands on our Website and Apps; we want them to experience the well-managed & swiftly driven sail to Ubuy’s Amazing Shopping Spree; from the very first step till the end.

And to fulfill that part our Tech, Operations, Warehousing, Customer service, Accounting, and Delivery teams work around the clock, making sure that our core values are never compromised and our visitor’s need is served at best.

Our Core Values

  • Deliver the Best
  • Drive Change
  • Be Creative
  • Be Passionate
  • Pursue Growth
  • Do More With Less
  • Customer Service Isn’t Just A Department!

We have been asked how we’ve grown so quickly!

The answer is simple.

We believe in “PROVIDING”; the best to our customers with the ease to shop wherever and whenever you want, may it be while you are on your favourite couch watching your favourite show OR at your office desk trying to ease your mind, travelling to a relative’s place OR wanting to Surprise your loved ones in no time. All that; just at a click of your fingers and we will make sure to get it delivered right to the doorstep from a country, which is far away to visit.

Currently, we are operating through 4 Stores. You can order the stuff you need from these and get it delivered as required.

You can visit us anytime and become a part of Ubuy’s growing list of Happy & Satisfied customers.

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