Ubuy Wins Best Cross-Border E-commerce Brand at D2C Award Ceremony 2023

In an exciting series of events on May 17th, Ubuy got the award for the best cross-border e-commerce brand at the D2C Award Ceremony 2023. In an event that included so many amazing ventures and businesses, Ubuy was the one recognised as the best D2C Cross Border Brand of the Year.

Ubuy’s Stronghold in the International Market

Being in the industry for over 12 years, Ubuy has been a big name in the field of International Marketing because of its impeccable e-commerce services. In such a short span, this global shopping platform not only gave its users a chance to buy from premium brands not available anywhere else but has also maintained retention because of its reliable delivery and customer service. Having over 1 million active users and 100 million+ products are just some of the reasons why Ubuy truly deserved this award. This award displays the stronghold Ubuy now has in the international market and is proof of the unmatchable shopping experience we provide.

In a time when everyone around the globe is curious about different cultures around the globe, owning an authentic product from a different country that displays their culture would be a treat to have. This is why international e-commerce is gaining popularity day by day. It is sometimes very hard to find good quality in so many products around you and hence, it’s important to have a platform via which a user can order them internationally.

The Significance of Winning the Best D2C Brand of the Year Award

We would also like to thank our loyal customer base who put their trust in us. Its your belief that has encouraged us over the years and led us to this valuable achievement. Being awarded at such a prestigious event not only is a matter of pride for Ubuy, but also a great motivation for everyone working in the organisation to work even harder.

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Awards like these make us realise the importance of the work we do and what we do it for. Being named the “Best D2C Brand of the Year- Cross Border Brand” by a company like IndiaRetailer makes this prize even better as we know that it is coming after analysing a lot of data about many companies.

Ubuy’s Determination to Provide the Best International E-commerce Experience

With this prestige in our hands, We at Ubuy are determined to move forward and work harder to achieve many more like these. We acknowledge that this ward would never have been possible without our loyal users and hence we make sure to get even more customer-centric in the coming years and give the best international e-commerce experience to them. Once again, we are thankful for this priceless honour that we are going to cherish for a lifetime. We hope to live up to and beyond this in the future and surpass our current achievements.