Welcome this Festive Season with Some Amazing Offers from Ubuy

Navaratri is one of the most popular festivals celebrated in India. It signifies the victory of good over evil. Navaratri is made up of the two words ‘nav’ which means nine and ‘ratri’ which means night and is observed to celebrate the victory of Rama over Ravana.

It is celebrated for nine days with a lot of colour, energy, and vigor. People dress well to look fabulous during this festive season as they celebrate with sweets, exotic food, music, dance, and entertainment.

It’s a fun time as friends and family come together to enjoy and celebrate. Shopping during, or for the celebrations is an important part of the process. Everyone wants to look cool and trendy.

The festival days are considered auspicious for shopping much stuff like clothes, decor, furniture, electronics, jewelry, etc. People are looking out for the best navaratri deals and offers during this time. Ubuy offers you special deals and discounts to celebrate navaratri this year in more style and happiness.

Go through our festive offers and choose your favorites today! Some of the hot categories include the following.

Girls’ Fashion – This Navaratri Should be Special for Your Princess

Girls love to dress and look fashionable. During festivals they look more elegant and beautiful with their cool dresses and accessories. They are very particular regarding choosing the right colours, designs and shapes of clothes and accessories.

This navaratri try some new styles and latest designs and look gorgeous! Ubuy offers a vibrant range of products that are available with special offers in the girls’ fashion store collection. This includes a wide range of clothes and accessories for girls of all age groups.

Girls can look smart, elegant and beautiful this navaratri with our exotic range of products available online. Our categories include Clothing, Bags, Accessories, Shoes, Watches, Jewellery, Sunglasses and Eyewear. The subcategories include dresses, skirts, and skorts, jeans, jackets, tops & tees, fashion accessories, socks, bags, winter wear, sportswear, etc.

Go through our wide collection to find all the latest global branded products and choose the best that suits your style! Our fashion trends remain updated and we provide the latest, fresh new collections every week. So what are you waiting for? Go ahead and look modern, stylish and gorgeous this navaratri!

Some of the Ubuy picks of Girls’ fashion products for you:

Girls’ Fashion

Home Furniture & Decor – Design Your Home on Your Own

Decking up your home for the upcoming festivals of navaratri and Diwali is always an interesting and exciting activity. You can upgrade and renovate some things to bring change and freshness to your home. Even adding some indoor plants is a good idea to purify indoor air and make it feel cozy naturally.

Our product categories include home decor, bathroom fixtures, kitchen & dining products, outdoor & garden products, bedroom supplies, etc. Home shopping online helps you to decorate your home and also buy the essential products to suit your decor and style. Why should you settle for anything less when Ubuy provides a plethora of diverse products to improve your home and make it better.

Find some cool home furniture & decor products like:

Home Furniture & Decor

Beauty & Personal Care – 9 Days, 9 Attractive Looks

The festival season is around the corner and it’s time to look beautiful and gorgeous. Ubuy provides some top international products created to enhance your beauty and keep your skin glowing like never before. We offer only genuine quality products from top brands like Aveeno, Jergens, Neutrogena, Bath and Bodyworks, Nivea and Olay, etc.

Our body care products online store provides multiple solutions for all your hair, skin and personal requirements. So pamper your hair, skin, nails, etc to look fabulous this season!

Some beauty & personal care products like:

Wall Lights – For the Elegant and Brighter Ambience

Festivals are the time to brighten our homes and create a welcoming atmosphere. All Indian festivals includes lighting lamps called diyas to dispel darkness and usher in prosperity. So navaratri is also a popular festival celebrated mostly in the evenings and continues late into the night.

Hence getting the right lighting can change the ambience and bring in the festive mood at your home! The lighting at our homes can help you to create various moods, feelings, and emotions. Subtle lights emit a soft glow to illuminate certain areas giving you that desired special effects.

We offer all kinds of designer lights that can meet all your lighting requirements. We also provide colourful LED lights to decorate your outside areas. To save power you can use solar-powered lights in your pathway and gardens! Some of the top brands we offer are GE, Brilliant Evolution, Amir, etc.

Ubuy offers a wide range of wall lamps & sconces, patio wall light fixtures, night lights, outdoor string lights, LED puck lights, motion sensor wall lights, remote-controlled wall lights, etc to brighten your home and create a comfortable and pleasant environment that is ready for the festive celebration.

Find some wall lights like:

Beauty & Personal Care

Cameras & Accessories – Capture & Make the Moments Alive with True to Life Pictures

A picture is worth a thousand words is a popular phrase. This year capture all your precious navaratri  and Diwali celebration moments and save it for eternity, using the latest cameras and accessories we offer. You can now take 4K videos and HDR pictures at home using our latest gadgets and cameras.

Upload your status or post your pics online to create a lasting impression among your family and friends. We also offer accessories like camera stands, flashlights, memory cards, HDMI cables, etc to improve your photography and enhance the quality of your photos. 

You can choose from interesting products like:

Wall Lights

Perfumes & Fragrances – Let Your Fragrance Do The Talking

All celebrations create an atmosphere for people to gather together and come close. Hence it becomes very imperative to use the right perfume that releases a beautiful fragrance wherever you move. A good perfume helps to keep you feeling fresh, energetic, relieve stress and spreads the joy everywhere you go.

Everybody loves a good perfume as it attracts people and also elicits some great comments! Some of the popular global brands we provide include Versace, Dolce & Gabbana, Ed Hardy, Giorgio Armani, Gucci, Tommy Hilfiger, Guess, and Christian Dior are available at Ubuy.

We offer a unique perfume collection with products such as:

Cameras & Accessories

Most retailers offer special navaratri offers and Diwali offers during this festive season. Lots of new products are also launched during this time as businesses feel it’s the right time to launch. Different companies wait for the festival season to offer deals like diwali deals or festive season sales since it generates customer curiosity and increases the overall sales.

The navaratri special offers and product range from Ubuy are very tempting and special since they offer a stunning variety of international branded products. The navaratri sale or Diwali sale is a time of celebration for customers and retailers across India. It is also a good time to buy stuff and save more! So enjoy the offers and festivities as you celebrate with your family and friends!